June 1, 2023
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ChelsFX (Make Up and Props)

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES!!! It’s the spookiest day of the year if you’re not a serial killer or average weirdo, and your boy BeZerk is no average weirdo. Ah yes! I look forward to this day every year, and I’m really excited to bring you this interview for this Halloween. This interview is going to be much different then any one I have ever done. It’s pretty fitting though.

Now, this is usually a music forum, but I’m always looking out for other underground stuff to add the next level to this forum. Seeing that I’m occasionally still doing UGS’s, I reached out to a friend I’ve had on Facebook for a little while now, and bring you one of the most talented things I’ve been seeing on my feed.

So what’s this different and unique interview I’ve got for you? This freshness? How about this make up and SFX artist known to the world as ChelsFX. She’s been doing all sorts of horror styled make up and special effects for years now. Doing anything from old cult classic horror flicks to even the Christmas from your worst nightmare. She’s got all sorts of dope work that one couldn’t even conjure up watching a Rob Zombie flick.

I hope you all like this for your Halloween. Maybe next year you can have some work done by ChelsFX. If you’re looking for great props for a show, media, or photoshoot; be sure to contact her. She’s a very awesome person who has a lot of great work. I give my personal recommendation for ChelsFX if you’re looking for any good special effects for whatever project you may have.

So enjoy the tricks and the treats tonight. Party with the things that go bump in the night. Enjoy the spooks and ghouls and goblins tonight. I myself and moving into a new house, so I got some tricks and treating I got to do myself that’s called adulting. It’s better then being cramped into this little apartment though. It’s been good though. Anyways juggalos and juggalettes, please be safe tonight and have a great time doing whatever you’re doing. Unless you’re smoking meth, then fuck your shit.

Until next time…enjoy!!!


ChelsFX’s newest project


BeZerk: Why did you choose the name ChelsFX?

ChelsFX: I chose the name ChelsFX because my name is Chelsea and SFX Is the abbreviation for Special Effects Makeup. Combine them and you get ChelsFX.


BeZerk: How long have you been doing make-up and special effects?

ChelsFX: I’ve been doing makeup on myself since I can remember, and I’ve always loved the beauty industry. So I went to cosmetology school in 2012, and I learned how to do it professionally. I dabbled with Special Effects Makeup for a few years after that. I lost the spark for a bit, but about three years ago I decided to go balls to the wall and dive back in. If you were to combine the total I’d say I’ve been doing SFX for about 6 years.


Exorcist themed ChelsFX


BeZerk: What inspired you to do this kind of work?

ChelsFX: I’ve loved horror movies since I was a kid, and I was always curious how they made people look like “monsters”. I would read books, watch documentaries, and listen to interviews with SFX artists and think, “That’s so cool, I want to do that too!” Being able to completely transform a subject into something it’s not is pretty fun!


BeZerk: What types of materials do you use to accomplish your projects?

ChelsFX: I really like to focus on the gore aspect of SFX makeup rather than the Syfy or aging realms, so blood and spirit gum are my go-to materials. I recently acquired a set of 100 loose teeth that I’ve been playing around with too! Those are probably my favorite.


Frost bit


BeZerk: How long does a complex project take you usually?

ChelsFX: I used to take FOREVER. I’m talking HOURS to complete a small project, but I found that I, nor can other people really sit still for that long. Now it’s a game I play with myself to say okay “this is how long I think this project will take” and try and beat that. It usually takes be about an hour give or take a few minutes to complete something.


BeZerk: You seem to enjoy a lot of horror films and flicks. What would you consider to be your favorite horror film of all time?

ChelsFX: That’s the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. There’s so many different horror sub-genres that make that question hard. In my older age I find I like psychological horror movies more, but for the sake of this interview being about special effects I’m going to say Cannibal Holocaust.


That’s got to hurt. Nice teeth


BeZerk: You do make-up projects for others. What kind of projects have you done in the past?

ChelsFX: I’ve done a ton of makeup for It That Betrays (from their show promos to their music videos). They are by far my favorite people to work with. I recently just did a makeup for a Glitch Jeezus video that should be released soon too!


BeZerk: Where would you like to see your work going for the future?

ChelsFX: In the future I would love to own a small makeup studio that I would be able to transform and create into a space of my own. I hope to be able to do makeup for a ton of people in the underground, and I really network and collaborate with as many people as possible.


How the Grinch Stole Faygoluvers


BeZerk: Do you know of any other make-up artists that have good work that juggalos should check out?

ChelsFX: David Nagy is fucking amazing. He makes and paints props. Arms, legs, FULL BODIES, faces, everything. He’s super talented, and I’m always in awe when he posts a new body part.


BeZerk: Who would you consider inspires you?

ChelsFX: As in, an idol? Tom Savini 100%. But on the daily day to day life I’m really inspired by my friends. There’s a lot of people around me and In the underground right now that are making really big and positive moves, and I feel so inspired by that. It keeps me motivated to chase my dreams right along side of them. Unity and togetherness are key.


Your worst childhood nightmares coming true


BeZerk: What would inspire a project for you? How does it hit you?

ChelsFX: I’m a shop-a-holic. I’m always in stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby picking up supplies for paintings and I’ll see something that makes me go “Oh, I could do a makeup with that.”


BeZerk: What project have you done would you consider was your favorite to do?

ChelsFX: I think my favorite project thus far was my 31 days of Halloween. That was a challenge for sure, but it was fun and it inspired me to watch a ton of movies I hadn’t ever seen too!


Ouch! That’s going to leave you scarred.


BeZerk: What was the hardest project for you to do?

ChelsFX: I don’t think a makeup itself has been particularly hard, but keeping the motivation to do a makeup everyday when I do a countdown is hard.


BeZerk: What would you consider was your most artistic project that you did?

ChelsFX: I did an advent calendar for my 25 days of Christmas, and it was definitely the most eccentric thing I’ve ever done.


Here Comes Slayer Claus


BeZerk: What do you think makes you stand out from other make-up/special effects artists out there?

ChelsFX: Not only am I a licensed makeup artist, but I do more than Special Effects. I’m also well versed in beauty makeup and esthetics. So I know what products work with what skin texture, I know what products to use if someone has a latex allergy, and I know HOW to use the products.

BeZerk: How would someone get in touch with you if they were interested in getting some work done by you?

ChelsFX: I have a website that you can book appointments directly though https://chelseasurin.wixsite.com/chelsfx or you can always message the ChelsFX Facebook page!


He’s going to turn!


BeZerk: You also do some artwork. What other kinds of work do you do when it comes to your art?

ChelsFX: I also paint, I love painting. Expressing my creativity and my feelings through art has always been my thing. I’m a very creative person and always thinking of new crafty things I can do.


BeZerk: Do you have any projects coming up in the near future that the juggalos should be on the look out for?

ChelsFX: The Glitch Jeezus video is the next project coming out that you can see my makeup in. It’s projected to be out in the next month!


When you wake up to the Tooth Fairy before she’s done.


BeZerk: Will you be doing another Christmas inspired make-up count down like you did last year?

ChelsFX: Oh, for sure! This time it will be a week long, instead of 25 days so that I can really put more time into it and do 7 big projects rather than 25 little ones.


That’s definitely going to hurt


Shout Outs:

ChelsFX: This is my shameless plug for the media label I’m a part of, Confused Products Media. I’m happy to have a home here in the underground with this crazy and hardworking bunch. You can see some of my makeup and live makeup demonstrations on the CPM518 Instagram and Confused Products Media Facebook page.

It’s just around the corner



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