February 23, 2024
10 Guests and Online

Kung Fu Vampire Exclusive Interview – Come Dawn Pre-Release

Kung Fu Vampire was kind enough to join us for an in-depth interview in which he goes into detail about his new album “Come Dawn.” The creative process, the inspiration behind the album, the tour, and what’s in store for the future is all discussed in this exclusive interview, so be sure to tune in!

The questions were written up by Chad Thomas Carsten and the interview was conducted by Tudor Pangal.

If you pre-order the album on Google Play Music or Apple Music and send a screenshot of it via DM to Kung Fu Vampire you will receive a 20% Off coupon for the CD Bundle of your choice, available at KungFuVampire.com. You will also receive 2 bonus tracks that you can listen to right away! 1986 and Love at First Bite. It’s dope, so make sure to check that out, because you’ll only have up until August 30th to take advantage!

Special thanks are in order to everyone involved in the interview, and everyone who helps keep FaygoLuvers alive and relevant! It is truly an honour to interact with such amazing artists and the Juggalos that stand by them.


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