April 20, 2024
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Juggalo Spotlight on Don Chaos

What’s up juggalos and juggalettes? Caligreen2Fresh up on Faygoluvers with a bomb-ass edition of “Juggalo Spotlight”! We’re talking to a juggalo who spreads good Karma throughout the underground community on a consistent basis. I’m talking about a ninja who spreads so much good karma that he has been dubbed “The Karma Millionaire”. Joing us today, we have CarnivalSpirits very own Don Chaos! How you doing brother?

DON CHAOS: I’m great bro, you?

CALIGREEN: I’m doing good man. So why don’t you start by telling us how you were introduced to the music of Insane Clown Posse and the realm of juggalos.

DON CHAOS: Well I was already listening to crazy music back in the day, (Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Mansion). I first heard of ICP in around 97 98 99, through wrestling promotions. I thought [ICP] were a tag team at first. I was always the outcast growing up and kept to myself a lot.

CALIGREEN: When was your first Juggalo concert and what do you remember about the experience?

DON CHAOS: My first [ICP] show wasn’t until I was 16, this was 2007… the Tempest release party and then a few months later, the Tempest Tour at the Fillmore in Denver, Colorado (with Twiztid and the legendary X Clan. It was a great experience! My older sister brought me and I’ve been going to juggalo/underground events consistently since then.

CALIGREEN: So over the years you’ve been making a name for yourself in the Juggalo community through YouTube. How did you first get into making juggalo related videos?

DON CHAOS: I’v seen other Juggalos and ‘lettes making videos, like Scotty2Ballz and KreyzMcKormik among others. I have such a passion for the Juggalo community that I just decided to start doing videos for juggalos!

CALIGREEN: Nearly 10 years back, Scotty2Ballz started up the juggalo YouTube collab channel, Spirits of the Dark Carnival (also known as “CarnivalSpirits”). Over the years, CarnivalSpirits has developed into something much bigger, and it has a slew of juggalo accomplishments under its belt. Alongside myself, you are also a part of CarnivalSpirits. Tell us a little bit about your involvement with the crew and some of your biggest accomplishments thus far.

DON CHAOS: I’v been with the CarnivalSpirits crew since day 1 and our biggest accomplishment has to be hosting a Backyard Wrestling video game event at DCGCon in Colorado. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and interviewed a lot of artists and musicians. Its great getting name-dropped and having random people coming up to me and thanking me for what I do.. It’s like I’ve gained the reputation of being a Karma Millionaire by just being myself!

CALIGREEN: You’ve been interviewing a ton of artists in the underground over the past few months. What are some of your personal favorite interviews that you’ve conducted? Also how does it feel, going from being just a fan to being an influencer?

DON CHAOS: Some of my favorite interviews? That’s a hard choice to make. I love all of them! I just interviewed Tom Wood (Fantasy Artist) last week with BstMstR. People tell me they love my interviews! They’re laidback and chill. I try to build connections and friendships. I love to give back and promote. My first interview was with my big bro, Fuego Flamez of Spanish Side, back in 2017.

CALIGREEN: What does the future hold for Don Chaos? Any upcoming interviews we should be on the lookout for?

DON CHAOS: I’m going to continue doing what I love and see where it takes me. And as for the interviews, those are alwats a big surprise! I’m always open to suggestions tho. Get at my social media!

CALIGREEN: Any shout outs?

DON CHAOS: Much love to all my peeps out there. I would like to give a shoutout to my CarnivalSpirits crew Scotty2Ballz, BstMstR, RoxyRiddlebox, Shaunzy, Paink17 and you CaliGreen. One united underground community.. one United Juggalo Nation.

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