September 29, 2023
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Soopa Villainz – “Hit List”

Soopa Villainz greatest hits release titled “Hit List” was originally announced in the Insane Clown Posse‘s Fearless Fred Fury booklet along with a few other releases. It was originally slated to come out in March but that release date was pushed back a few months to July.

It’s near the end of July and guess what we got for ya!?

Hit List comes with 17 devastating tracks of your favorite Esham/ICP collabs. Like we stated before, there is no Lavel on this release and no tracks taken from the only official Soopa Villainz album “Furious.”

Check out the tracklist below:

  1. Intro
  2. Boom
  3. Fight Club ft. Necro
  4. P-P-P-Pow
  5. Soopa Villainz
  6. Panic Attack
  7. Hard Times
  8. Candy Land
  9. Conquer ft. ABK
  10. Migraine Headache
  11. Dem Boyz
  12. Deadbeat Moms
  13. Silence Of The Hams
  14. LA LA LA
  15. In Love With A Hooker
  16. Chop Chop
  17. Wicked Rappers Delight

This release is available on all digital streaming services. If you want a physical CD to add to your collection (like me and Scottie) then hit up or your local record store. If they don’t have it, request it, ninja.

Grab the CD HERE

Download on digital HERE.

Who is Soopa Villainz illin’? P-P-P-P-Pow!




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