April 2, 2023
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Green Jello (Jellÿ) 2018 Interview [FLH Exclusive!]

Green Jello (AKA Green Jellÿ) original founder and frontman Bill Manspeaker delivered nearly an hour interview with our staff journalist Chad Thomas Carsten

Major Highlights Include:

  • Bill Manspeaker’s greatest accomplishment within Green Jello since founding the punk rock puppet band nearly forty years ago
  • Green Jello being accepted by the Juggalo Family
  • Meeting Violent J
  • Details behind the new upcoming Green Jello album “Garbage Band Kids
  • How Bill Manspeaker considers being told by The Ramones that Green Jello was the worst band to ever open for The Ramones is a great accomplishment.
  • How Green Jello inspired the creation of the worldwide successful Alternative Metal band Tool
  • Advice on balancing a full time band and taking care of family

More on Green Jello:



Interviewer: Chad T Carsten

Interview Date:06/15/18



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