February 8, 2023
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Hello, I’m Johnny O. and welcome back once again to the Faygoluvers Underground Spotlight, where we get the chance to take deeper look into some of the Underground’s best. I know that that it’s been sort of an extended wait on this one and that is completely my fault. I’m sure we all know how life can be. Of course, that’s not why we are here, today we are here to add another classic interview to the ever growing Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. This time we are fortunate enough to sit down with Loc Saint a long time veteran of the underground scene.

So, before I waste anymore of your time, let’s just jump right into this thing…

Johnny O.: First off, I’d like to welcome you to the Faygoluvers Underground Spotlight.

Loc Saint: Ay Ay, Thank You! I am Extremely excited for Loc Saint Music to be seen and be heard here. So Much Love & Appreciation for Faygoluvers.

JO: Now, can you give us a brief introduction for those here who may not have heard of your music before?

Loc Saint: Loc Saint Music has been a rolling thunder in the Underground for a longgg time now. I’m known for blending Unique Harmonies & Hardcore Chop’s. I started out the “classic” way in the 90’s, cutting cassette tapes in my room, and on foot with a backpack passing them out on the block. Eventually moved up to releasing multiple album’s, until I got known for my album “Massacre” and specifically got a lot of attention for what the fans are calling one of thee best chopper tracks of all times, “Trigga’Tongues” Featuring Twisted Insane, MurdaScripts & Eric C.The Tempa Tantrum. I’m now on my 10th official Album Release “Angelix” which is dropping July 12th and is available for pre-order on the website at www.locsaint.com

JO: Being put in a box is not something any artist enjoys, but if you had to describe your personal style for perspective fans, what would you say?

Loc Saint: Correct, hate a box, but if I had to narrow down my personal style it would be blending harmonies, in many genre styles be it rock, rnb, melodic gothic, with hardcore chopper rap’s into an unhuman blend of sound that I feel show’s the polarity within us all as humans. I will hit you with an extremely fast chopper verse and it will get you amped the f*ck up, then I will drop a very melodic and beautiful singing chorus on you the next second that will calm you down, bring out your emotion, and get you thinking about everything I just ripped in that verse. My personal style is liken to a roller coaster, when you listen to a Loc Saint song, your thoughts and emotions are about to take a ride, up down, left, right.

JO: Was there a particular moment that solidified in your mind that this was what you truly wanted to do?

Loc Saint: Yes,this happened in my early years. I would freestyle everywhere I went. House Parties, Club’s I used to sneak into as a kid just to perform, any large group that would hear me, I would bust out. I noticed everywhere I went and busted out, people went crazy over it. All those moments really solidified for me, that this is what I am supposed to do. Specifically I was about 15 year’s old and my homie Gino pretended to be my manager, spoke to a club owner and got us in the door. He then talked a big game to get me up on the stage once we were in the club. It was a little dead with the live band that was playing at the time, So I got up on the stage with a female vocalist friend of mine, the live band dropped us a beat, and I freestyled some of the dopest shit I’d ever done while I kicked the mic to my homegirl to have her sing a chorus off the top of her head, and 1 by 1 we started packing that club out…until massive groups of people were coming in off the street from hearing us outside, and eventually the whole club was PACKED. And the energy was CRAZY!! After we packed the club out and got off stage we had droves of people telling us how blown away they were and how awesome the music was…then we got ID’d, and kicked out. LOL. BUT..That was a big moment for me, that showed me, yeah, this is what I’m supposed to be doing.

JO: You’ve been doing this for quite some time and have more than a few albums under your belt, how have things changed for you over the course of your journey?

Loc Saint: Well, thing’s have changed A LOT. I am self taught everything in this industry. I started out as an extremely poor kid on welfare. I knew nothing. I had nothing. Except for this talent, this writing ability. And NOBODY would give me a chance. Nobody was willing to invest in me. I spent years, working to fund this dream, went to work at 12 year’s old under the table working full time construction to build myself up out of poverty and build myself a studio, because I thought it was the quality that needed to be better. NOPE. Did that, and realized it wasn’t just that. Self taught graphics cause I thought maybe it’s the look, NOPE. And then I got to the point where I realized it’s business too. So what’s really changed for me, is I came to realize the fullness of this music business throughout all my years and how to work all the angles myself to the best of my ability. It takes more then extreme talent, Sadly. Always hoping someone would invest in me along the way, or hear me to take the music to levels I can’t on my own, as we’ve seen in many cases like in the case of Tech N9ne and Travis O’Guin, and it just hasn’t happened. BUT…I’ve learned a hell of a lot along this journey.

JO: What has the scene been like in your area and how has that changed throughout the years?

Loc Saint: In my specific area of the PNW in Washington State, there’s really not a large Rap Scene, although it’s been growing as of recently. I was 1 of the first solidified Rap Artist’s in my City back in the 90’s and I’m known as a trailblazer for the scene in my area. Which is a beautiful thing as I know I’ve inspired other’s to spread there talent. Sadly, I think the scene was more open and popping back in the 90’s in my area then it is today. I know there’s “More Artists”, but I don’t think that add’s to the scene. I know back when I “tried” to be a part of the scene, too much infighting and back biting, jealousy and drama to wanna even be a part of it. I always look at the bigger picture, which is if everyone can work together as a team, building will take place…but, when you have a bunch of people who all want the spotlight and are full of jealousy, it’s a recipe for disaster.

JO: Would you say that fans have been accepting of your music thus far?

Loc Saint: The Fans LOVE the music, and I mean passionately. My releases to them are repeaters. Whole album’s and track’s have become classic’s to them and standards by which they set the bar for music they love. My only personal let down, is that I’ve never been picked up, or had any financial backing to then be able to release MORE of this Loc Saint Music they love, and at a faster pace.

JO: Speaking of your music, can you tell us about last year’s “Phoenix Rising”?

Loc Saint: Yesss!! “Phoenix Rising” to me, was one of my most solid album’s to date. I feel like it doesn’t matter how many times you have heard that album, you can still press play on the intro, and let it ride through until the end without touching the skip button. Every track is fire. I felt the need to create this album after learning a lot of deep things about the world we live in. I took quite a spiritual and inward emotional journey with the making of this album. I studied a lot. Deep studies into things. Seeing how the world truly works, behind this veil of illusion that has been put up to blind us all and I felt the urge to share all that I had learned on an album. Thus, Phoenix Rising was born. If you don’t have this album, fans are calling it a “must have” underground album, pick it up on itunes, google play, spotify, apple music and more. I got some heavy hitters featured on Phoenix Rising as well such as Kung Fu Vampire, Razakel, Big Loony, King Iso, Playboy The Beast, Colt Truth, TruthSeekah & The Jokerr.

JO: So, how would you say your latest work compares to your previous releases?

Loc Saint: I have grown by leaps and bounds as a human being. That’s for starters. I’ve learned so much since my first “official releases” like REAL:The Mixtape, Hard 2 Die, etc. And I think the fans could tell you that it’s been onward and upward since these first releases. I am always trying 1 up the last release, it’s this drive and self competitiveness that add’s fire to each release and drives me to make something better then the last. It’s always me versus me.

JO: What can we expect in the future from Loc Saint? (Album, EP, Shows, Etc.)

Loc Saint: The New Album “Angelix” is dropping July 12th EVERYWHERE! And it’s truly a 1st for Loc Saint Music as this is my 1st Harmony Based album. You can pre-order “Angelix” Now on the official Loc Saint website at: www.locsaint.com  . I took a single aspect of why the fans Love Loc Saint Music so much, The Harmony, and I contained it and focused on it for this album. I have also had even greater personal experiences in the making of this album, so as always, I detail them all throughout this album, and they are truly mind blowing as you will hear. As a lot of my Locsterz already know, the infamous “Trigga’Tongue’Tunez” Album is still in the works and is about half way done. This album is highly anticipated and Locsterz have been waiting for year’s to hear it. Especially to hear the sequel to “Trigga’Tonguez” the song.  I don’t have an official release date set for this album as it’s been an ever growing masterpiece, but I assume sometime in 2021 it will be finished.

JO: Now, where can fans and perspective fans check out more from you or pick up some of your albums?

Loc Saint: As always, fans can stay up to date with everything Loc Saint and even Pre-Order the new “Angelix” Album dropping July 12th at the official LSM website: www.locsaint.com . Also, the official Loc Saint Soundcloud is re-vamping as we speak and even has leaked tracks off Angelix able to be heard rite now at: www.soundcloud.com/locsaint . You can download ALL of my albums on itunes, google play, spotify, apple music, amazon mp3, and more. Not to Mention the Loc Saint YouTube Channel has new LSM playlists and leaked tracks at: www.youtube.com/locsaint . If Locsterz really want the full immersion into Loc Saint Music and gain access to TONS of Exclusive content, they can sign up to support LSM and actually be my record label that propels LSM into the future and make sure the music continues at: www.patreon.com/locsaint I got un-released material dropping on the Patreon!

JO: We’ve all had moments where we doubted our path, who or what would you say has kept you going throughout the years?

Loc Saint: That’s a good question. I think anyone in there rite mind would have stopped a long time ago if they were in my shoes. For me though, a deep love for music and writing, an extreme passion for the craft has really kept me in it. I feel like I was born to do this specifically. Even though the money isn’t there, the backing hasn’t come, I just feel a deep need to continue making music as though I was created to do so. As the fans know, I write what I live. Period. What music or artist out there can say that in 2019? Truly. I write and create real music, and there is such a lack of that in this industry rite now it’s not funny. People want something real in 2019. People are done with the illusion. It’s played out, it’s dead. I deliver real music and fans can feel that. That Keeps me going. Also, the messages and emails I get from Locsterz truly have kept me going! I have heard some AMAZING stories about how Loc Saint Music has impacted people’s lives, From “Your Music is the reason I got clean” to “Your Music stopped me from committing suicide”, I’m talking about REAL people here telling me that LSM has literally changed there lives for the good, I do not take that lightly…that is an extremely powerful thing and every message I get seems to always come to me at a time, when I’m this close to throwing in the towel. In summary, my faith in my Creator and the fact that I am here, on this planet, for this short time, for a powerful purpose is the reason I have been able to keep going, despite the incredible odds that have been stacked up against me.

JO: As far as influences go musically, who would you say where your biggest?

Loc Saint: We can take it back from oldest to most recent. Bone Thugs & Harmony was a huge influence for me in my younger years. Tupac of course. RnB acts like Jon B, Montel Jordan as well for the harmony side of things. Most important of all, my mom really had me listening to Singer Songwriter’s as a kid like Carol King, James Taylor, etc. and little did I know at the time, that was teaching me how to become an excellent song writer, how to formulate and deliver a true story into a song and tell it in a way that compels the listener. I was also very impacted by Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and the team at Strange music. Me and Krizz used to talk a lot before he released his first album even and Krizz gave me a beautiful review on my album REAL The Mixtape. I got a lot of love for Strange Music. As for my biggest influences out of the group, I’d have to say all those singer songwriter, old folk music artists that my mom had me listening to as a child, if it wasn’t for them, I would not have been able to begin song writing, the way I did. Taking true stories and formulating them into songs.

JO: If we were to catch you listening to something right now, who or what would you be listening to?

Loc Saint: Fans are gonna be shocked to hear it! 90% of the music I personally listen to is not even rap music or even close. Lol. James Taylor, Enya, Sia, Lana Del Ray, Bread, SVRCINA, Queen to name a few. Rittz, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, The Jokerr, Jon Bellion. I listen to a lot of oldies too. I listen to music that really makes me feel. I want intense emotion, overtly intense. I wanna be moved. This is the music that moves me.

JO: Is there anything else you’d like to say directly to the Faygoluvers’ family?

Loc Saint: YES!! I got so much love for the Faygoluvers Family. In 2019 the fans are shocked that Loc Saint Music is not more well known and I have faced A LOT of rejection in the business from bigger outlets. But, Faygoluvers has welcomed Loc Saint Music with open arms and the response is overwhelmingly amazing. I just wanna say I love and appreciate every single one of you who have given Loc Saint Music a chance to be heard in your ears. Your Love and support, your sharing of the music means everything to me. From so much rejection I have had over the years, so many no’s. I have grown to be extremely grateful to anyone who gives me a chance, and the Faygoluvers Family has given me that chance and for that I am forever grateful and will never forget it.

JO: As much as I hate ending these things, let’s go out on a high not as usual. So, how about a few shout outs before we officially sign off?

Loc Saint: I wanna shout out Faygoluvers first and foremost! Whoop Whoop to Every single Juggalo who has been supporting Loc Saint Music. I wanna shout out my team at H2D Studio’s The #1 Source for Graphic Design (www.facebook.com/h2dstudios), Mastering Tech and Artist Colt Truth, Dmitry Korolev. I wanna shout out a few special fans & companies who have helped LSM continue, Kenny Stanger with PimpyK Media The #1 In Motion Graphic’s & Lyric Videos (http://pimpyk.com) David Murphy, Dani Lemay for her amazing Artwork and honestly every single fan who has support Loc Saint Music for all these years on Patreon. Without you all, Loc Saint Music would not be.

Well, we’ve reached my least favorite part of this whole thing, the end. I do want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Loc Saint and his crew, not only for taking the time for this interview, but also understanding the extended delay. If you have been sleeping on Loc Saint, seriously go listen right now. I’d say that I will wait, but we are done. Check the links below and support one the the Underground’s mainstays, Loc Saint.

As always, if you liked what you saw here or heard at the links below and go support the real underground. As for me, well, if you’d like to be featured here on the Underground Spotlight, just send an e-mail to [email protected]. It may take some time as we have several different interviews lined up, but I promise I will eventually get back to you. You don’t have to be a musician either, any artist can be featured here. You should know what I mean, but I have a nice interview coming up to show you a little bit of diversity.

Until next time, my family.


Johnny O. 



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