May 30, 2023
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Mr. Freeze 2020 interview

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Hello, Faygoluvers’ Fam! It’s been a crazy year for absolutely everyone, so it with an overwhelming amount of excitement that I am happy to be back with a brand new interview here in The Underground Spotlight. I am also really glad to welcome a favorite guest of mine, someone I have had the honor to interview more than once. Whether it’s Mr. Freeze, Freeze Martian or just Freeze, it’s great to get the chance to focus on some good in as the year closes out. We will take a look at one of his earliest releases and it’s evolution over the years, as well as the from Beyond Top Secret and more.
Sit back, which I’m sure you are, and enjoy…

Johnny O: It’s been a while since we have had a chance to talk. Before we get into everything; how have you been lately?

Freeze: I’ve been busy man. This past year has been insane because of COVID, but with that time we made a few videos this year and released them.  We also released the last Beyond Top Secret album Last Train To Hollywood about 2 weeks before COVID hit and did a 10 day mini tour to promote it, literally within days of the country being shut down. So we were really fortunate for the good timing on that one, hahaha.

Johnny O: Can you tell us what’s been going on with Beyond Top Secret lately?

Freeze: The last album Xplizt took a step back from music for a year to focus on her personal life after we dropped Destroy & Rebuild in 2018. DNaz was already a part of Mercy Counts Records as a solo artist and standing in as my hypeman on stage, so Docta Damnage and I thought it made sense to put him in the group and continue making music. So, instead of taking a year off we decided that putting out a fresh album with the 3 of us would make people happy. I had just had a foot surgery last October of 2019 at the time and working on new music was all I had that I could do. I couldn’t fucking walk or go any where for a while. It was too much of a hassle having to crawl to a car or climb into a wheel chair, so I stayed inside only going to doctor appointments until I could walk on my own again.  It took about 6 months to be on 2 feet again lol. It sucked.

Johnny O: How would say the state of the group is and what’s to come in the future for Beyond Top Secret?

Freeze: Around the time I wrapped up my last solo release The Truth is Ugly E.P last May, Xplizt, DNaz and Docta Damnage came over my house. We all sat down and decided to make another Beyond Top Secret album of the best music and lyrics we could possibly create with all 4 of us putting out heads together to make it. Let me just say, this is my favorite album we have done as a group thus far. For real. We have a new music video coming out called “Do It Cause You Love It” along with the audio single. It’s a hard track but real appealing and catchy. Then of course,  our new album “Wake The Kids” coming this December 2020. It’s going to be fire as always.

Johnny O: You have also worked hard on a series of albums through the years, called Red SNoW. Can you give us a brief history on the series?

Freeze: Red SNoW was my debut album released way back as a super young Freeze. Damn near a fetus, ready to sprout his wings and deliver fucked up murder raps from the east coast. He got a little wiser, this Freeze kid and put out the 2nd installment of Red SNoW in 2016, I believe lol. I smoke a lot and am in fact smoking right now lol. So I refuse to Google it. But nonetheless! Here we are now in 2020, soon to be 2021 and 1 thing is for sure, the world is fucked up. What better time if I ever saw one, to complete the saga of the Red SNoW trilogy and bring everything back around 360 for the return of Mr Freeze!!!

Johnny O: What would you say separates the series from the rest of your work?

Freeze: Besides the obvious things like musical direction. Those albums have always been extremely dark, hard-hitting and mirror where my life is at in those exact moments. They always give you real insight into how I exactly feel. Not just bullshit of me just dropping bars, proving I can rap all the time.  Red SNoW is always personal and even when it’s not, the stories I tell are always related in some way to the real things I’ve seen, heard and experienced. My other solo albums are dope. All the Freeze Martian stuff has done great things for my career and took me all over North America on tour. But, the feel and over-all mood that comes from a Mr. Freeze Red SNoW album is un-paralleled. It’s an entirely different game on a different court almost. It’s from the darkest corners of my mind and only people who enjoy that kind of twisted imagination can appreciate it. But they exist and I do this for them.

Johnny O: What has and does Red Snow mean to you? Pretty much a lot of what I just touched on. It reminds me of how I stand and where it all began with the 1st album. Living in my mom’s basement writing it and being that animalistic, Mr. Freeze persona inside me that never dies.  He’s  always there getting angry at what he sees and hears. Until I explode, lol.

Johnny O: What do you hope fans can take away from the albums?

Freeze: I hope they see what I’m about and can relate. No matter how hard or on the edge it may be some times,  I think my personality and music I offer is for everyone.  At this point, I just want to put out great music and leave my mark as one of the originators. I was 1 of the original crazy, white boy rappers and I’ll own that shit. I’m an Italian kid from Connecticut who came up before Chris Webby existed. No offense to him, lol. But I pushed thousands of the original Red SNoW independently and have put it down for the east coast hard over the years. It’s ok if the mainstream hip hop world doesn’t see it, but it would be a lot cooler if they did, lol. It is what it is though. I’m fine knowing what I’ve done and accomplished and also know I have so much more left to do. You’ll all see if you pay attention to these next 2 releases. The progression is undeniable for Beyond Top Secret and I personally keep trying to be better every song and ever release. I think I do a good job.

Johnny O: So, what is on the horizon for the rest of this year and into 2021?

Freeze: Wake the Kids by Beyond Top Secret coming in December. A new video and web show featuring all of Beyond Top Secret.  Of course my solo album Red SNoW 3 coming 2021. It’s getting serious around here lol.

Johnny O: It’s been a unique year too, how has it been dealing with the whole pandemic and music?

Freeze: Good and bad. We had a great response from our virtual show over Summer. We’ve had time to work on multiple projects and have them almost ready for release. The bad side is no live shows. I thrive personally on pushing my music in person.  People always gravitate to what we do when they see it. It’s always been that way.  Online, we have a gained a good following and online presence,  but for some reason people know what we do is serious and we’re about taking care of business when they see us live. By that, I mean doing the job to the fullest and doing it right. Our merch game is always on point.  Always a large presence when we do shows with our whole setup. Then of course we have to murder the stage. It’s  a necessity. I expect nothing less. When we go on, no matter what we are really feeling inside. Whether I’m mad about not being paid right, or bickering with someone in our crew about nonsense or whatever drama in our personal live, above all…When we enter the building to perform we are there to win. No question. Nobody can say that has seen us that we don’t come to play hard and do it to the fullest degree. So I miss that aspect a lot. But time heals everything and we’ll be back out there soon. We did do a show in late Sept for an outdoor event with Rah Digga. It was fire.

Johnny O: Has it been tough to work through all of this craziness and how have you coped with all that’s been going on?

Freeze: I smoke a lot of weed and drink heavy when I get super sad. But I’ve been good lately thru all of this. I’m confident some form of normalcy is on the horizon for the world.

Johnny O: Is there anything besides music that you are currently working on? I know you have many wheels turning at once.

Freeze: A comedic web series we’ll be working on soon with everybody from Beyond Top Secret.  My wife and I have also been paranormal investigating for year’s and we’ve been filming a web series for that as well. I can’t give too much detail but it’s all professionally done, with permission to every place we investigate and interviews about the history & experiences occurring in that specific location. I like weird shit basically.  It’s what we always do and have since kids. So it’s only right we do it for all to see and hopefully prove the existence of the supernatural and ghosts.

Johnny O: Where can we direct everyone for the latest on Beyond Top Secret and everything else?


FB & Instagram


@FreezeMartian for myself

Johnny O: Is there anything else you can let us in on that’s coming up?

Freeze: Always moving forward and always plotting the next move. Check in with me on all social media and we’ll show you what’s up on a daily.

Johnny O: Is there anything in particular that you’re excited for in the coming months and into next year that we have talked about?

Freeze: Just excited to see how people respond to these next few releases. We’ve been working hard and being really picky about what we put out. But I genuinely think what we have in the pot right now is just right.

Johnny O: You know I hate when these interviews come to an end, especially with you, but is there anything you’d like to say to the Faygoluvers Fam before we officially sign off?

Freeze: Keep being yourselves out there and much love to all the fam out there reading this!! Mr. Freeze loves you!

Unfortunately, that does bring us to the end of another great edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. I have to thank Freeze and the entire Mercy Counts Records crew. While we maybe be at the end of another interview, it’s clear that their is a lot on the horizon. Keep your eyes open for all of the latest from Freeze, Beyond Top Secret and the whole crew.

As always, thank you to everyone reading and hopefully on your way to check out some new music. It really has been a crazy year, but we persevere. Thank you to the strong continued support of the entire underground, now go check out some new music, enjoy the holidays and even though it’s weird to say, let’s see if we can make 2021 a little less crazy. Hahaha.


Johnny O.  


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