June 5, 2023
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Psycho Babble

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Finally, we are back with a brand new edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. It’s been a while, but life always seems to get a hold of the best of us and I am far from the best of us. Of course, you’re not here to hear about my crazy life or my crazy kids, hahaha. You’re here to take a more in depth look at some of the Underground’s rising stars. So, let’s shine a light on something a little different this time… Psycho Babble, a wonderfully different underground comic.

While we mostly deal with musicians here, I love to take a look at artists of all types and I certainly know how much you are going to enjoy this one. So, forget the rest… take a look and strap in for a look at the world of Psycho Babble with the creative minds of Sharke and Fish.

Johnny O: First before we really get into everything, can you give you both give us a little introduction to yourselves?

Sharke: I’m Sharke, the writer of Psycho Babble, as well as the manager and world builder.

Fishe: I go by Fishe in the art world. I do all the art assets as well as website and instagram management.

JO: Now tell us about the Psycho Babble comic itself, what can readers expect?

Sharke: Psycho Babble, I feel I can say comfortably, is what happens when two creative minds collectively say “Fuck it.”. It’s an amalgamation of absolutely insane ideas put together in late night creative meetings while driving around town. We place absolutely no limits on ourselves. As long as it jives with the continuity, no idea is too crazy or ambitious.

Fishe: Well, Psycho Babble is definitely different. It looks happy and light hearted because I love to use bright colors, however it’s extremely violent and cruel as an overall comic and idea. It involves a world of animals who had humans fuck them over and so now they are all cursed to live like humans- down to having to use currency and have a society. Throw a ruthless God into the mix and it makes everything crazy.

JO: This comic actually has a particularly interesting premise, how did the whole idea for this come about in the first place and can you elaborate on the concept for us?

Sharke: The idea started with Fishe, my wife, in high school. She created a small comic about a sheep taking a hot air balloon into the clouds, because he thought they were sheep. This idea, which sat dormant for years, was finally brought to light when my wife was going through a creative slump after some issues with college. She showed me the comic and the world that she had created for it. That day, years of tireless work started.

Conceptually, we wrote the story to ask two questions. Firstly, is there a god? Secondly, would you want to meet him if he did exist?

These two concepts form the backbone of the story, which focuses on friendship and destiny. Red the Wolf and Greyson the Rooster will change their entire world, and at great personal cost. There is always a cost, even in fiction.

Fishe:Like Sharke had said, I started this little idea years ago in high school. This story is somewhat of a prequel to that idea.. I also love fleshing out story ideas and intertwining them. In the end, this story plans to have three different main story lines and they all will be related.

JO: I know your wife and you create this comic, but what made you both come to work together on this particular project?

Sharke: I was interested in writing. I’ve played guitar since I was a kid, but she had this massive concept but no real story to speak of. It was like having a Beatles record but no stereo to play it on. We talked for days about what the story would be, we finalized the map, and we wrote the first chapter in a few days. Since then I’ve handled the script, but it’s always collaborative.

Fishe: Well, for various reasons I was forced to drop out of college, lost my job, and a place to live. On top of that, I was in California and not near any family since I’m from Oregon. I was extremely depressed for months and didn’t draw or really do anything. Sharke encouraged me to draw something, anything, and I brought up the idea of a comic. We haven’t stopped since.

JO: How do you feel this compares to any previous work either of you have done before?

Sharke: I have no basis for comparison. I was always a musician and dove headfirst into writing to help my future wife get her idea off the ground. It just kinda grew from there and here we are.

Fishe: Well, I always did stand alone art pieces, never sequential art, or comics. This is my first time ever making a comic, and I was learning a lot of it as I went. Doing this project has propelled me forward as far as art skill like nothing has before.. So I am very grateful for that. I always felt like my art was on the stranger side, but doing this continuously has made it… stranger? Haha

JO: What would you say the reception has been for Psycho Babble so far?

Sharke: The love and acceptance of artistic peers and communities around the world has been amazing. We started from the very bottom, and watching it grow every year has been amazing and special.

Fishe: Better than I thought. It’s an interesting idea, yeah, but I didn’t think it would keep people’s attention like it has. People find us at comic conventions we attend to buy the next volume. I never thought that would happen.

JO: Where do you hope to see Psycho Babble in the future?

Sharke: Everywhere. Every comic store, every TV, a video game set in the world. Everywhere.

Fishe: Honestly, I dont know. I would be happy just to see this story to the end! We expect to do at least ten chapters and we only have four done. With 60 pages each chapter… Thats a lot! I would love to see a lot of merchandise for it though. There’s something really cool about seeing your characters in a different medium.

JO: Is there anything in particular that you hope readers gain from the experience?

Sharke: I hope that it inspires thought about the nature of the universe, the act of creation, and friendship. I also just want to tell an epic tale that makes people happy.

Fishe: I hope to make them wonder about the journey people go on throughout their life. And how different people act towards one another, or how people treat and react to situations differently. People are weird, man.

JO: Is there anything else that you may currently have in the works that you could share with us?

Sharke: To quote some recent ICP, “Every week we complete and freak a brand-new endeavor.”. This is true for us as well. But I can tell you that Volume Three is coming out in a few months, we are polishing up a one off comic called “The Roadkill Club”, and I am working towards scripting a comic based on Fishe’s original concept about the sheep. We also have a few conventions this year, in NC, SC, and two in GA. Always on the grind.

Fishe: I’m really excited about ‘The Roadkill Club’ side comic we are working on! It’s about a group of dead animals trying to find their killer, who happens to be the same guy who intentionally runs them over. It will be gory!

JO: Being that you are a Horrorcore fan, would you say that the theme or even mood comes through in your artistic work?

Sharke: Certainly. You know all that shit I said earlier about creation, epic tales and friendship? Well, we offset it with graphic violence, demonic possession, and death. We have been compared to Game of Thrones for our willingness to kill characters.

Horrorcore is amazing because each song is a story. A gory, crazy, imaginative story. I feel that we tap into that element in the writing.

Fishe: Gore. And all the creative ways to kill people! Think of that TV show ‘SuperJail’.

JO: Speaking of being a Horrorcore fan, I know that you were actually able to take part in ICP’s “Night of the Chainsaw” video. How was that experience and how did that come about to begin with?

Sharke: Oh, man, that was an amazing night. ICP wasn’t there (they shot their scenes on B-roll), but there were some crazy ass ninjas in attendance. The most known Juggalo was, of course, Mark Jury. We sat in a circle and had a Juggalo AA meeting. Mark was just amazing. Besides that, the most memorable things were the dude playing death, who was like 600 feet tall, and when I tried to spray this chick with hair gel (which we used for blood), and ended up getting it in her eyes. I felt terrible after I got done laughing my ass off. If that ‘lette reads this, I’m sorry! My aim seems to be better now.

JO: So, who do you find yourself listening to recently? Anything in particular that really gets those creative juices flowing for your wife or yourself?

Sharke: I’m gonna get crucified for this, but I’ve been jamming G-Mo Skee. When all the drama happened with the family, I couldn’t take a side. I love ICP, and I think MNE has some awesome acts, including G-Mo. I also jam mad Mc Chris, and Iron Maiden. I will say, though, that Monoxide has been acting pretty obnoxious lately, but…he’s beefing with some of his best friends. I wish they would just, well, bury the hatchet and stop shitting on each other on tracks.

Fishe: Various things. I actually like to listen to calming indie music while I draw things being killed or ripped apart. Don’t ask. I don’t understand my own brain.

JO: How can fans or perspective fans check out more of your work? 

Sharke: Our main thing is Instagram. @beetlemilk. We also have a website,www.beetlemilk.com. If you live in Atlanta, a lot of comic stores carry us, and we do many convention appearances, which are listed on our website and Instagram feed. Come say hi!

JO: Who would you say have been your biggest influences over the years?

Sharke: I try to pull inspiration from everything I see or hear. When I’m scripting I jam ICP when I want to do wicked shit (Hell’s Pit. Straight Wicked Shit). Other times I listen to Celtic Music, because it’s epic.

Fishe: 90’s animated cartoons (especially on Cartoon Network). Ed Edd and Eddy was my favorite, but shows like Courage the Cowardly Dog was a second. So much cartoon violence.

JO: Of course, we all have tough runs in life, but who were or what has kept you going throughout the years?

Sharke: My wife, who absolutely has my back. She’s my partner in crime and the mother of this book. My desire to see us succeed is a huge driving factor.

Fishe: My husband and my art.

JO: Is there anything else you’d like to tell the Faygoluvers’ Family before we officially call this one?

Sharke: I love Faygoluvers, and I love the Juggalos. Despite what the world thinks of all of us as a whole, I know that some of the kindest people I have ever met, some of the classiest, were Family members. I represent wherever I go, and ninjas stop me in public not because I write an awesome comic, but because of my ICP tat (The Wraith, my first ICP record). Things are a bit crazy in the scene right now, but I don’t think it can or will last. Family love will always prevail.

Fishe: Take it easy you guys! Life is too short to not follow your passion!

JO: As much as I always hate to say goodbye, let’s end on our usual high note. So, send us out with some shoutouts if you would?

Sharke: Man…I wanna shout out the ninja who noticed my tattoo at Wal-Mart and bought me a brand new copy of Bang! Pow! Boom! because he felt like it. Also, all the ninjas at the FAMILY shoot, who shared the fire in the cold conditions, and the dude in the tent throwing honey buns to everyone because most people didn’t think to bring snacks. The dude in the Taco Bell drive-thru who saw the ink and started blasting “Chicken Huntin”. Also to the ‘lette that I got gel in her eyes. I really do feel bad about it. I appreciate the opportunity to chat with you, and be a part of this amazing scene. Thank you!

Fishe: *Sprays Faygo on everyone*

Well, that will end this long over due edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. I hope everyone enjoyed this look into an amazingly unique comic book, Psycho Babble. If you enjoyed what you read or saw, be sure to check them out and see what they’ve got coming next. I want to give a massive thank you to Fishe and Share for taking the time out for this interview… and their patience in getting this all done for them. I think it’s wonderful to see these two working with so much passion and dedication towards something they love, so let’s gather and show some support.

Now before I officially sign off, as always if you would like to be featured right here on the Underground Spotlight or possibly a part of the mixtape, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you would like to/should be featured, a track or two and a couple of pics. Of course, don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O. 



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