March 4, 2024
10 Guests and Online

Razakel – “Even In Death”

Track List:

1. Intro (by Razakel) (Produced by Ritual of Ether)
2. Curse Box (Unbless You) (Produced by Zurm Beats & Ritualof Ether)
3. Don’t Pray 4 Me (Produced by Godsynth)
4. Had Enough (Produced by BVNE)
5. Lay In A Grave With Me (Produced by Ritual of Ether)
6. Captive Heart (Produced by JHN HNRY)
7. Professional Widow (Produced by JHN HNRY)
8. Macauly Culkin feat. The Slice Girls (Produced by Le Chum)
9. Gh0sted (Produced by Ritual of Ether)
10. Grand High Wxtch Bxtch (Produced by JHN HNRY)
11. Happy Death Day (Produced by Russel Rott)
12. Outro (by Ryan Almighty) (Produced by Ritual of Ether)

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