July 13, 2024
11 Guests and Online

Ghozt Tha DMented – “Bangers From The Morgue”

Get the CD + Digital Download for $9.99: https://ghoztthadmented.com/album/837200/bangers-from-the-morgue

  1. The Intro
  2. Ghozt With The Most
  3. House Of Phantomz (ft. Playboy The Beast, Grewsum, Delirious)
  4. Fuck Cancer! (ft. Whitney Peytin, Skippy Ickum, Delirious)
  5. Can’t Handle Us (ft. Killa Noize & Delirious)
  6. Black Mirror Boogie (ft. Scum, Hex-Rated, Dubbs)
  7. Mah Fuckin Psycho (ft. Voice The Hallowqueen, Delirious, Hemi)
  8. Black Death (ft. Jade The Nightmare & Delirious)
  9. Dance On Your Grave (ft. Menacide & Delirious)
  10. Can’t Handle Us (Morgue Mix)
  11. Drag You To Hell (ft. Delirious)




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