February 23, 2024
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Welcome back my Faygoluvers’ family! It’s that time again, when we get a chance to check out one of the underground’s upcoming artists. This time around we take an in depth look into the man from California known as MC 2whanne. Everything from his latest release, aspirations, his love and influence of the 90’s West Coast hip hop.

So… kick back, enjoy and get ready for those upcoming holidays.


JO: Welcome to the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight, can you start us off with a little introduction?

MC 2whanne: My name is mc 2whanne im a hip hop artist from vallejo California a small city in the bay area.

JO: I know no one likes to be put in a box, but if had to, how would you breakdown your style of music for those who may not have heard it before?

M2: My style of music is really old school my music has a 90’s west coast sound to it. 

JO: You’ve been performing in California for a while now, what is the music scene like over there ? We’ve probably all heard a story or two, possibly lived them, but I wanted to know how things look from your perspective as a musician in the area?

M2: To be honest I dont really get support out here in my hometown I’ve performed at a few festivals around the bay area and fairs. I usually travel and do shows outside the bay area .

JO: How would you say the reception has been for your music and have things gotten better over the years?

M2: Yes things are looking good I’ve dropped my first mixtape called my “life” last april it’s  been getting great feedback, my fanbase is growing. I’ve sent over 800 cds all over the world.

JO: Listening to your music it’s clear that you definitely want to send a message, how important is it for you that your music has a deep lyrically meaning?

M2: It’s very important you dont really hear positive songs anymore. I have a lot of fans that’s younger then 18 that look up to me. I want to keep making positive music that not only inspires me but everyone else out there.

JO: What would you say is the biggest dream you’d like to see come true in your music career?

M2: My biggest dream would be to tour overseas and headline my own tour.

JO: I know you received an award for your music a few years back, can you tell us a little bit about that and how it felt to win?

M2: Yes I’ve performed at this award show in Los Angeles called rising star music awards. It was really dope a lot of talented artists. It was a great experience a lot of people walked up to me after my set .

JO: Besides winning the award itself, what felt like the biggest moment in your journey so far?

M2: Seeing that people were asking for my cd from all over the world.

JO: You’ve also had the chance to work with some big names in the underground, but was there one that really sticks out in your mind?

M2: I would say when I was in Hopsin’s video “hop is back”  just seeing how professional everything was made me step my game up haha.


JO: Do you have anything in the works currently that you could share with us?

M2: Right now I’m working on my second mixtape, no release date yet. But I will be releasing singles and right now I’m planning out my tour for next year, I will have more info soon.

JO: Where can fans or perspective fans get a hold of your music or find out more online?

M2: My Facebook is mc 2whanne  instagram is @2whanne

JO: Who do you find yourself listening to lately?

M2: I’ve been listening to a lot of 90’s early 2000’s hip hop.

JO: Who would you say have been your biggest musical influences over the years?

M2: I would say Hopsin and Kendrick Lamar.

JO: If you could reach out to any artist for a collaboration, who would you love to work with?

M2: This is a tough one, but I’ma go with Snoop Dogg.

JO: We all go through rough times, who or what have been the driving forces to keep you going in those tougher moments of life?

M2: My son.

JO: Before we officially sign off, is there anything you would like to add or say to the Faygoluvers’ family?

M2: I would like to say thanks for giving me the opportunity .

JO: I always like things to end on a positive note, so can you send us off with some shoutouts?

M2: I wanna give a shout out to all my fans out there and to Faygoluvers for giving me a dope interview. 

As much as I always say this, I can’t help but hate when we have to call an end to one of these interviews. I truly love the chance to showcase and meet these rising underground artists. A big thank you to MC 2whanne and the entire crew out there in Cali. Remember, if you liked what you read, saw, heard or watched be sure to check out those social media links for more. Also, make sure to be on the lookout for MC 2whanne’s newest mixtape that’s currently in the works.

Now before I officially sign off, as always if you would like to be featured right here on the Underground Spotlight or possibly a part of the mixtape, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you would like to/should be featured, a track or two and a couple of pics. Of course, don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O. 



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