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A Faygoluvers Quickie: Horrorcrunk Edition! Ten questions with Bloodshot

When Bloodshot hits the stage, his crunk bars are bound to cut through like a John Deer Chainsaw, exposing the audiences insides like an Italian gore flick! Nearly three years after Bloodshot announced his retirement, the North West underground elite released his come back LP Forever Horrorcrunk out of nowhere and it’s guaranteed to blow out your subs if you’re not careful. Here is a Faygoluvers quickie with the one and only horror emcee Bloodshot! After reading  get crunk with the undead, underground supporters!

Chad Thomas Carsten: You’ve been spitting on the mic for over twenty years! What keeps you motivated to keep pursuing music?

Bloodshot: The fans first and foremost. When you drop an album and hear feedback, it is a very great feeling. Making the music is awesome, but seeing everyone enjoying it is like a drug. Then when you jump on stage and perform the songs, that’s the ultimate rush.

CTC: For those who are unfamiliar; What exactly is horrorcrunk and why should horror and hip-hop fans not ignore it?

Bloodshot: Horrorcrunk was actually what popped into my head when I was recording Camp Horror. I never saw anyone coining the name, so I rolled with it. It’s a mixture of horror-influenced lyrics spit in an energetic flow over bass hitting crunk beats. Some might say it’s like 3-6 or Memphis style, but if you listen to my style, it’s nothing like that. It’s its own thing in my opinion. I think it shouldn’t be ignored mostly because it’s a new and unique sound that takes Horror influenced music to a serious but also fun height at the same time. Crack a bottle open, turn up the woofers and GET CRUNK!

CTC: Which specific Bloodshot story-line from Valiant Comics  inspired your stage name?

Bloodshot: Man it’s been so long but I’ll dig deep to find this answer from my brain for you. The volume 2 comics was when Chainsaw started emerging, so I started thinking a lot about who I was gonna be and represent if I chose the name. Something about a government project made me want to spit conspiracy type stuff which you can see the influence on my first two records. But Chainsaw was pretty badass and I’ve always loved Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so boom!

CTC: If you had to choose a specific chainsaw model to describe your hip-hop flow, what would it be and why?

Bloodshot: That Homelite XL saw from Evil Dead though. It just cranks up with a vengeance and demolishes. Pretty crunk movie in my opinion.

CTC: What does the horror genre as a whole need right now to stay alive and original?

Bloodshot: Unity. I’ve always said this and always will. Everyone’s out to do them and their people. Which is fine but there’s so many people in the world that don’t even know this genre exists. It’s like crabs in a pot and unless we all work and help each other, the genre will remain where it’s at. We need everyone to support each other and things will start growing.

CTC: When first writing Forever Horrorcrunk did you have a specific goal in mind behind what you wanted to achieve with this LP?

Bloodshot: A great solid comeback that portrayed the true meaning of Horrorcrunk. For those who wonder what the term Horrorcrunk means. Boom listen to this as a definition.

CTC: Which track challenged you the most vocally with Forever Horrorcrunk and how did you go about conquering its beat?

Bloodshot: “Here To Stay” for sure. There’s an instrument in the beat that has a steady pace to it, can’t pinpoint what that instrument was. But I challenged myself to ride that note. In return my flow was faster and more consistent than the other tracks on the album. I wrote longer bars and it all came out well.

CTC: Can you dissect the track “I Dare Ya” featuring Bloody Ruckus in terms of what inspired it?  How did you go about asking Bloody Ruckus to appear?

Bloodshot: I just wanted a pretty solid “fuck you up” type track with a repetitive hook. When you’re a pretty quiet person in public and you see people acting like idiots, sometimes I think in my head what if they came my way. Sometimes I wish they’d come my way cause it’d release tension. I dare ya to fuck with me! Bloody Ruckus and I recently started chopping it up after his release and it was always chill talk propping each other’s music. So when the recording of the album came along, I knew his style would match perfectly with the sound.

CTC: How many hours did you spend in the studio recording for “Finish Em” featuring Smallz One?

Bloodshot: That track was actually written and recorded fairly quickly. When you got a hard beat like that, the lyrics just come out easy. I’d say two hours writing recording, plus one hour to mix/master.

CTC: How satisfied are you with the final outcome of Forever Horrorcrunk?

Bloodshot: Very satisfied, especially with everyone supporting it. The sound , the release, proud of it all and I’m ready for the next release! Multiple albums dropping this year. Got to go year by year and just build my name back up. If I shout out everyone, this will be a 45256 page interview. Thanks to anyone and everyone supporting me. Artists I work with and definitely you and Faygoluvers for doing this interview. Thank You!


Interviewer: Chad Thomas Carsten

Interview Date:01/25/18



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