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Super Famous Fun Time Guys

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Well, as a fan I have to say that I am extremely excited and thankful for this latest edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. I know you’ve seen or at least heard of these guys, perhaps separately, but now the have joined up to form a super group of sorts. They’re not just Fun Time Guys, they’re not just Famous either, no they are the Super Famous Fun Time Guys!

In this interview we take a deeper look into their creation, their latest album and what’s on the horizon for the SFFTG. It’s a love/hate relationship, but you’ll be able to tell rather quickly that there’s more love and in all honesty no real hate. These are two guys that love what they do and I could probably go on more, but you don’t want that, you want to really jump into this interview.

So, let’s jump into the squared circle with the lucha mask wearing Super Famous Fun Time Guys!

JO: First, let’s get some brief introductions out of the way. Now I know that SFFTG has an extended family that we will get to in a moment, but who are the two main SFFTG members?

Whipstick: At it’s core, SFFTG, is 8 Legz and Whipstick

JO: Now I know there’s an interesting story behind the name Super Famous Fun Time Guys, can you tell us how that came about?

Whipstick: The name? He’s a superstar in his own right, renowned far and wide for his artistic abilities. For me, I’m just here to have some fun. We were at GOTJ 17, during the WOTH set, and Maxxx makes the comment that we made his experience a “fun-time”. Legz’ super fame took control and we buckled up for a bumpy ride.

8 Legz: Pretty much an inside joke, built off a statement Madd Maxxx said, that this asshole brought to fruition in a Super 8 parking lot in 2016. I legit thought it was a joke for months until Whip sent over a bunch of beats produced by our homie Saint Sinna.

JO: Is there a particular way you would describe your style to newer listeners?

Whipstick: An obnoxious exchange between best friends personally attacking one another, on record.

8 Legz: One big argument laced with beats.

JO: You guys are a part of the Underground Prop Squad crew, so as I mentioned earlier the SFFTG feature a slew of extended family members. Who is included in this group and why would you say they came in to the Fun Time fold?

Whipstick: SFFTG also consists of Dubbs, McNastee, and Shakelous. Where we are the cake and icing, these guys are the sprinkles and cherry on top, pushing the flavor over the top.

8 Legz: Voltron of petty. Dubbs, Shakes, and McNastee all were welcomed in for reasons I’m not quite sure of, other than they’re our boys, and they are all insanely dope. So in case we suck, they make up for that.

JO: Speaking of UPS, you recently performed at this year’s UPStival as well. How did the show go and how would you say that your own performance was received?

Whipstick: The show was awesome, been to every UPStival so far and continue to look forward to next year. All acts affiliated with the bill show up and shell out each and every time. Much love to Durte for not only booking us, but biting the bullet for the team and making the whole thing pop. Our set, seemed well received. It’s always a blessing when we can publicly shame one another and get a cheap laugh at their expense.

8 Legz: UPStival is the only thing I look forward to each year. Good atmosphere, and great people. Set definitely went a lot better than our set at UPStival 3, in my opinion.

JO: “Our Album,” was also just recently at UPStival 4, what was it like bringing this project to fruition and getting to the point where you actually had a release for the fans?

Whipstick: Simply put, it was a learning experience. Well worth it in the end, but there were moments it felt like it would never be finished. Look at me now, mom.

8 Legz: I’m just glad it’s over. A lot seem to dig it. Progresses as it goes on since the beginning of the album is pretty much tracks we first started with. Whip not really being comfortable recording, and me shaking off the ring rust. Gets better as it goes on in my opinion, but I also know what’s next, so fuck “Our Album”. Proud of it, glad its done, but fuck it sideways.

JO: Do you feel like the reception to the album has been going well so far?

Whipstick: It’s exceeded our expectations, at this point.

8 Legz: EXTREMELY exceeded our expectations.

JO: Do either of you have a favorite track from the album that you feel really encompasses your style as a group?

8 Legz: Toss up between Dinner Date, and Breakfast Gang. Probably Dinner Date. Dubbs made it 100 times better.

Whipstick: Scary as us

JO: Speaking of the album, where can fans and perspective fans grab either a physical or digital copy?

– Physicals are available via

– Digitally available via Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify

JO: So, what brought the two of you to come up with the idea of wearing the Lucha style masks?

Whipstick: It’s still real to us, dammit!

8 Legz: I’ve always wanted a lucha mask. More so a Rey Mysterio one, but never followed up on getting one. Found a place that would do a custom mask, so sketched out my regular mask as a lucha one, and got it made so I could drink while still covering my face. Whip just copied me by getting one.

JO: Even though your first release just came out, is there else currently in the works that you could let us in on?

– New music? Is underway with a free release, as well as an EP, slated for later in the year.

– Merch? We have a few things currently in production, and some in the designing phases.

– Shows/Features? None currently booked, but we aren’t opposed to the idea. Contact us at [email protected] for any inquiries.

JO: I know that you both have other things going on in your lives, do you find it hard to balance with the Super Famous Fun Time Guys project?

Whipstick: As long as it’s not rushed and is organic to us, things will develop as they’re intended to. The balance is relatively easy to maintain.

8 Legz: It’s relatively easy to maintain now. Past year though, I’ve wanted to strangle this dude. Now that we’re on same page, for the most part, it’s not too bad balancing SFFTG with work, but commissions, and family, dictate majority of my time.  Was a pain dealing with the transition.

JO: Would you say this is a one-off project or something that we should you both to be invested in and that we will see more from you going forward?

Whipstick: We have more in-store for those who will be tuning in.

8 Legz: I’ve drawn my line in the sand. Until he steps over it, I’m slightly as invested as Whip.

JO: For those who’d like to check out more from you two, where can they find the SFFTG online? 





JO: Now personally, who do each of you see as your musical influences over the years?

Whipstick: Celph Titled, Lo Key, Ryu, 1999 era ICP

8 Legz: A melting pot of Metal from the 90’s – early 2000’s, ICP, Loke, Twiztid, Dubbs, plus dozens more.   

JO: Now who would we most likely find you listening to now?

Whipstick: Celph Titled, Reggie Watts, Styles of Beyond, Matt and Kim, Daft Punk

8 Legz: Pretty much Mission:Infect/UPS. AOTP, Alla Xul Elu, Matt and Kim as well, the ghostbusters theme on repeat. Our brothers Soldiers of Fortune. That Soldiers of Fortune Self Titled joint is so fucking dope.

JO: Everyone has moments where they doubt themselves or go through rough times, what or who keeps you inspired to keep going?

Whipstick: 8 Legz’ beautiful words of encouragement, reminding me this is his rap group and I’m just a piece of shit.

8 Legz: I’m not encouraging in the slightest, this is Whip’s group, he just takes the wind out of everyone’s sails by saying it’s my group. Because he’s a buzzkill, and being a dick to him keeps the wheels rolling.

JO: As we come to a close, is there anything you would like to say directly to the Faygoluvers Family?

Whipstick: We appreciate the willingness to feature us on the underground spotlight and provide a platform for a group like us to stand up.

8 Legz: Could have just said thank you, Whip. Thank you, you magical mother fuckers.

JO: Before we officially close this thing out, I always like to end on a positive note, so how about a few shout outs as we head out?

Whipstick: Shoutout to the sprinkles on the Funtime cake, Dubbs, McNastee, and Shakelous. Shoutout to the whole UPS family. Shoutout to the Xuligans and all the Xul kids at the back of the short bus. Shoutout to FLH. Shoutout to anyone who took the time to read this and check the album. Shoutout to 8 legz, I love the fact you hate me so much. But, you’re stuck with me

8 Legz: Shoutout to just Shane Herb. If you think I’d shout you out, then shout out to you, but mostly just Shane Herb, and FLH… Oh, and H8trid. McNastee. DurtE’s basement floor. Actually, everybody but Whipstick.

Well, you know this is always my least favorite part of every interview, but we have unfortunately closed the chapter on another great edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. I want to send a big thank you to both Whipstick and 8 Legz for taking their time out for this exciting interview. If you haven’t heard the SFFTG album, I would definitely suggest checking it out because it is well worth your time. Also, be sure to keep an eye for more music from these two crazy guys, because as they mentioned they’ve already got plans for a free release and an EP to drop this year.

Now before I officially sign off, as always if you would like to be featured right here on the Underground Spotlight or possibly a part of the mixtape, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you would like to/should be featured, a track or two and a couple of pics. Of course, don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O. 



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