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Welcome back everyone once again to the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight and this time we have a really good one in store for you. This time around we get a chance to take a look into Native World’s own Jay Villain. We take look in to his past group, going solo, his work with ABK, Native World and of course his latest release “WTF.”

Johnny O: Before we really dive into everything, I want to welcome and thank you for taking time out for this interview. It is an honor and a pleasure to have you here on the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight.

Jay Villain:  Thank you, Means a lot for ya’ll to reach out and keeping the underground up to date with all the freshness!

JO: Can you tell us a little bit about your life growing up and what ended up drawing you to music?

JV: I always wanted to get into something with my group of friends, we tried skateboarding, wrestling and then started a metal band. That didn’t work so after some time I started to write raps. My choice of music varied from metal to main stream rap then i discovered the underground music world. At the age of 14 I realized I fall in love with the movement and I wanted to be apart of it.

JO: Was there a moment that made you truly realize that music was your future and what you would dedicate yourself to?

JV: I was invited to play on a Boondox show at Alosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio around 2009/2010. It was a sold out show and when we were on stage the crowd was chanting our name and thats when I realized that this was what I wanted to do.

JO: You’ve been doing this since around 2006, so things have definitely changed. What has been the biggest change in the scene you’ve noticed?

JV: Shiiiiitttt alot!!!!! Starting with the split in the FAMILY, that caused alot of issues. It effected me even though I was not involved with the label at that time. It was almost like you had to pick a side. For example, if you were promoting a MNE show, the chances of you getting PSY show was slime to none. I am happy that this has recently calmed down. Then theres the digital world. It is very important to be up on your digital world which I am learning more and more of everyday. Also, the scene itself. Between 2008 and 2014, it seemed like everyone and their mom was trying to get in the rap game. Which don’t get me wrong, we definetly found some new faces and heard some great music but there were some shows that were just torturious. But definetly the future of music is exciting because everyone that is still involved is getting better and better.

JO: You actually started out with the 614 Villainz, what was it like when the group landed its’ first big show with ABK?

JO: It was great!!! We thought we made it big time but little did we know, we weren’t shit!!! We took pictures with Killa on stage and begged him for a record deal. He laughed! But, it was a start of many shows.

JO: As I said, you started with the 614 Villianz what was it that brought about the change to solo artist?

JV: There were two things, 1st- at the time there was fighting in the group, no one could seem to meet up and get along. I was dedicated and wanted to keep pushing through so I started working on a solo cd which lead to my second thing. 2nd- Killa started talking to me about a solo deal because it was easier to promote a solo artist over a group. So I gave him my solo cd and that is how we came up with “Stand Up or Be Forgotten”

JO: When you decided to go solo, was the Native World deal already a lock or in the works?

JV: Kinda, Killa wanted to see if I would actually come through with it and if it was good enough for a solo cd. Once he heard it, he was onboard but he let know that I had a lot left to learn and this was just the beginning.

JO: How has it been working with ABK and the whole Native World crew?

JV: A rollercoaster ride for sure!!!! First you are getting to work with other artist on the same team trying to acheive the same dream as you. When you see someone give up and leave it is frustrating. Give it, they may have their own reason but it still hurts when you watch part of the team fall apart. Now working with A.B.K is totally differnent. First of all, you are dealing with an artist on the Pyschopathic label who has sold countless units . But to be a part of his team, using his name… you have to be on your shit!!!! He is always pushing you to do ten times better then you already thought you did. But all in all, he has taken me all over the U.S and I owe him so much for that! That why its Native World lil bitch!

JO: Now you do have a new album set to release, “WTF,” how would you say it differs from your previous solo release, “Stand up or be forgotten?”

JV: There are more tracks and different style colabs and it sounds more professional. Thats why I called it Way To Fame. This cd shows my growth and what I have to bring.

JO: There are a few different packages for the new album available, can you tell us about them and the official release date?

JV: The official release date is April 2nd digitally and hardcopy. The first package is just the cd itself. The second package includes the cd and a 4X6 autographed photo and the third package is WTF and Stand Up and Be Forgotten cds and a 4X6 autographed photo.

JO: Of course, I have to ask, but everyone should already know… where can everyone pick this album up?

JV: You can get your copy at and on all digital outlets and of course at shows!!!

JO: What has it been like being a solo artist compared to your work with the 614 Villainz?

JV: Totally different. It’s all on you. With the group there are others on stage to help keep the energy going and help you with fill ins. When it comes to making new songs, you don’t have anyone to run the song concepts off of. Everything is litterally on you. But there are advantages…it’s easier to jump on a tour as a solo artist then trying to take a whole group.

JO: I know the new album is on the way, but is there anything else currently in the works that you could let us in on?

JV: There are some spot shows in April, a couple in June and I am opening for Tech N9NE in May here in Columbus, Ohio. As far as a new cd… KM Vol .1!

JO: Now on a different note, who have you found to be your biggest influences throughout your career?

JV: Jelly Roll. He proved that you can be a fat white rapper with no gimmick and make it all by telling the truth!!! And I know this may sound stupid but literally everyone in the underground movement because when I hear what someone else is creating, it inspires me to go and do something 10x better. It’s like gasing up my fire and I am known to Play With Fire!!! lol

JO: On the flip side, we all have people in our lives that keep us going, who would you say have kept you motivated to never give up?

JV: Now a days it’s my kids. I wanna provide them with a better childhood than what I had. I want to provide all my doubters wrong but when I first started what used to gas me up was I just wanted to be the shit! Hitting the stage for 15 mins was like chasing a high!

JO: As we come to a close, is there anything else you’d like to say to the Faygoluvers’ Family?

JV: Just want to thank all of the support that I have been given from everyone. I want to Thank Faygoluvers’ for keeping everyone updated in the underground music world. Ya’ll the shit for that! Really just thank you for helping me get my music out!!!

JO: I always make sure we end on a high note, so before this officially put to rest, how about some shout outs to send us off?

JV: Shout out to ABK the boss man and everyone who supports! Everyone with Faygoluvers been fucking with yall since high school!! lol Columbus Ohio Detroit Mi!! Thats home! Jelly Roll, Menace 2 Sobriety! Psy & MNE!! And everyone who loves hip hop music!!! Native World For Life!!

As much as I always hate to say it, this will bring things to a close for us once again here on the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. I want to give a BIG shout out and thank you to the man himself, Jay Villain for taking the time out for this interview. Thank you to Native World, ABK and the whole crew out there.

If you liked what you read, heard or saw here, make sure to head over to The Warrior Spot and pick up a copy of that new “WTF” album. Be on the look out for more to come from Jay Villain and the whole Native World family.


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