January 29, 2023
10 Guests and Online

UnderRated Live Faygoluvers.net Take Over (“Black Markets Matter”Interview)

In this exclusive live Faygoluvers.net takeover UnderRated goes in-depth behind his latest LP “Black Markets Matter” with Garth Vader, how legalization of Marijuana effected his own community in Humboltd County California negatively, how legalization is being taken over by greedy billionaires, if UnderRated had one hour left to live, which record would he bump as his last, tips on what not to do when going out on your first national tour, and more!   Interview officially starts at the 2:45 min mark as we were building the audience and had slight trouble with inviting to go live at first. Thank you for viewing and supporting the underground!


Interviewer: Chad T. Carsten

Interview Date:04/19/19



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