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Family and friends welcome back to another brand new edition of the Underground Spotlight here on Faygoluvers. A place where we highlight some the best artists in the underground you may not have heard of before and give them a chance to shine. This time I got the chance to interview California native, HEXXX. Having performed at some of Hollywood’s greatest venues and worked with some of the underground’s biggest names he’s now hard at work on new material. We’ll cover this and much more in our in depth interview.

Johnny O: Before we really get things started, can you give us a brief introduction?

HEXXX: I hail from Southern California, representing Los Angeles and the outskirts.. places unheard of. Rep the 760 and #WestCoastWickedShit – putting it down for the outer realm.

JO: I have to ask, what the music scene has been like over the years for you in California?

HEXXX: It’s been ever changing, definitely it’s own world. I’ve seen a lot of fellow artists jump from lane to lane, switching up their style to catch a buzz. Everything moves a lot faster in the West. I’m all about evolving, but staying true to who you are is essential for longevity and success. Straight up.

JO: While it’s obvious you wouldn’t really like to be put in any particular box, but if you had to, how would you describe your style of music to newcomers?

HEXXX: I’m the alternative to whatever hip hop they’re used to listening to. I bring it raw and rough, something that I believe has been forgotten about. Energy and power at a whole new level. Fans can actually say they’ve heard something dope. But if I had to describe it… I’m like Cypress Hill mixed with Silent Hill. 

JO: What would you say it was that really you pushed you into writing music in the first place? Was there a particular moment that made you realize this was your path? 

HEXXX: I was spending the night in Lakewood, CA. KRS-One had a show on HBO called “Blaze Battle”. I was up late watching and captivated by the aggression and energy on stage. At that time, I was pretty young and had never seen a rap battle like that. Getting in someones face & destroying them, and the energy from the crowd – made me want to do this shit. I was only a fan at that time, never thought about making music. The people I was staying with were musicians, and they had their own studio. So the next morning, I asked if they had a program I could use to record and they burned me a copy of Cool Edit Pro. I went back home, I started rappin and that’s how it happened. But when I discovered the wicked shit, that’s a whole other story.

JO: You’ve been releasing music for a while now, how have things changed for you throughout the years?

HEXXX: Obviously, cds to mp3s to HD downloads, on the quality side of things. Myspace was a successful platform for me… and the whole emergence of social media. Social media has changed everything for me, for the better. I went from trying my hardest to get my single on the radio. Hitting up local stations was almost impossible without connects. It was such a big deal to get radio play back then. Now you don’t need the radio.

JO: Having the chance to play at Hollywood and some of California’s best venues, I have to ask if there is one particular experience or place that really sticks out in your mind?

HEXXX: Yeah, at the The Knitting Factory, back when it was on Sunset Blvd.  A shoe release party for a clothing company I was sponsored by. It was sold out. We had that shit shut down. Myself and the other openers were able to perform, but the headliner didn’t get to go on because the fire marshall shut it down – literally right before. It was already wild af, people were pissed. That night was dope. One of the most memorable sets I’ve done. 

JO: How would you say your style has progressed over your career, since your first release back in 2004 “Stigmata” and what can fans expect as far as forthcoming projects?

HEXXX: I definitely grew up. Every mixtape I get wiser to what I am spitting. The lyrics, the linguistics, and bar structure has all evolved. I’ve toned down on any Horrorcore vibes, I don’t want people to be confused, I am a Wicked artist – not Horrorcore. Upcoming, there will be more of everything. New songs, new ideas – a lot more dope shit. Only bangers from here on out. 

JO: Speaking of the future, is there anything currently in the works that you could tell us about?

HEXXX: I have a track with some Majik Ninjas coming soon, along with another collab that the movement is going to love. As far as mixtapes, I won’t being doing that for a while until I find the right producer to exclusively produce the album in its entirety. I do have a few singles that are done and dropping soon. I don’t want to say too much, because I’d rather my fans watch it all unfold on my instagram. 

JO: You’ve had the chance to also work with some big names, like Mellow Man Ace and E-40. If you had the chance to work with anyone, is there a particular artist you’d love to reach out to?

HEXXX: DMX – off top. Vinny Paz, Tech Nine, MGK, Yelawolf, Lil uno (from The Pack) to name a few.

JO: If fans or interested perspective fans wanted to hear or check out more, where could they find it? 

HEXXX: Everything is on my soundcloud – and

Instagram @HEXXX760.

JO: Now who would you say have been your biggest influences musically over the years?

HEXXX: My main influence comes from my surroundings and what I experience.

JO: Who would we mostly likely find you listening to currently?

HEXXX: I bounce around, I listen to all kinds of stuff. Never know what you will find in my headphones – Johnny Cash, Lil Peep, Trash Cat, ICP… Kavinsky to Twiztid, Axe Murder Boys to Suicide Boys. But then some months, all death metal, then all wicked shit. Punk shit – Operation IV, Misfits, Nirvana. KORN KORN KORN, one of my favorites.. Call me musically schizophrenic. 

JO: There are always times where things don’t seem to be going well and we all have our source to push through, who would you say have been your biggest inspirations to keep going?

HEXXX: No one in particular, it’s my experiences. I’ve been inspired by the highs, the lows, the chaos and my accomplishments. The depression and anxiety. Having nothing but these lyrics, with the odds being against me. Being ignored, backstabbed, blackballed – I get inspired by it all. When I sit alone and write, I pull words from my core, and that manifestation is an unexplainable feeling that propels me to continue killing shit lyrically. 

JO: As we near the end of the interview, is there anything you’d like to say to the Faygoluvers’ Family? 

HEXXX: Whoop whoop. Much love. Won’t be the last interview.

JO: So as always, I like to end on a positive note. How about a few shout outs to officially put a close on this interview?

HEXXX: RIP Dwelsie24K. Shout out to everybody who has been supporting the #WestCoastWickedShit


Well, if you’ve ever read any of my interviews, you know this is my least favorite part. I always hate when we have to bring things to an end, but don’t worry I’ve got plenty more lined up for you. So for now, I really want to thank HEXXX for taking the time out for this interview, Macey, Night Breed Records and the whole team running beside HEXXX.

As always, if you’ve liked what you heard, saw or read here, be sure to keep an eye on the latest coming soon from HEXXX. You can follow the man himself on the links above or the ones I’m about to drop down below.

If you’re an artist of any kind and would like to be featured right here on the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight, you can e-mail directly at [email protected]. Just make sure to use the subject Underground Spotlight or something along those lines. So, until next time…


Johnny O. 



HEXXX’s Soundcloud Page

HEXXX’s Instagram Page


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