February 8, 2023
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Flock to Murder

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Welcome back to another fresh edition of Faygoluver’s Underground Spotlight, where we get a chance to take a look at some the underground’s finest or up and coming. This time around we sit down with the duo known as Flock to Murder and take inside look into their world.
JO: Now, before we dive deeper can you introduce us to Flock to Murder?
FTM: We are Joey Crows and Kixx Wiccked, collectively known as Flock To Murder. We hail from Lexington KY and have come together to bring our flavor of wicked shit to the music scene.
JO: How did you guys come together and decide that this was the perfect fit, so to speak? Was there a moment where things just seemed to click?
FTM: We met through a mutual friend and we were part of another rap group with that friend, things didn’t pan out, so we both took a step back for about a year, Joey crows hit me up out of the blue and said that he had an idea for some new s***, I had been missing performing and creating new music, so I was on board with it and once we hit the studio together, the creativity was instantaneous, we were both hungry after that year long hiatus.
JO: I know that every artist hates to be put in a box, but if you could describe the Flock to Murder sound to perspective fans, what would you say?
FTM: We like to play with our style and try different things so yeah, it’s a little hard to sum up. We would say we’re a mix of horrorcore, blues and Rock, runs face-first into a f****** brick wall, creating an explosion of wicked s***, kind of like that feeling when you stand up too fast after being stabbed in the ear.
JO: You recently released a new album, before we get into some specifics, how would you say this differs from your previous material? What can fans expect from this new release?
FTM: Gehenna is a lot different than most of the music that we had put out previously. Our material prior to Flock To Murder was a little more hate fueled, a lot of controversy surrounding certain aspects of our music and members of the group, after taking that step back, we decided to distance ourselves from any type of controversy and create music that had deeper meaning behind it. Fans can expect to hear a more mature sound and thoughtful content.

JO: The new album also has features from some notables names in the underground, such as Xtra Overdoze and MNE’s own Boondox. How did these collaborations come about and how do you feel the finished product came out in the end?
FTM: We actually came across Xtra Overdoze on Facebook and instantly knew that we had to work with him, he was a perfect fit for the project we were working on at the time, hell he’s a perfect fit for most projects, we reached out to him and he was onboard, so we created “Make Me Sick” and couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.
FTM: Our collaboration with Boondox was a dream come true and we actually owe Bukshot from Mob Style for linking us up with him. “Drag You Down” was specifically created with Boondox in mind and it’s a bucking banger!
JO: The album itself has an interesting title, “Gehenna.” I actually do know what this references, but can you explain for those who may not understand the meaning and what made you feel this was the perfect title for this album?
FTM: So for those who don’t know, Gehenna was a valley near Jerusalem where the kings of Judah would sacrifice their children, it was thought to have been cursed, the land of the wicked. We wanted to take it a step further with a little deeper meaning, our personas represent those cast aside, the forgotten and lost, so we created a female deity and named her after the land of the cursed. When we speak about Gehenna in our music, we explain how she will lead us out of the shadows and conquer those who cast us out. We want our music to embody that essence.
JO: Having now played the Gathering, I have to ask how the experience was how the fan response has been?
FTM: The Gathering, it’s hard to explain in words, we have never experienced anything like it, it was literally like going home and seeing family that you haven’t seen in years. It was awesome to be able to perform on the cannibal’s house stage, an accomplishment that we can hold onto forever, but it wasn’t just about the performance, it was being surrounded by our family that meant the most to us. The response from the performance has been awesome, we were well received and hope to have the chance to rock any stage for future Gatherings.
JO: Is there any particular story or instance from this year’s gathering that sticks out more than the others?
FTM: One of the most awesome moments for us was while we were performing, there was a Lo holding his son front row and little man reached up and wanted a high-five from both of us, seeing the excitement in his eyes and knowing that he was enjoying the hell out of himself made that an unforgettable memory.
JO: Not resting, Flock To Murder has also landed a sponsorship with 330 Creationz. How did this come together and what can fans expect this to mean for the future?
FTM: We were performing a show in Coshocton, Ohio and met Anthony Coppola, the drummer for The Grimy Onez , co-ceo of Dressed to kill streetwear and partner over at www.330 creations.com along with Justin Cox CEO. We got to talking about his business and how we had been looking for a sponsorship, after chopping it up in a kiddie sized pool with him, Emily Sharrock AKA “Miss Cyainide” and her man “FatKid”, both the hosts for that show, Anthony offered us a sponsorship. We now have a Flock To Murder line of merch on their website and people can expect to see an official DTK/Flock To Murder clothing line by the end of the year 2019.
JO: As if this wasn’t enough, Flock of Murder is also coming with a quick turn around musically, working on both a new EP and another full length release as well. Some heavy hitters have already been confirmed, including; Native World’s Jay Villain and Lex the Hex Master. Can you tell us more about these projects and how the process is going working on both at the same time?
FTM: We’ve been very fortunate to be able to connect with amazing artist such as Lex the Hex Master and Jay Villain and couldn’t be more excited about these opportunities. Working on both projects simultaneously has been somewhat challenging, but we are extremely motivated and enjoy what we do. We try not to overcomplicate the process and just have fun with it.

JO: Is there maybe a release date for either that you could let us in on?
FTM: We don’t have a set-in-stone date, but plan on releasing our EP “The Next Testament” this November and are shooting for our next full-length album to be released at the beginning of next year, 2020. You can also expect to see a Halloween single from us this October with a special guest feature as well.
JO: Beside this massive body of work coming, is there anything else you currently have in the works that you could talk about?
FTM: Yes, we have a new video in progress and several shows lined up over the coming months. We will be preforming live at Shit Fest September 6th in Gehnt, KY with our Rejekt family, followed by opening for Young Wicked and Menace 2 Sobriety the following day September 7th at Oddbodys in Dayton Ohio. After that, we will be opening for ABK and Big Hoodoo for the Havknots tour at Alarosa Villa September 20th with our homie Jay villain. We also have the first ever Flock To Murder Halloween party lined up with some amazing artist, like Scrub Central, Drew West and several of our brothers from Earational Behavior, already booked October 26th at Art’s OTA in Cincinnati Ohio.
JO: If fans want to find more from Flock of Murder, where can they find you?
FTM: We are everywhere, you can find us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, for our social media and on every major streaming service there is, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, iHeartRadio and more.
JO: So, I have to ask who would you say have been the most influential artists for you throughout the years?
Kixx: going back to my roots Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are the ones that made me want to rap. My homie Brian Simpson, Rest In Peace, snuck me my first Bone thugs cassette and I was hooked, it wasn’t until later in life that I was turned onto ICP and Twiztid, who’s music spoke to me and opened my eyes to who I really was musically.
Joey: I gotta agree with Kixx on this one, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony definitely got me into Hip-Hop but also Three 6 Mafia, and KRS One.
JO: Now, we all have those moments of complete doubt, who or what keeps you pushing forward in those hard times?
Kixx: My wife freak b**** has had my back from day one and has motivated me to pursue my dreams, she has picked me up and threw me back into the ring more than once, I couldn’t be more grateful for that.
Joey: I’ve shut down more than a few times but my partner in crime and in life, my wife Rockin Robin won’t let me quit, she knows if I do, I will regret it. When shit gets sour, she protects me from myself and keeps me moving.
JO: Who would we catch you currently listening to right now?
Kixx: Ghostemane and Gorilla Voltage have been bumping really hard on my stereo system here lately.
Joey: Jellyroll for sure, been a fan for years and he’s always dropping something new. Other than that, I would say Cognito, Kutt, or Mass of man.
JO: If you had the chance to reach out to any artist for a collaboration, who would it be and why?
Kixx: Maria Brink from in This moment, I love her unfiltered griminess and amazing vocals.
Joey: Prof from Rhymesayers Hands down, he has a style I have never seen before and it’s just off the wall.
JO: Now before we officially sign off, is there anything you’d like to say directly to the fans?
FTM: We are humbled by the love and support that the “Flock” has shown us and appreciate everything that our fan base has given to us. Without y’all, we are nothing and we’re doing everything we can to not let you down. As always, keep Flocking and much mothafucking love.
JO: As we shut things down here on the Underground Spotlight again, let’s end things as always, on a positive note. So how about a few shout outs to send us off?
FTM: We wanna shout out our Rejekt family- Spaz Nazty, Datmafuka Jenkins, Da Sniper 614, Thorazine, CRS Tha Villain, our sponsors at DTK, our homie Jay Villain, Joshua Carmack at NastieInk, our Ohio street team Kevin Band and Andy Dennis, our Indiana street team Patrick Faigle and Casey Rininger, our homie “Mob-style Monk” AKA Shane Jensen, Joshua Blakeman, Jay Roman and the other brothers of Menace To Sobriety , Tha Grimey OneZ, Lexlanta, Miss Cyainide and FatKid, Scrub Central, Abstrakt, that Weirdo Ron Jump, Shawn Fresh, Rockin Robin, Ill Boogie and Lil Letty, and so many more.
Damn, I hate to say it, but this is another interview in the books here in the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. I want give a BIG thank you to Kixx and Joey for their patience, understanding and amazing hard work. Thank you to the whole Flock to Murder  family. Remember if you liked what you saw, heard or read here… go support them. Check out the links above or if you don’t want to scroll back up (lazy), I’ll have them linked just below this.
Johnny O. 


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