September 29, 2023
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Blaze Ya Dead Homie – “Graveyard Greats”

On October 4th, Majik Ninja Entertainment will be dropping a brand new compilation album from Blaze Ya Dead Homie!

This new compilation album is titled “Graveyard Greats” and is available for pre-order right now at!

There have been rumblings in the underground about Blaze recording new material lately and we’re gonna see a bit of that on this album.

Check out the tracklist below:

1. Intro
2. Rotting Inside (Brand New)
3. Waiting On You (Brand New)
4. They Say feat. Jellyroll
5. Go Go Go Go
6. The Trunk
7. Let It Burn
8. Dead Vulture
9. Robbin Hood
10. Bleed
11. Gray & Blue feat. Prozak
12. The Painted Man
13. Foo Dang feat. ABK
14. Rules 2 Tha Game feat. ABK
15. Walk (Brand New)

Blaze & ABK’s Foo-Dang on CD for the first time ever, ninjas!

You have some different options when it comes to pre-orders bundles. Check ’em out:

Blaze Ya Dead Homie “Graveyard Greats” CD Pre-Order #1
Blaze Ya Dead Homie “Graveyard Greats” CD and Shirt Pre-Order Bundle #2
MNE New Releases 2 CD Bundle: Blaze “Graveyard Greats” and Lex “Strictly For My Ninjas” #3

MNE droppin’ that fire!

Release Date:

  • 10/04/2019




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