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MR FreeZe “FreeZus” Interview

When one of Connecticut’s best underground hip-hop pioneers called me to do another interview, I could instantly tell he was extremely excited and honored to be featured on Faygoluvers.net again. FreeZe gave an honest and closer look at FreeZus and the fans should be very pleased. This dude is Authentic Hip-Hop and his latest album “FreeZus” should leave a musical mark for years to come with how tremendously passionate the east-coast emcee is about the hip-hop art form. FreeZe truly cares for the genre!

P.S. FreeZe just announced that he will be doing a full on tour in the spring with East-Coast Rap legends, Apathy and Celph Titled! Keep a look out! Dates to be announced soon!

Chad Thomas Carsten: How is everything going on your end?

FreeZe: Everything definitely going good over here, man!

CTC: What’s the concept behind the album title of FreeZus? Does it have anything to do with religion?

FreeZe: Nah, not at all. It was kinda satire because if you look at what’s going on in popular hip-hop like in the mainstream, Kanye, stuff like that. *Laughs* They have all these nicknames, like Weezy and Yeezus and all that stuff, ya know what I mean?! So I’m like, “Okay, I’m Freezus!” It was kinda that sort of thing. I was really just poking fun at how some these bigger name rappers think of themselves. It wasn’t religion or anything like that, actually one of my friends gave me the nickname and I just kinda rolled with it. *Laughs*

CTC: The first single you dropped from FreeZus was “Hellalujah”.

Hellaluja single

FreeZe: Yep!

CTC: Can we dissect that a little bit and how it reflects the album? Where did come up with its name?

FreeZe: I was coming off of doing the UFO album and obviously I move pretty fast. I spent a lot of time in my career just waiting around and then I took matters in my own hands. So if you’ve noticed, anyone that’s been paying attention to what I’ve been doing since probably 2014, I’ve been turning it up! I’ve put out four albums since then. I put out Mr. Gone Bad, the Beyond Top Secret album, Red Snow 2, etc. So a lot of people probably would say that I’m moving too fast, but I mean it’s a fast game. So as I said I was really just coming off of UFO and I was inspired to do some solo stuff. I really just wanted to do something short and sweet, like straight to the point. That’s kinda how FreeZus came about. There’s nine songs off FreeZus and I started putting together a rough foundation of what I was doing for the album and “Hellalujah” came a little bit later. I was already wayyyy into making it. Anyone who’s heard the song know it’s a little different. It’s got some elements to it. It’s got some singing, some new age shit going on in it, but there is also like my regular hardcore raw energy lyricism. It’s pretty much everything going on in it. I just wanted to make a song for that specific reason, I wanted to show my skills. To rapping, singing, just putting together melodies. It’s just an overall good song. I just wanted to showcase that I could do all that, all in one song. That’s kinda where it came about. And the whole Outer-space and martians kinda concept to it. I kinda look at myself like an Alien in the rap game. I’m a little different than anyone else. Even for underground standards, some people might say that I’m not underground enough. Some people might say that I’m not horrorcore enough or mainstream enough. But I’ve never stuck to one thing. I think that’s the thing about me that’s different.

CTC: Nothing wrong with expanding and switching up your sound.

FreeZe: Right!

CTC: Now would you say “Reach The Sun” is more on the personal side for you?

FreeZe: The song with JP Tha Hustler and Red Baron, yea! I had a lot to say with that one verse, I summed it up with one, but I probably could’ve said a lot of things, but I kept it pretty short and sweet and summed it up on that verse. We all go through things. We work with people. Some of us stick around, some of us don’t. You lose friends a lot in this business. *Laughs* As you can see a lot of rappers not working with each-other anymore and you don’t hear anything going on prior, it’s usually because there’s a falling out of some kind, so I was just touching on that a little bit.

CTC: Sometimes you gotta get things off your chest that are too built up.

FreeZe: Yea! Pain brings art and sometimes drama brings good art. And sometimes in hip-hop they go hand and hand. You got some bullshit going on with people in your life, let’s talk about it! Let’s put it out there, let’s put the cards out on the table!

CTC: Do you feel that “Keep Turning” is the perfect closer for the album?

FreeZe: That was the last song that I made. I felt like the album needed something else, it pretty much went from an EP to more of an almost full length album. I got it short at nine. Some people might call that an album. Drake did an album that has only nine tracks on it. I’m not saying I’m Drake or anything like that, but that was considered an album by industry standards. I kept like not being satisfied, like I needed to say more. I was inspired by just everything going on with the world and the way that I look at myself. Anyone that listens to that song should know that it starts out with me kinda talking about my own bullshit. Not getting too deep, I don’t get too deep on it, but it’s about my own bullshit and how times change and things keep moving. You gotta keep progressing type of concept and then I wrap it up with my own views about the world on the last half of the song. I think it was a good closing because it summed up how I felt at that moment about the world, but everyone’s who been listening since I put out Red Snow (2007) that I always have a strong opinion on things that are going on in the world. I have a song called “Beef With The World”, that’s kinda one of the songs that got me known, so I always touch on giving my opinion. I don’t like to preach to anybody, but I always like to give my opinion on what’s going on with the world. So I talk on some political things and some spiritual things. I guess everyone should listen to “Keep Turning” and see what I’m talking about.

CTC: Why should fans not sleep on FreeZus?

FreeZe: I think every album that I do is slept on to some degree. Obviously I feel like I should be bigger than I am, but I’m content with where I am because I still talk to a large amount of people that fortunately listen to me and want to hear what I have to say. I’m always thankful for that. People should not sleep on this album because it’s something I delivered that is definitely relevant to the times but still very true to what I’ve always been. I think this is a fight that I always have with myself, because I’m always wondering if I should just keep it hard all the time because that’s what made me, like hardcore/horrocore/wicked shit, that’s what made me. But it’s hard to just stick with that when you’re trying to be progressive and trying to constantly evolve. But I think this album from just a musical standpoint is the best work I’ve ever done, musically and conceptually when it comes to just all around songwriting and the different things that I have the ability to do with my music. I think it all showcases pretty well with these nine songs! More than I have before. For that reason alone they should check me out because I’m definitely doing something different that most aren’t doing. And that goes both ways in the underground and the mainstream. I’m like in this middle phase where I do exactly what I want to do, but it can’t be put in a box! It’s hard to judge someone like me. You got people who just doing horrocore and they do it really well, but then you have people who never touch it that just do mainstream/popular shit. I just can’t stick to that format. I don’t know how to stick to one. I just know how to make songs in the moment. Every song that I make that’s how I’m feeling at that time. I don’t ever go out just to make a song, just simply to make it. I’m always feeling something on my mind that i need to get off my chest when I make a song. I think that’s what I’ve never been able to have a label as far as, “He’s a horrocore artist” or “He’s a pop rapper”, ya know what I mean?!

CTC: You don’t want to keep yourself in a box, you just want to let that full animal loose. I feel ya! But yea! We know you’re down with Aliens and Outer Space. What if you were abducted simply because some other life form somehow heard your music and wanted you to produce the all time best album ever to be heard throughout the galaxy, how would you make that album?

FreeZe: So like other aliens could hear my music?

CTC: Yes!

FreeZe: I would be honored, number one! I would strive to make the best album ever because I would probably see some crazy shit talking to them and the fact that I’ve always known they existed, but never confirmed. I’ve had some serious like experiences on some “no bullshit”, I’ve seen some things. I’ve never been abducted but I know aliens exist! I know something exists that is not from this world! I know that because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Not paranormal/ghostly. But I’ve seen some things, so I would be extremely intrigued by that. I probably would make the best album in my entire life. *Laughs*

CTC: Who would you recruit for that record?

FreeZe: I don’t know. I would probably have to find somebody like a fellow martian like myself. Somebody that is completely out there!

CTC: I’m sure Q-Strange would be down.

FreeZe: I’m sure he would. That’s my boy! We go back!

CTC: Care to share some history between you guys? Wildest moment perhaps?

FreeZe: The first time I met Q-Strange was at a Dr. Giggles, Q-Strange, Kapital Punishment, and Code Orange show. I used to be in a group called Code Orange with this dude, Jay. That was right around the time we started fucking with Lethal Wreckords. So I was fucking with Fury and Ether, who were in Kapital Punishment and they were really down with Q-Strange and Dr. Giggles. I met Dr. Giggles a few times prior. We were doing show, I think it was at Jarren’s place in Massachusetts. I remember because I never really met Q-Strange before. At the time he might as well been a rock star to us. He was bigger than us at the time. Q was like the horrorcore God of the underground. Creation To Exeqution made him really well known. When I met him I heard all these stories about him previously. I guess he smoked weed for the first time in a minute. I’m not trying to put Q-Strange’s business out there, but he’s never really been like a drug dude. He drinks and that’s about it. His hypeman D-Rock got him so smoke some herb and so he was like extra lit! I had never had a conversation with him yet, but when we were performing/opening up for him, and he just jumped across the stage and put his arm around me, started fucking with the crowd, jumped in the crowd to try and crowd surf with seventy people, but that was my first experience with Q-Strange. *Laughs* I couldn’t believe I hadn’t even had a conversation with him yet. He was just going sick during my set and fucking with us. But we’ve always had a mutual bond and he’s definitely a really good dude. He’s one of those dudes that if I haven’t seen in awhile, I could just run into him out of the blue and it would just be love. It’s always love. Shout out to Q-Strange!

CTC: I feel like you, Q-Strange, Donnie Menace, and Judge Cryptic should do a record together, or at least a track featuring all of your talents!

FreeZe: Like on some horrorcore shit! It’s funny you say that because everyone knows what’s going on in the underground right now among underground fans. Like the Juggalos with MNE and PSY. Everyone knows what’s going on with that situation, but I’m not going to get into details about that. But it’s inspired me to look back at the whole reason I started doing this. I was making horrorcore music and I’d hate to put a box around it, but Red Snow has that type of content. It’s not a straight horrorcore album. I’m from Connecticut, we have our own twist on things. We don’t do it like they do in the Midwest or California when it comes to wicked shit. It’s like lyricism and conceptuality, but like crazy topics, like rapping about ghosts and shit like that. That’s how we’ve always did it. That’s just our shit. But I was thinking about it and that’s what made me an audience to begin with. My friends can look forward to a raw, aggressive, Mr. Freeze back to his roots album sometime in 2017. I can definitely guarantee that’s going to happen! Mark their calendars on that shit because I can guarantee that will be dropping before 2017 ends! Just an aggressive album from Freeze, no bullshit, back to basics! I’m not trying to take away shine from FreeZus, but it’s to pay homage to what made me and take it back to my roots, I’m going to do some kind of project just for that. I don’t have a name because I’m still on FreeZus right now. *Laughs* But when it comes to that, it will be for my hardcore fans and the people that have been with me since 2007. It’s going to be for those motherfuckers!

CTC: You’re on some Beastmode shit! What do you want to accomplish in the next five years?

FreeZe: I really am. I’m at the end of my twenties and I’m trying to get it in right now! But I am going to take sometime with the next releases I come out with. I just want some respect, man. I hope that in five years from now people just remember that I was one of the originals, man, I was always doing this from the heart. Whether I had a hundred fans or a thousand fans, it never changed! I always did this strictly from my heart. I definitely feel like I’ve always made good music. Not to be a dick or sound not humble, but that’s what we do this for, right? We’re supposed to be good at making music and that’s why people listen to us. But I feel like I’ve given out some great product and I hope more of the world gets to enjoy it soon!

Please support Freeze’s latest album FreeZus on Bandcamp and expand your musical taste buds! https://freezerap1.bandcamp.com/album/freezus-2

Interviewer: Chad Thomas Carsten

Interview Date:02/09/17



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