September 28, 2023
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Juggalos! Juggalettes! Fucking creepzhows and freakshows alike! I told you motherfuckers that I’d be back with another interview. I told you guys that it’d be a much anticipated interview at that. And boy, did I not let you guys down this time. This interview maybe kind of short for words, but the artist is top notch in the field of the wicked shit. An artists that all of you need to tune into, and I guarantee big things out of him.

Juggalos, if you have been living under a fucking crack rock, and you have not heard of Murder Musick; maybe you need to get up to speed in the scene outside of Psy and MNE. MM is a label started by Playboy the Beast and has some of the best underground talent, especially in the horror scene. So I bring you one of the label’s most unique and talented artists they’ve ever had to offer.

Ztarve is a relentlessly talented lyricist from Colorado who has made big waves over the past couple years. So much so, he was even nominated in FLH’s Music Awards (and he wasn’t even nominated by me). Ztarve has been able to do a lot of work with his group the Uutherside, Playboy the Beast, and he’s adding more and more to the list. His solo work though is hella different in all the best ways. Ztarve and I have a mutual homeboy named Joel who introduced me to Ztarve’s music, and I was hella impressed. I knew if I was going to be coming out of retirement, this was an interview that had to be done for sure. Something I knew the juggalos the world over would love. Something you guys tune into this segment for. So without further ado, please give it up for the one and only, motherfucking Ztarve! Tune in next time juggalos, and be sure to enjoy!


*My next interview will be something totally different and unique juggalos. Something unlike anything I’ve ever done before, and I guarantee that interview to be something you’ll all like too.*

Album cover for Ztarve’s album Upper


BeZerk: How did you come up with the name Ztarve? 

Ztarve: Well when I was in school I was into graffiti, and I ended up getting caught with my tag name. So, at the time I was a bit chubby, and I decided to starve myself (and I was doing cocaine and other stuff which caused a mental break that caused me to have de-realization) that ended up getting me really skinny. So, I  decided to choose the name starve, but with a z, so if I ever became a big graffiti artist people would find me online looking up my name. I grew out of that faze, and near the end of high school, I starting making music and decided to take the name with me.


BeZerk: Who are some of your influences?

Ztarve: Everything and everyone. I take bits and pieces of something I like; even if I dislike it. It influences in some way. Honestly I have no specifics. They change too rapidly, but biggest atm If i  had to choose would be
Kanye West 
Vinnie Paz
Young Lean


BeZerk: What influences you when you write albums and songs? 

Ztarve: Movies, dreams, and crazy scenarios I come up with my head that I think people would enjoy. Most of all the beat.

Artwork for Ztarve’s NEW song called Knock Twice (Tune in on Spotify and SoundCloud)

BeZerk: Who would you consider as your favorite musician?

Ztarve: At the moment  I would say Young Lean, but it will change pretty soon lol.


BeZerk: You’ve been signed to Murder Musick Inc. How did that come about?

Ztarve: Me and Playboy the Beast would talk about making a song, because we were both living in the same state , and ended up talking about me getting on, and he put me in with open arms.


BeZerk: You’ve worked with underground legend Playboy the Beast, including even filming music videos with him. What was that like?

Ztarve: It was dope. We have a deep understanding and respect for one another. We never mix emotions with our business.


BeZerk: How did you come up with the song The Exorcist?

Ztarve: I heard the beat and thought it was aggressive, and I just wanted to be blasphemous.


BeZerk: You have a group called Uutherside. Who is in this group, and what would you like to tell the juggalos about this group?

Ztarve: The group consist of me (Ztarve) and Evil Lino 
The group is pretty new wave and way more aggressive then my solo work, but not as lyrical. More for emotional vibe; not much mental.

Ztarve’s feature in Underground Nation’s publication

BeZerk: You were born and raised in Colorado with parents who were both from Mexico. Do you have any ambition to leave Colorado, and do you think your Hispanic background helps influence your ability to do music?

Ztarve: It was good. I love denver so much, I don’t know about leaving. My father was actually raised in the hood I live in now, and my mom was from Compton until she moved out here. So they never spoke to me in Spanish, and yes it does help with influence. I always liked the way Mexican music sounded when I was younger; even if I didn’t know what they were saying at the time lol.


BeZerk: Out of all the songs you’ve done, which track do you believe showcases your talent the most? Which was the most fun to do?

Ztarve: I would say a song called Hold Me Tight, Creepzhow, and Phone Call With Mike. Funnest would  have to be all the uutherside albums it was all just fun not much over thinking.


BeZerk: You have more than one music video to your name. Which music video was your favorite to do? Do you have any more music videos in the making?

Ztarve: I really enjoyed making The Exorcist. A lot of jokes on set on if we were going to die like the actors from the original film 🤣 , and yess a lot more I have a plan at the moment for a couple songs releases and unreleased.


BeZerk: If you could do a track with anyone, who would you do a track with?

Ztarve: Probably Lil Ugly Mane (not fame wise but the mindset his songs are written in I really enjoy), and I hate to listen to my genre of music but his I really enjoy.


BeZerk: You make a lot of dark and horror themed music. Do you have any ambition to branch out into other forms of hip hop or rap or any other genre?

Ztarve: I already have with Uutherside 😉 , but experimenting with other sounds is my favorite 


BeZerk: You were nominated this year for the Faygoluvers Music Awards. Were you expecting that? 

Ztarve: Hell no! I’m actually really hype it’s finna go doooooooown!


BeZerk: What projects do you have coming up that the juggalos can be expecting?

Ztarve: Solo Album really really soon no name chosen , a lot of uutherside singles ,and videos for both!!


BeZerk: Where can juggalos check your music out at? 

Ztarve: “Everywhere” you listen to music , all the music you can’t find will be on band camp SoundCloud, and YouTube,


BeZerk: Where can the juggalos find merchandise to make their wardrobe a little more fresh?



BeZerk: What would you like to let the juggalos know about your music?

Ztarve: It’s dark, it’s real, it’s lyrical, and it’s entertaining. Listen to it!


BeZerk: If a woodchuck could chuck wood, would you cut its fucking head off?

Ztarve: Nah… I’d help him chuck the next one !


Ztarve’s Album The Other World 

Shout outs:

Ztarve: shoutouts to God, my family, Uutherside  Evil Lino, all of Murder Musick, everyone who listens to me, faygolovers for this opportunity, and art ❤❤



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