February 6, 2023
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Odd Squad Family Soopa Gathering 2019 Interview!

During the last day of the Soopa Gathering of the Juggalos our tired out staff indie journalist Chad T. Carsten conducted a quick interview with the new hottest sensation in modern hip-hop today, Odd Squad Family! They discuss hip-hop, Juggalo Culture, which record they would listen to as their last while dying, their career, and more! We apologize on the loudness inside the interview, but the merch area was going wild with the noise and the Odd Squad didn’t have a dressing room on hand.  We were all  on foot too. Schedules and all that didn’t make it easy. We just wanted to give the Odd Squad Family some more exposure to shine brighter than a thousand suns! 

Interviewer: Chad Thomas Carsten

Interview Date:08/03/19



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