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Beyond Top Secret

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Welcome to a brand new edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight and this time we get to sit down with Beyond Top Secret, a group formed by Mercy Counts Records’ artists; Freeze, Xplizt and DJ Docta Damnage. We get a chance to discuss their latest release, the Gathering and a few personal things that clearly needed to be discussed. I can’t thank Freeze and Xplizt enough for speaking so openly.

If you haven’t checked out Beyond Top Secret, Freeze or Xplizt yet… you’ve been missing out. So, without anymore delay… let’s dive right into it.

Johnny O: Before we really get things started, can you give us a brief introduction to the trio behind Beyond Top Secret?

Freeze Martian: Beyond Top Secret is myself, rapper/emcee Xplizt and DJ Docta Damnage

JO: Now, I know the three of you have worked together a lot, but what made you decide to come together and create Beyond Top Secret?

Freeze Martian: Long time fans and supporters of my solo music know Docta Damnage has been a part of Mercy Counts Records for a decade now. He’s been contributing beats and we’ve made beats together ever since my debut solo album Red SNoW. As far as myself and Xplizt, after working together with her being another artist on Mercy Counts, as well as being a huge part of my live stage performance, it was only natural for a group to form at a certain point. I’ll let her explain..

Xplizt: Thanks pal, lol. Beyond Top Secret was originally formed as a live instrument band back in 2014/2015 (I think lol) Freeze and I had been doing songs together as well as some small tours and shows for a few years before so, as he said, it was natural that a group formed. We brought some guys in to form the band but that didn’t work out during the production of our first album “ Cut The Power” so we ended up deading the whole band and just made it a hip-hop album. Docta Damnage also produced some of the beats we used on that album as well.

JO: While it’s obvious you wouldn’t really like to be put in any particular box, but if you had to, how would you describe Beyond Top Secret’s style of music to newcomers?

Freeze Martian: Beyond Top Secret is the idea that anything is possible. The music we make has no limitations because we represent all things supernatural, paranormal, spiritual, occult, horror, etc.  Basically, our music is for those who think a little deeper about life. But it’s also a wild fucking time! It’s hard hitting, it’s aggressive, but it also can be quite beautiful at times. It’s the possibility that anything and everything can happen.

JO: The new album, “Destroy and Rebuild” is set to drop in just days, what can fans expect from this release?

Xplizt: Fans can expect this release to be some of the best work that we’ve made collectively. Although a majority of the album is darker in some aspects, I really feel like there’s definitely something on here for everybody & they will definitely be entertained & taken on a journey.

Freeze Martian: Hell ride for sure!

JO: How has it been working together as a cohesive group and how would you say it differs for all of you compared to your solo work?

Freeze Martian: For me personally, my solo music has always represented my more personal side. I touch on a lot of life shit, but I also stay within the realm of this martian universe, musically. I see Beyond Top Secret as another story from inside that same universe. Only this one is a little darker and intense, lol.

Xplizt: For me, working in a group is far easier to be creative, you can always bounce ideas off of each other. Every single beat on this album was made with all three of us sitting in a room just vibing. Solo work for myself is me just being my own worst critic ,lol. I enjoy to make solo songs, but I definitely love to feed off the energy of those around me.

JO: How has the anticipation from fans been for this album so far?

Xplizt: Fans of Freeze have been waiting and asking for a “horrorcore” album for a long time now, people love my raw approach to rap, it’s only right that we give them what they’ve been demanding. I think “Destroy And Rebuild” is highly anticipated by fans of Beyond Top Secret, Freeze & Xplizt because they know that what they want will be delivered in true martian fashion.

Freeze Martian: I think the stars aligned perfectly and set us up in the right place, at the exact right time to make this the best horrorcore, wicked shit,  whatever you call it ALBUM POSSIBLE! No feelings were spared and we said excactly what was on our minds on every song. That’s the kind of approach to my art I hope sticks with me forever, Do What You Feel?.

JO: You also have an album release party scheduled, can you tell us more about that show?

Freeze Martian: Yes we do. February 16th, the same day the album comes out. It’s happening in our home state of Connecticut, in Hamden @ The Rough Draft. We recently signed a new artist DNazareth to Mercy Counts Records and he’s going to be co-headlining this event, along with some other really good performers. I’m excited. I just went from Six to Midnight in my pants!

JO: Steering away from the current release at hand, I have to ask about your “separation,” so to speak, from Madecipha and his label Spider Bite Records. Although you collaborated on a project as “UFO” and even had a performance at the Gathering, something obviously happened to break you apart. Is this something you can tell us about?

Freeze Martian: When I chose to release a song talking about this guy, I wanted to leave it at that and never feel the need to speak on it in the future. But, after I read some things he had said in his interview with you guys, I just couldn’t help myself lol. All I want to say on that subject is this. If he was the hardest working guy in CT, New England or whatever he said, then 1) We would not have walked away from UFO and Xplizt would still be on Spider Bite Records. But he has no work ethic. He does not do shows outside of CT, except one’s he throws himself once a year. He does not tour, because he says he has nobody to watch his turtles for him. He did not want to play the Gathering of Juggalos last year, because he said he did not have the financial means to do so. Xplizt and I reformed Beyond Top Secret and stopped working with him. He then answered an email about us playing and told them he would play it solo without us. So we caught wind of it and shut that down. Those are the facts of why and I have no problem being 100 about it. Number 2) You can have condoms,9 different shirt selections and all these things he has in his merchandise catalogue. I respect that. But if nobody is buying any of it then it’s wasted product. His shelves are forever full. I can’t even keep up with my orders half the time because I’m out of stock, lol. I wish him the best.

Xplizt: I wish Madecipha nothing but the best in whichever endeavours he decides on. Just to go back to what Freeze said & back up the statement that he tried to snake “UFO” on a gathering spot, that’s pretty much is what made me personally say that enough is enough. No hard feelings, wish him the best.

JO: Do you feel things could have been handled differently on either side or was this something that was eventual and unsalvageable?

Freeze Martian: Looking back on it, I do regret the song. Because, it was like picking on somebody that doesn’t know how to defend himself. I OBVIOUSLY gave him more credit by expecting better from him. I should have just let him continue to destroy himself, instead of me doing it.

JO: I know that you’ve played the Gathering before, obviously not as Beyond Top Secret, but would that be something you be interested in doing?

Xplizt: It’s always a good time at the Gathering for us, lol. We’ve always had a good relationship with the people who over-see all the booking at the Gathering and we hope to continue to do so in the future!

JO: So I have to ask, is Beyond Top Secret something that you see moving forward or is this a one-off type of project?

Xplizt: This is our second album as a group, I can definitely see another album coming out in the future.  

Freeze Martian: We already started talking about another album for sure. Nothing we release ever sounds the same as our previous work. So after martians hear Destroy and Rebuild, expect whatever comes next to be on another level. We will always keep climbing and pushing the boundaries.

JO: I know you are literally on the verge of dropping the new album, but is there anything currently in the works that you could tell us about? 

Xplizt: Freeze is working on an EP called “Freeze Pop”, I’m working on an EP called “Bully.” I know DNaz is working on an EP as well & they’re all set to drop within the next couple months. Outside of this album release on the 16th, we have some things lined up for Detroit and other places, I think we’re just waiting on confirmation for a couple of them.

Freeze Martian: All of our E.P’s will be out this year in 2019. We are also, without a doubt dropping another group project as well, called OMurda. It will feature myself, Xplizt and DNazareth. All together for one purpose and one purpose only…Murder, lol. People will understand what I mean when it comes out. But those are all confirmed for this year.

JO: If fans or interested perspective fans wanted to hear or check out more, where could they find it? 

Xplizt: beyondtopsecret.bandcamp.com that’s where you can hear our group’s music, order merch and PRE-ORDER that Destroy And Rebuild album.

freezethemartian.bandcamp.com is where you can get ahold of Freeze’s releases & merch

xpliztlyrikz.bandcamp.com is where you can grab any of my stuff

we’re on facebook under Beyond Top Secret

JO: Now who would you say have been your biggest influences musically over the years?

Xplizt: ICP & Twiztid have definitely been a musical influence as well as an overall stage performance influence for myself, I wouldn’t be making this type of music if they weren’t, lol. My influences musically are all over the place, honestly. From Nirvana to Pun to Tech to Led Zeppelin. I love everything and find inspiration in all of it.

Freeze Martian: For me, when talking in relation to music, I’m inspired by the story behind success. Of course a lot of music has inspired me in some way over the years when I heard it. But to me, the real inspiration is knowing “How it happened”, “When it Happened”, “What it took to make it happen”. Anybody who’s story I can hear and find similarities of my own struggle in, that wade successful in this business I respect. For a few years now, I have been really interested in the story of Norwegian Black Metal. Although, I don’t agree with a lot of their ideology or even understand some of the music, I have a respect for the way these guys in bands like Mayhem that stuck to their roots and true passions. For them, it was about making music in the purest sense of what they wanted to achieve and they did it all on their own. Obviously controversy sells and that helped elevate them. But the stories are intriguing and the work they put in on their own can not be denied. Same way juggalos respect ICP & Tech N9ne, because they built it themselves. We strive every day to follow those same steps.

JO: Who would we mostly likely find each of you listening to currently?

Xplizt: Ouija Macc, I recently saw him in Providence, RI for the Shaggy tour & I’ve been going through his catalogue, he’s dope. I’ve also been listening to a lot of old school boom bap shit recently.

Freeze Martian: $uicideboys and a lot of old Memphis horrorcore. Gangsta Pat and Graveyard Productions. Lately I been on that kind of shit heavy.

JO: There are always times where things don’t seem to be going well and we all have our source to push through, who would you say have been your biggest inspirations to keep going?

Xplizt: My kids for sure. My bros here at Mercy Counts Records as well.

Freeze Martian: My daughter for sure, but also for my damn self. I know I deserve what little success we have and I know we are capable of much more. Only because we have walked the path, non-stop for years and never looked back. We’re still here and still moving.

JO: As we near the end of the interview, is there anything you’d like to say to the Faygoluvers’ Family?

Xplizt: Thank you guys for taking time out for us, I appreciate the love you guys always show us!

Freeze Martian: Always a pleasure and thank you to yourself and everyone at Faygoluvers, that have continued to support what we do!

JO: So as always, I like to end on a positive note. How about a few shout outs to officially put a close on this interview?

Xplizt: Shout outs to the readers & the fans! Shout out to my guys Freeze, Danny Damnage & DNaz & shout out to you guys at Faygoluvers!

Freeze Martian: Martians and people of Earth get ready! Beyond Top Secret is landing on this planet February 2019!

Do I even need to say it? Everyone knows by now that I hate this part of the interview… the end. I want to give a BIG thank you to Xplizt, Freeze and the whole Mercy Counts Records family. I know we hit some touchy subjects in this one, but I really appreciate the openness and honesty. It’s always a pleasure to talk with you both and I can’t wait for the release of “Destroy and Rebuild,” which might be out right now. I also want to thank everyone taking the time to check out this edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight.

So, if you manage to catch the release party show or snag a copy of the new album, let us know what you think in the comments below. If liked what you read, saw or heard here, be sure to check out Beyond Top Secret, Freeze and Xplizt at the links below.

Until next time…


Johnny O.



Beyond Top Secret Bandcamp Page

Freeze Bandcamp Page

Xplizt Bandcamp Page

Beyond Top Secret Facebook Page


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