May 25, 2024
13 Guests and Online

The Grim Few – “Everyday Is Halloween V.2”

First, check the links to listen to or purchase the album here:

Check the tracklist here:

  1. Intro
  2. Let’s Make a Dead Body
  3. It’s Raining Blood
  4. 31
  5. I’m Sick
  6. Vincent Price (skit)
  7. Sipping Red Wine Doing RedRum
  8. Halloween Fun (skit)
  9. I Get High
  10. Lyrical Execution (ft. Valac & Miss Murderess)
  11. Mystery
  12. The Oogie Boogie
  13. Psycho
  14. Like Us
  15. Go Postal (ft. Psyccosicc Wit It & Duhzen)
  16. Where Tha Love At
  17. In The Wind
  18. The Creeps
  19. Love You To Death
  20. Underground Misfits
  21. Outro

Listen via Spotify here:




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