June 5, 2023
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Day Day Interview

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Welcome back everyone to fresh new edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight, where featuring interviews with some of the hottest coming up in the underground scene. This time around we got Florida’s own Day Day and he sits down to give us insight into his life as a musician.

So, let’s check out the man know to the world; Day Day…

Johnny O: Welcome to the Underground Spotlight, I want to thank you for joining us and ask if you could kick things off with a brief introduction?

Day Day: The hottest unsigned artist in Florida. A chainsaw-wielding psycho in a hockey mask… Day F-N Day. The Voice of the Silence.

JO: How would you describe your own musical style to those who may not be familiar with your work?

DD: It’s an in-your-face approach that relies heavily on witty punchlines, lyrical versatility, and narrative creativity. There’s verbal atmosphere to every song and each one stands out from the rest. I want my music itself to stand out in general from everyone else. It’s what an artist tries to do.

JO: I know you’ve had some hard times in life that fuel your music, can you tell us about some of the things that have inspired your music?

DD: I’ve run in to a lot of trouble in my youth. Things ranging from mild to severe law-breaking, and developing now-estranged relationships with the mothers of my children. There’s been a lot of trauma in my life… But there’s also been good things in my life that I’m grateful for, and that have also inspired my music. Pay closer attention to the music itself. That’s why I put it out.

JO: Do you remember what exactly it was that got you started along this career path to begin with?

DD: 1998, Kid Rock’s “Bawitdaba” was the first time I saw a music video. It was on TV and it had me hooked instantly. Eminem also played a very prominent role in the direction of my music taste with his nutty antics. And being the huge wrestling fan I am, I of course became aware of ICP through backyard wrestling and WWE back when it was the WWF. These people were huge to me at the time, very important. It was only natural that I wanted to do what they were doing… So I did.

JO: I’ve spent a majority of my life living in Florida, but for those not from the area, can you just give us an idea of what the music scene is like?

DD: There’s a lot of alcohol and a lot of fun to be had. Peoples from all different walks of life, lots of multiculturalism to inspire the evenings. Some well-known names call this place home like Caskey, Plies, Kodak Black, Ace Hood, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Rick Ross, Stitches. There’s a heavy air of excitement mixed with a kind of nostalgia that you really won’t find anywhere else but here. Give it a shot.

JO: I know you’ve got some major names (Including some big Wrestling stars) that have become fans of yours, can you tell us a bit about that?

DD: I take my music everywhere and I’m not afraid to present and establish myself. And like I mentioned before I’m a huge fan of wrestling. So, I knew I had to combine these things. They’re what I enjoy the most.

JO: What has the overall reception been to your music here in the local Florida area?

DD: A lot of positive feedback from the fans with the usual haters of course, mixed with sore and envious emotions from other rappers. Don’t forget discourteous, dishonest show promoters that would like to try and stop me.

JO: So, what’s up next for Day Day?

DD: Expect my newest album “RAW” to drop soon, after which I’ll be hitting the road for a tour to promote the album. Stay tuned to social media for more on that.

JO: You’ve had the chance to work with some big names; including Lil Wyte, Jelly Roll, Twisted Insane, King Gordy and Cryptic Wisdom just to name a few. Is there any one in particular that really stood out in your mind?

DD: Twisted Insane, definitely. When I originally sent him “Keep It 100” it was probably 3am. The next day, I checked and saw that he sent his verse by 7am! That was really incredible work ethic on his part and I was very impressed with the verse itself. I applaud him. King Gordy also deserves honorable mention. That man is dope and I would love to work more with him in the future.

JO: You’ve also had the chance to share the stage with some amazing mainstream acts like Juicy J, Wakka Flocka Flame, Caskey and several others. Any stories you can share about these experiences on such a large stage?

DD: It never fails to give me this huge adrenaline rush when I step out on stage to a sold out crowd at a large venue. I feel like the Ultimate Warrior. I’m able to connect with an entire room full of people on stage. After I rock the stage I hit the floor and interact with everyone. Meeting people and adventure are always going to be a part of music and that’s why I truly feel that this is the perfect outlet for me. That’s what makes these experiences into amazing stories.

JO: Although you’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside all of these established artists, is there anyone you haven’t worked with that you would love to reach out to for a collaboration?

DD: $uicideboy$. Kevin Gates. ICP. Brotha Lynch Hung Snow The Product… I think me and NF would be dope together on a track, and Hopsin would be a sick feature!

JO: Where can perspective new fans check out more from you?

DD: Follow me @DayDayMusic
YouTube : : Youtube.com/DayDaymusic
Facebook : facebook.com/DayDayMusic
Instagram : instagram.com/DayDayMusic_
Twitter : twitter.com/DayDayMusic_
Soundcloud : Soundcloud.com/DayDaymusic
SnapChat: Day_Diesel

JO: Who would you say have been your biggest influences over the years?

DD: Shawn Michaels, Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly, and 2Pac

JO: As we discussed, life doesn’t always deal us the best hand, so who have been your biggest influences to keep pushing when things get rough?

DD: In my personal life is God my kids and my mother. My mom always held it down.

JO: If we were hanging out right now, who would we catch you listening to?

DD: Machine Gun Kelly, Hopsin, The Weeknd, Caskey, Juicy J, Joyner Lucas, T-pain, Tech N9ne, Kendrick Lamar, Blink 182, NF, Lil’ Boosie, Kevin Gates, King Gordy or Eminem

JO: Is there anything else you’d like to say to the Faygoluvers family before we get out of here?

DD: This has been a goal of mine for a long time. Now, I’m officially here and featured on the site. It’s really dope and I’d to thank all you out there for taking the time to peep this interview. Old fans, maybe you learned something new. New people, maybe now you might give the music a listen.

JO: I always like to end things on a positive note, so how about some shoutouts before we go?

DD: Shoutout to everybody that believed in me when no one else did.
My brothers
P-nut (Fat Man)
My engineer, Dave Whitback
My Street Teams
The Juggalos
And of course Faygoluvers!
Thank you all for the support!!!

A big thank you to Day Day as well for taking time out for this interview here in the Underground Spotlight. Be on the lookout for the upcoming release of his album “RAW” and watch for his tour dates to drop and see if you can catch him in your town. If you enjoyed what you read, saw or heard today, you can check out more by clicking the link in the article above.

Now before I officially sign off, as always if you would like to be featured right here on the Underground Spotlight, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] Make sure to include a short bio, why you would like to/should be featured, a track or two and a couple of pics. Of course, don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O. 



Day Day YouTube

Day Day Facebook

Day Day Instagram

Day Day Twitter

Day Day Soundcloud


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