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Alla Xul Elu *Lost Interview* [From the 2016 Gathering of the Juggalos]

Alla Xul Elu are climbing to the top of the underground skyscraper status and are about to reach a new level of musical power within the underground! I first took notice of Alla Xul Elu around 2013 when fellow Ohio horrorcore act Dieabolik The Monster was still sort of with Alla Xul Elu and posted their songs quite frequently online. I thought they were unique, but it wasn’t until their winter 2016 video for their haunting ,death metal tinged single “The Suffering” officially dropped on YouTube  when I fully embraced the group and decided to hit them up for an interview. Billy and Joe kindly accepted rather quickly and the interview took place inside the Faygoluvers RV in Thornville, Ohio. But sadly an air conditioner kicked on when we were filming the interview and totally ruined the audio. I was disappointed because I seriously wanted the fans of A.X.E. to witness this hilarious informative interview up close and personal, but the sound was painful on the ears and just didn’t deliver a positive quality interview. Billy Obey and I discussed on the phone and we tried to come up with a reasonable solution so fans could still view it. But it was decided in the end to just shelve the interview. I was thoroughly disappointed. We tried to do another interview in Oklahoma City, but our schedules never crossed each-other’s path efficiently. Time went on and a few days ago I finally gained the courage to just simply transcribe it and take screenshots of the video file so fans can still enjoy reading the interview without their ears bleeding profusely. It’s a little outdated (any promo is good promo) but still worth the read. I hope everyone enjoys Alla Xul Elu’s hilarious satirical answers and keep watching the masked hip-hop horror hounds grow more successful everyday!  Their next full length LP “The Almighty” drops September, 28th!

Chad Thomas Carsten: with the one and only *misprounces stage name* Alla Lul Xlu! *Pauses* I didn’t say that correctly, did I?

Billy Obey: You fucked that way up! *Laughs*

Joe Black: *speaking rather slowly* It’s Alla Xul Elu. Hard to pronounce like French. We flunked our French class by making out with our teacher. *Laughs*

CTC: How did you guys end up embracing the horror movie genre in the first place? When exactly did you find out you two were horror movie hounds?

Joe Black: Awe, dude! It was a really young age. I was about seven years old and my parents forced me to watch The Exorcist as a punishment for drinking a mountain dew or some shit. For real! Then it just became my love and passion and a way of life.

Billy Obey: I grew up on old Evil Dead VHS tapes. It was just on constant rotation. I just fell into it, ya know?!

CTC: Bruce Campbell right away!

Billy Obey: Yes! Evil Dead 2 is my all time favorite! I fell in love with the genre because of that movie!

Joe Black: For the record Evil Dead (original) here! I do like Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness too. But I like the original more.

Billy Obey: *Flips off Joe Black*

CTC: How did Alla Xul Elu discover the dark side of hip-hop? Which artists of the horrorcore genre are your biggest influences?

Billy Obey: I would have to say LU Cipha. Just an old group that uh, hasn’t been around in a minute. We’re just old-school horrorcore kids who were listening to SyCkSyDe, Bedlam-

Joe Black: Rottin!

*Scottie D in the background*: Love me some Rottin!

Billy Obey: Rottin was the shit! They disappeared though but I still listen to them on the daily. Where the fuck are you Rottin!? We love you and you’re still the shit!

CTC: Definitely some horrorcore classics! Q-Strange too?

Billy Obey: Absolutely! “Creation To ExeQtion” is one of my personal favorites!

Joe Black: I never fucked with Q much. But I remember Billy telling me about him back in the day. Anyways, we forgot to mention The Flatlinerz!

Billy Obey: I was going to mention that as well. Flatlinerz are our biggest inspirations!

CTC: They just came back recently, which is bad ass to see! Hopefully The Flatlinerz keep doing it!

Billy Obey: We’re in talks with Redrum right now to get something crackin! Hopefully it works out!

CTC: Oh, wow! Obviously the track will be horror related. But any specific subject matter between The Flatlinerz and Alla Xul Elu?

Joe Black: Probably Satan! *Laughs*

Billy Obey: Something evil of some sort.

CTC: Definitely should do a video together.

Billy Obey: Right, right!

Joe Black: That would be fucking sweet!

Billy Obey: Our “Long Live Evil” thing kind of derives from the *sings Flatlinerz lyrics* “We get so live, we get so live, evil”!

Joe Black: Flatlinerz! *Metal horn salute*

CTC: My personal favorite is “Satanic Verses”, especially the video. Seeing the Cross crowd surfing scene was mind blowing!

Joe Black: I remember being so mind blown too when I first comprehended it! That shit was back in the early 90’s! It was banned from MTV too. I bet it just mind fucked people back in the day! They weren’t ready for that shit. The Flatlinerz were way ahead of their time!

Billy Obey: Gravediggaz as well!

CTC: The cool thing about The Graveiggaz is they had some of that stuff recorded before Wu-Tang Clan and a lot of people mistakenly think Wu-Tang was first because “36 Chambers” was released first. But the truth is record labels were scared of that horror shit!

Billy Obey: Oh yeah! But who remembers Knieght Rieduz tho?!

Joe Black: Bone Thugs and their weird voices?! Yea I remember that shit!

CTC: How do your masks represent today’s society in the world as a whole?

Joe Black: I have no fucking idea. I’m way too sober for that question.

Billy Obey: What kind of question is that? You weren’t lying(in regards to a previous conversation on Chad’s questions being challenging and interesting).

CTC: No, sir!

Joe Black: I think our lyrics relate to the world a lot more than our masks do.

CTC: How about this. How do your masks relate to your own personalities?

Joe Black: *Touching the mouth of his mask* Well, this doesn’t have any teeth. So we got that in common. I’m a straight gummed ass, snapping turtle gums. I don’t need teeth. I have evolved.

Billy Obey: *Pointing at Joey Black* He did lose a leg and we had to stitch it back on.

Joe Black: *Glances at Billy Obey* What’s your answer to that? *Laughs*

Billy Obey: *Laughs*

CTC: Are we able to discuss your record Sci Co and how the release came to be?

Joe Black: *Thumbs towards Billy Obey* He actually came up with the title for that. It’s clever wordplay. We are actually from Scioto County (Ohio) and the SCI is our shit. We combined that with psycho.

Billy Obey: Its an experimentation record more or less. Us just figuring out where we’re trying to go exactly with the music.

Joe Black: More self expression as opposed to being like hyped. Like there’s no Sci Co number 2. Well, there is, but not in like-

Billy Obey: *chimes in* Not yet.

Joe Black: In like, it doesn’t connect. You know what I mean?! There’s no story-line. Most of our shit is gimmicky I guess you could say. But it all ties into something inner that we’re working towards. There’s an end game to “Head of Horns”. And Sci Co, like I said is its own shit. We can put our own personal shit into the music!

Billy Obey: As mentioned. More or less, experimental.

CTC: Are we able to dissect the track “Cemetery Symphony”? It has a damn catchy hook! But do you guys actually hang around the cemetery to help get stress off the mind?

Joe Black: Billy is a hook master!

Billy Obey: I love that hook! *Points towards Joe Black* He actually lives in the cemetery.

Joe Black: Anyone who personally knows me. I basically live in cemeteries. One of my main passions in life is the paranormal and ghost hunting. Fuck Zak Bagans! But yea I spend a lot of time in the cemetery.

Billy Obey: *Makes Ghost like noises with his hands up*

Joe Black: *pointing towards Billy Obey* See, he’s a skeptic and I’m a believer. Its like the perfect relationship. A lot of friction.

Billy Obey: We kinda balance each-other out.

Joe Black: Yes, we love cemeteries. But for the record I was really sad when I wrote that song. Mastamind was also sad when he wrote his stuff too.

Billy Obey: I wasn’t actually sad tho. I was really happy. *Laughs*

Joe Black: My goldfish died.

CTC: What was it like working with Mastamind of Natas for “Cemetery Symphony”?

Joe Black: I must say! He was very fucking professional!

Billy Obey: Yes, very professional.

Joe Black: If you want to collab with someone, collab with Mastamind!

Billy Obey: Another person that was professional to work with was Jahred of Hed P.E. We got him on the new record.

*please note Necronomichron is already released and you can order at the link below*

Joe Black: Jahred went above and fucking beyond! He did like way more than what he was asked. *metal horns respect towards Jahred* We’re always going to have that ruthless tinge to our shit, because we’re ruthless individuals. And toothless. we just covered that.

Billy Obey: The track with Jahred is more or less a hypertensive party time track about Marijuana. Our next record is influenced by Evil Dead and Marijuana. A marriage of both.

Joe Black: HP Lovecraft too!

Billy Obey: A little dab of HP Lovecraft.

CTC: Is there a confirmed title for the next record?

Billy Obey: Next album is called “Necronomichron”. Again, Evil Dead and weed! It’s a story project. It’s an EP and it’ll probably be six or seven tracks, but it’s a story from front to back.

Joe Black: We’re thinking on adding more to it since you guys have been waiting for so long!

Billy Obey: But don’t think because you’ve been waiting for so long that we haven’t been working. We know the next five albums we’re doing. And we have enough material for the next three!

Joe Black: We’re weird like that. We like to plan ahead.

Billy Obey: Just Be patient. Be patient. The first two records we put out were kinda rushed and I don’t want to do that.

CTC: To be honest couldn’t even tell they were rushed at all. Props!

Billy Obey: I appreciate that!

CTC: How do you prepare yourselves before stepping into the booth to record? Any specific recording techniques?

Joe Black: Usually we just eat a lot of chocolate.

Billy Obey: Right now we’re on a Twinkie kick!

Joe Black: *Laughs* Key Lime Ghostbusters Twinkies for the record! We’ve spent at least five thousand dollars in the last week in a half on Twinkies.

Billy Obey: Inhaling them in one bite! We usually need about six or seven to get where we need to be. I always bring a towel tho because my tits soak a lot.

Joe Black: They do! Its unfortunate. There’s a towel rack in the booth because of it. *Laughs*

CTC: I admire the sense of humor.

Joe Black: We’re funny because we’re fucking ugly!

Billy Obey: No one loves us.

Joe Black: Humor is like evolution for ugly people. Otherwise they would never have sex.

Billy Obey: If you’re ugly and you’re not funny, you’re fucking failing. Pretty much!

Joe Black: If you’re ugly and you’re not funny and no money, you’re fucked! You will not pro-create.

Billy Obey: We took down all the mirrors in the houses.

Joe Black: For real. Different purposes for me tho.

CTC: What was the first thoughts that rushed through your mind when Jumpsteady of Psychopathic Records reached out to Alla Xul Elu to perform at The Gathering?

Joe Black: It was like time stopped and a tear rolled down my cheek.

Billy Obey: It is insane to have been here (The Gathering) so many times as a fan and now to actually have our name in the booklet; small shit like that, we appreciate it a lot for sure. We’re old school Juggalos. My first show was in 2001. Hatchet Rizing!

Joe Black: Mine was like 1990 something? *pointing towards Billy Obey* I’m older than him so I go farther back. Jumpsteady has been part of my life since as long as I can remember. It was fucking surreal, would be the word!

CTC: Oh yea! He broadcasted your video for “The Suffering” multiple times.

Joe Black: I still can’t believe that shit! Where’s that contract?! *coughs*

Billy Obey: *Throws the metal horns up* Jumpsteady is the one guy within the Psychopathic Family that is a genuine role model. He’s the one you’d want your kids to grow up to be like.

Joe Black: He’s a good influence. No doubt about it!

Billy Obey: Much love and respect towards Jumpsteady! Thank you!

Joe Black: Real shit!

CTC: Even when introducing you guys on stage, Jumpsteady told the crowd you guys were one of the best upcoming artists.

Billy Obey: I started running in place when I heard that shit!

Joe Black: With leg warmers on and 80’s music in the background!

CTC: When can fans expect another music video beyond “The Suffering”?

Billy Obey: “The Suffering” video we threw together to have something before The Gathering. Which I think is what got us booked. But the next video we’re gonna do is going to be something much more elaborate.

Joe Black: It’s going to be more of a small artsy film project.

Billy Obey: I own a church back where we live. I bought a small church and that’s where we rehearse, do a lot of video, photography, etc

Joe Black: *towards Billy Obey* You’re rambling! *Laughs* Little do you know that under these masks we’re artsy assed hipsters.

Billy Obey: *Turns head and looks confused*

Joe Black: And we paint, finger paint-

Billy Obey: *cuts in* He’s finger painting right now through his butthole! You can’t see it. He’s holding his hand in.

Joe Black: No tube!

*Everyone Laughs*

CTC: Will there be a story behind the next video that you wrote yourselves?

Joe Black: Yes! We love stories! We are story guys.

Billy Obey: Definitely will either be for the track “Sold My Soul” or “The Trunk” for sure!

*Please note that video turned out to be “The Trunk” featuring Dieabolik The Monster*

Joe Black: Maybe we should do a poll and see what the fuck people want!

Billy Obey: We definitely have concepts for three of four songs. We critique ourselves pretty hard. We want to put out something good! Especially with “The Suffering” being just thrown together.

Joe Black: And (working on) four pornos!

*Awkward Silence*

CTC: “The Suffering” is straight to the point dark shit. You achieved getting your point across to spread the darkness!

Joe Black: It was definitely really dark in the room we filmed it in.

Billy Obey: *Laughs* But that’s who we are tho! We grew up conflicted with religion or what not. Everything we do we believe in.

Joe Black: We went to Christian School’s and now we’re fucked up! I actually believe in God one hundred percent. It’s just everything negative that goes around with it that I have a problem with. Love your God. Fuck your religion! *raises middle finger in the air* That’s my motto.

Billy Obey: I’m not religious at all. I grew up heavily into the Catholic Church and what not. But as of now I just believe in what’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right.

Joe Black: We stabbed the shit out of religion!

Billy Obey: That’s just that internal affliction that we have that comes naturally.

CTC: What motivates Alla Xul Elu to keep following music after all these years?

Joe Black: Music!

Billy Obey: The evil in my heart!

Joe Black: If I don’t do this shit I turn into a really emotional bitch. This music is like my outlet. If not, I’ll sit around crying all the time.

Billy Obey: *sad voice* I hate seeing my friends cry. It’s okay, Joe. I’ll be here for you.

Joe Black: He doesn’t like it when I cry. So he beats me until I stop.

CTC: Are there any plans for Underground Propaganda Squad to do a full length record? I know there are a lot of you guys, but the fans would want that for sure.

Joe Black: I don’t know. We love lesbians.

Billy Obey: We’re all actually female! We scissor a lot. The friction from all the pubic hair is kinda an annoyance.

Joe Black: If it’s hot and a dry day, it can cause a fire!

Billy Obey:*Laughs*

CTC: What do you want to accomplish as recording artists in the next five to ten years?

Joe Black: Mainly for the Revelations to come to fruition. We wanna see the world burn! Every-time you say our name in full that is one more knock at the fucking door of the end of your existence.

Billy Obey: I just wanna kill everyone.

Joe Black: I don’t really want to kill you. I just want to watch you die. Billy does the stabbing.


Interviewer: Chad Carsten

Interview Date:07/20/16



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