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Playboy The Beast “Self Made Self Paid” Interview [FLH Exclusive]

Playboy The Beast murders beats on the daily and is destined to become one of the best legendary chopper rappers to date! His work ethic just can’t be matched! He’s constantly putting in quality before quantity. This guy lives, bleeds, and breathes hip-hop daily, while supporting his children to the fullest and making sure his fans don’t get bullshit tracks. Playboy The Beast knows his audience deserve the best of the best hip-hop content found within the Murder Musick crew. The chopper rapper’s upcoming record, “Self-Made Self Paid” is bound to have the Grim Reaper coming out of listeners speakers worldwide! Pre-Orders will be announced soon. So stayed glued to http://www.murdermusick.com/

Chad Thomas Carsten: Why the name Playboy The Beast?

Playboy The Beast: I have been a member of the Maniac 4 Corner Hustlers since around age 12-13, which is a branch of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation.  One of the gang/organization symbols is the playboy bunny. The bunny stands for swiftness. And also, I used to fuck a lotta bitches when I was younger, so they considered me to be a “playboy” I guess. So, since around age 12-13, that’s just what a lot of the homies called me. As time went by.., I got into a lot of fights in the streets and in lock up.  I was always working out while I was locked up, training etc.  Got some pretty good size on me and got pretty strong, and a rep for throwing down, so then people started calling me a beast. I just kinda put the two together one day and been riding with it ever since. *Laughs*

CTC: Are you able to define hip-hop in your own words?

PTB: Hip-Hop to me, is just an expression of thoughts and feelings over a dope ass beat. It’s my release, its my passion. The definition seems to vary artist to artists and from genre to genre etc. But for me personally, hip hop/rap is life, something I take very seriously.

CTC: Your true thoughts on the current state of the hip-hop culture today?

PTB: Well, personally I feel lyricism has evolved to be honest. The “lyricists” of the past, in my opinion, are basic compared to the lyrical artists of today. So, other than this whole “mumble rap” trend, and the whole horrorcore “shock rap” shit, I am actually pretty impressed, and happy with the current state of Hip Hop. Of course, I’d like to see more aggressive, violent, hardcore type hip hop become big again. I’d like to see gangster rap take over again. Less skinny jeans, less gay ass dances, and all this mumbling, soft ass shit, more real life shit, more darkness, and violence. But there really is a lot of talent out there. Underground, and mainstream wise. I am a fan of both. I think the future of hip hop as a whole, is very promising. So much talent out there these days.

CTC: Can you remember the first poem/song you wrote and what happened the day you wrote it?

PTB: I used to write a lot of songs and poetry while I was locked up. I think the first song I ever wrote though was in school one day around age 12. I was just really pissed off about something, so I basically started writing this story about going on a killing spree but with rhymes in it. I didn’t know shit about counting bars back then. So I was really just writing a full page of random ass rhymes in story form. Then, as I started getting locked up, I often wrote poems and lyrics and progressed.

CTC: Describe the prison life in-depth and how life behind bars influenced who you are as in emcee?

PTB: Well, it really varies from prison to prison. Institution to institution. Some are a lot worse than others. I’ve been in boot camps, detention centers, state penitentiaries, etc. Most of the places I’ve been weren’t all that bad. The occasional murder, stabbing, fights pretty often, gangs, etc. But, I found as long as you let people know you’re not the one to be fucked with, and just mind your business, your time will go pretty smooth. I did a lot of time from age 12 till my adult years. So I’m a lil “institutionalized” to be honest. I pretty much have to go by a certain routine/schedule, or I get really stressed out and, snap the fuck out. Long as I stick to my routine though, everything’s all good. Being locked up was definitely a blessing/curse. Without doing all that time, I never would have had that much free time to study, practice, learn, and develop my lyrics and flow. There were times in the hole where I would bust beats on the brick wall and just freestyle all fucking day for months at a time. Practice makes perfect as they say, so that’s really where and how I developed and perfected my skills. Growing up in that environment with the mentality we all have definitely influenced my style/music and made me into who I am today.

CTC: What were your most intense moment on the streets dealing with the police? Did you learn anything from them?

PTB: Well, one time right before by 18th birthday, I literally almost got shot by the cops. That would probably be the most intense, but I was black out drunk and didn’t remember any of it. *Laughs* Just what I read in the police reports. So, I’ll have to go with the one time I was pouring blood everywhere and had to get about 10 staples in my head from cops putting my head through the glass on a door. That shit sucked. I’ve been into several physical altercations with police, more than one assault on a peace officer charges.  Most of the time, they never really beat me down too bad though. That time, they busted me up pretty fuckin good and we just wrestled for like an hour straight with everybody soaked in my blood! I was pretty much always in the wrong and deserved whatever I got. You can’t try to fight the cops and expect that to end well. *Laughs* One thing I definitely learned now that I am older and have calmed down a lot, is that if you speak to officers with respect, 9/10 times they will return that respect and there will be no need for the situation to escalate.  Now that I’m not in the streets like that doing dumb shit, I have no reason to have any issues with law enforcement. So, from those events and just with age and growing up, I have learned and gained a lot of respect for police to be honest.

CTC: Why should hip-hop fans pay attention to Murder Musick?

PTB: Because, our roster is elite, and versatile as fuck. We have something for everybody.  All the guys on the team work hard and are 100% dedicated to the fans, and creating original and quality music. We got guys that book and headline their own tours now.  We have guys like me that just do local shows, and the occasional out of state show, etc. We’re deep as fuck artist wise.  So MM fans/supporters are getting new music on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis. Never no whack shit. All killer flows, original beats, professional, etc. As they say “steel sharpens steel.”  So, with MM I try to find the dopest artists the underground has to offer, and push each other. Once you join the team, you pretty much are forced to get better, or you’re gonna get bodied on every track by your label mates.  So it’s a formula that I have noticed works well for us. Guys join us, and it’s like they automatically step their shit up. We got a MM roster project dropping at The GOTJ this year! So definitely be on the lookout for that!!

CTC: Why is it important to stay in contact with your fans?

PTB: For me, it’s just something that I enjoy doing. I don’t think it necessarily benefits my career any. A lot of artists actually prefer to try to have that “larger than life” mystique, so they try to avoid a lot of fan interaction. But for me it’s just something I enjoy. I’m not a very social person in real life, but it’s cool hearing from different fans online from all over the world about how my music inspires them, helps them, etc. Getting love and props never gets old to me. *Laughs* It’s just as rewarding as money/album sales. Especially the “groupies” and fine ass female fans that send nudes, haha. Even if I ever really “blow up” I’ll still be on social media interacting with the fans and supporters. Being so reachable also comes with a lot of stress and bullshit too, but well worth it. I’ll always be an artist of the people. Without them, we literally ain’t shit, ya know?

CTC: Any advice to other artists trying to maintain their career while also raising their own family?

PTB: Priorities!! Don’t be a selfish cunt!  Always put your kids, and your family first. If your new video doesn’t go viral, if your new album or merch designs don’t sell out, etc; that’s OK man. You can always keep trying and if you’re dope enough and stay focused, it’ll pay off eventually. But if you fail at being a parent, husband, father, there’s really no going back there. You only get one shot. So my best advice is to make sure the family and kids are always taken care of first. Then, IF there is time and money left to invest, you make them move.  But never let your family struggle and go without in hopes that your career investments pay off. Because ya never know with this shit.

CTC: Which chopper rappers actually deserve to be on the mic?  Why are they your friendly rivals?

PTB: Choppers that I like and respect are the ones who don’t just focus on speed. They are actually saying something, and clearly pronouncing each word and syllable. That is real, elite chopping. So of course all the Brainsick homies, ISO, Kamikazi, Twisted Insane, etc. a good majority of my artists on Murder Musick, Dieabolik The Monster, D Spillz, Maniphest, Damage, Hurricane, SPK, Sleep, Danny Drive Bye, Legion, my bro Big Loony, Liquid Assassin, Donnie Menace, Psychopathic‘s new artist Lyte; those are real choppers to me. And, I just came cross this super dope cat named Loc Saint recently! That mother fucker be snapping! And yeah, I see all dope artists as rivals. I’m real competitive.  I strive to be the best I can be so these type of guys definitely keep me on my toes and keep pushing me to get better and grow as an artist.

CTC: How do you prepare yourself before dropping a hot 16?

PTB: Usually I’ll just drink some pre-workout supplements, plug my monitors in, play the beat loud as fuck and just get to work. Sometimes I may play some other music I enjoy to give me a lil motivation or inspiration beforehand.  I might freestyle a lil bit to get warmed up. Then I just do my thing. I never get writer’s block or anything like that. I’ve always got lyrics on deck ready to spit. The doper the beat, it’s like the lyrics basically write themselves sometimes.

CTC: Can you describe a live Playboy The Beast show to those who’ve never seen you live?

PTB: Hype. High energy. If I don’t start a mosh pit at every show, I’m not happy man. I don’t play no soft or emotional shit live…just violent hype music at my shows.

CTC: Are you able to drop any knowledge regarding your upcoming album Self-Made Self-Paid in terms of content, why you chose the title, other tentative titles, other song titles, most personal song, guest features, why fans shouldn’t sleep on the release and any music video plans?

PTB: Yessir! We’re shooting a video this weekend for the title track, mixing and mastering is almost a wrap.  So we will be releasing a promo commercial and official release date, pre-orders, etc VERY SOON!!  It might even be out by time this interview drops. For the title, I was just looking for the best title to represent me currently as an artist and what I stand for, and the type of tracks on this album. It’ll be 17 tracks, I got features from Murder Musick artists, got Stevie Stone from Strange Music, Seed Of 6ix, The Jokerr, Liquid Assassin, Dubbs, Big Loony, my homie Tanq Locc’s daughter Jada Lynn, etc., they all killed it. The most personal track on the album would def be the title track: “Self Made, Self Paid,” and the track I did with Jada Lynn titled “Ghost Whispers”, just speaking about my life and things I’ve been through and overcome. I’ve put a lot of time and money into this project making sure everything is perfect and I guarantee anybody who gives this a thorough listen will not be disappointed. So be sure to grab that shit when it drops!!

CTC: Are you actually self-made and self-paid?

PTB: 100%! Fuck a job for real! I ain’t ever really worked or held a job working for somebody else. It’s just against my morals, and beliefs. I may not be ballin’ yet, but I’m on my way. I am at least able to take care of my kids and contribute financially right now. And I am real grateful for that. To be my own boss, do what I love, and make a living, is a blessing for sure. Some months it can be rough, and I barely get by.  Some months I’m eating very well.  Hopefully after this new album/videos drop, it’ll give everything a nice boost and soon I will be able to make all the moves that I would like to career wise.

CTC: What ignited the flame to do the track “Follow Me” and how did you go about inviting who you wanted to murder the beat with?


PTB: I sent The Jokerr the beat with a concept idea first, he sent me back the hook and fuckin killed it. As far as the feature from Damage and Liquid Assassin, I just thought it’d be a good contrast in styles and both artists would be good as far as the concept of the track. I’m really happy how the finished project turned out.

CTC: What’s the story behind you and Lo Key recording “The Devils Knock” and what personal moments from your own life gave birth to the lyrics featured on the track?


PTB: He just hit me up one day. We’d talked about working for years, then I guess he just finally found the perfect track! *Laughs* So I sent it over and I laid my verse. I’m pretty much inspired by moments from my entire life and shit I’ve been through.

CTC: When Hed PE invited you to be part of their record “Forever” what exactly rushed through your mind when first finding out?

PTB: Honestly… “HOLY SHIT”! Literally my favorite rock/metal band out right now. All of their music I just relate to so much!  I’ve been a huge fan of them for years, man. So when I seen they shared one of my videos and gave me props, that alone like blew my mind. Then I actually got the opportunity to meet with Jahred and spoke with him on several occasions, swapped numbers and shit, and he showed a lotta love. So that was pretty big for me as a fan. Probably one of my proudest moments as an artist thus far!

CTC: How influential is HED PE in regards to your music career?

PTB: I’d say fairly influential. The hardcore aggressive style, etc. definitely has been an influence on what I do.

CTC: Will you invite Jahred on a record of yours soon?

PTB: For sure. Was hoping/planning for this album actually, but looks like it’ll have to wait for the next release. Will be well worth the wait though for sure!

CTC: Two different times Psychopathic Records have invited you to perform at the Gathering. Now if you were giving a third chance, would you be able to finally rock a stage at The Gathering? What’s the true story on why you weren’t able to make it in the past?

PTB: Well, the first year I was invited, I had some legal issues that I wasn’t able to leave the state/travel. The second year, I was living with BOTH of my baby mamas at the time.  We were all supposed to be splitting bills, rent etc. Well, the one baby mama wasn’t working, wasn’t helping, and we ended up getting an eviction notice.  So at that time, financially I had to make sure my kids had a place to stay, that bills would get paid etc. So that was my priority. I finally resolved that situation though, and just said fuck it, stopped paying her part of rent, and let the eviction take place eventually.  Me and my kids went back to Minneapolis for a few months to stay with family, saved up some money, then came back to Colorado and have been doing great since. And yeah man, just got the news the Gathering will take place in Oklahoma this year which is only about 8 hours from me.  Looks like a super dope spot for a Gathering!  All legal issues have been resolved, and I’m in a good place financially right now. So even if I don’t get the invite I still plan on attending as a fan. Hotel already booked! *Laughs*

CTC: Knowing that Jumpsteady is a fan of your music, any words you’d like to say to him face to face?

PTB: Yeah, of course would like to apologize for being unprofessional and having to miss out on those opportunities in the past. I’ve literally been a life long I.C.P./Psychopathic fan/Juggalo. Attending and performing at a GOTJ has always been a dream of mine, so it was definitely real disappointing for me as well. But, family and real life shit will always be my #1 priority ya know? Being a life long criminal and felon, I really dug myself a deep hole.  So for the last several years while I have been trying to establish a career, I have also been trying to build somewhat of a normal life again. It hasn’t been easy. *Laughs* Sucks that I may have burned that bridge, but at least I can say myself and my kids are in a much better place now financially, and living arrangement wise.

CTC: Why is it important for artists to master their craft first before dropping tracks online through digital outlets?

PTB: This is something I learned the hard way myself, as I’m sure many others before me have. Whatever you release now is out there forever man. So even if you drop all pro quality shit now, if your shit from 10 years ago wasn’t on point, when people look you up, some of that older shit may pop up.  It’s just a bad look. So it’s definitely best to learn the ropes first, examine the major players and how they operate, and do shit right and as professional as possible. Nobody is gonna take you serious if your music isn’t engineered properly or you put out shitty graphics.

CTC: What is something that is extremely annoying to you that’s currently happening within the underground?

PTB: All the drama and negativity all the time man. People really get off on the beef, and it’s sad to me. The gossiping and BS online all day, everyday. It just gets real played out. My biggest pet peeve of all though, of course, these horrorcore guys who portray to be killers in their music, and then pretend that they really are some type of crazy bad asses online, etc. But then just wanna talk shit online and refuse to meet up and throw hands. I can’t stand that shit. But yeah, all the hating, beef, is really played out now as well. Some people literally live and breathe the shit.  They do nothing other than start shit and bad mouth other people, attempt to start beef, etc.  Mother fuckers need to stop that shit, and get a life.

CTC: Who you would like to work with in the near future in regards to emcees?

PTB: $uicideboy$, Stitches, Onyx, Kevin Gates, I think me and Lyte would be dope together on a track and Twiztid would be sick too!

CTC: What is the future of Playboy The Beast and what you want to accomplish within the next five years?

PTB: My plans for the future at this point are to just keep plugging away, man. Keep hustling and grinding. Keep dropping new music on the regular, iTunes singles, new videos when I can, and just see what happens. Maybe one day I’ll sign with a legit label. If not, I’m OK with that. I’ll just keep building MM and PTB, and doin’ me and providing the fans with the best music that I can. Within the next 5 years, I just want to be able to own my own house, and a brand new car all from my music and merch sales. And to have doubled and tripled the fan base!

Interviewer: Chad Thomas Carsten

Interview Date:04/13/17



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