September 28, 2023
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The Bizzar Asylum of PRJ: Scare Don’t Fear [Interview]

I recently had the chance to interview Chris Jungles from the Hip Hop/Metal group Scare Don’t Fear.

After seeing and enjoying their performance at the 2016 Gathering of the Juggalos, I have become a fan.

Once I decided to start The Bizzar Asylum of PRJ, I knew SDF would be one of the handful of artists/bands I reached out to for an interview. 

They quickly replied to my request and a few days later the interview was completed.

Who is Scare Don’t Fear?

Jungles-  We’re just a bunch of guys that just like to jam. Larry Ohh on drums and production, Tom on guitar, Ryan on bass and vocals, Frankie raps and screams and I rap

Where did the name come from?

Jungles- Frankie had a list of names back in the day but over time the name grew meaning. Stand up for yourself and never back down, never be afraid always be the aggressor. The name itself is a message if you pay attention.

What made you all decide to form a band? 

Jungles- We came together by accident. Me and Larry went to HS together but lost touch after that. Few years pass and I was in a rap group and Frankie was in a band with our old guitarist. At the time I needed beats and reconnected with Larry at his house party he invited me to. That’s where I met Frank. After a few Blunts and drinks we went downstairs and jammed and the rest is history.

You are a band the features a vocalist and a emcee, was this always the plan in the early stages of forming SDF? If not, what made you decide to go in this direction?

Jungles- Its what we’ve been doing since day one. We never made plans to use one more than the other. We’ve always done what we wanted to do which we still do to this day. A lot of the times we just listen to what the beat says we should do, we just follow the rhythm

Why do you think using a vocalist and emcee works so well for Scare Don’t Fear?

Jungles-I like to think it adds more dynamics to our music. We get to bounce flows and ideas off each other. Just seems natural to us. We all have a chemistry that works well for us. Since we’re always writing together that in a sense sharpens what we do and builds the chemistry more.

What is the best way to describe Scare Don’t Fear’s sound?

Jungles- HEAVY! Our music has a lot of bounce. I really don’t like to pick a genre style since there’s so many different elements in our music.

You’ve recently released an EP, “TRILLogy” and a couple singles. Can we expect a full length album in the future or is the plan to just release singles and EP’s?

Jungles- We have some album ideas we’ve been talking about. When the timing and everything else is right we’ll release a new one. Hopefully sometime next year. But we’ll keep releasing new music regardless of what happens.

You launched a Patreon account, for the people who don’t know what Patreon is, can you explain it?

Jungles- It’s an online platform where fans can support a creator directly for a few bucks and in return get all sorts of exclusive content. Supporters get to subscribe at whatever amount the Creator is asking and they receive whatever that entails. Its nothing like gofundme where you need a funds raised in order for the goal to be achieved. On ours we release new singles, a podcast, and more every month.

SDF’s Patreon is, can you tell us about it? 

Jungles- On Patreon we release new music every month along with our own podcast and my own show “5 Minutes With Jungles” as well as other add-ons that subscribers get to receive.
Subscribers get to interact with us more personally and always get first looks at music videos, songs, our podcast and other things that we do.

As a part of the Hellavated tour with Kissing Candice, you all performed at the 17th annual Gathering of the Juggalos this past July, how was the experience?

Jungles- for all of us it was our first time there and it was really  fun. People were cool to us, no one gave us weird attitudes or anything like that. People were really down to earth and all about having a good time. We had a blast opening up the festival. We’re happy we were asked to be apart it.

Recently, y’all uploaded the previously released cover of Eminem’s “The Way Am I.” So, far it has been viewed over 350,000 times on Facebook. What made you decide to cover “The Way I Am”? Did you expect it to be viewed so many times?

Jungles-It was a song that I really talked to us. People have always asked us to do covers but we never really wanted to do it till one day on warped tour we talked about making it happen when we get off tour. Its awesome the video is doing really well online. Just hit 350k views too!

What can we expect in 2017 from SDF?

Jungles- We got a bunch of ideas we’re ready to put into motion. Definitely expect new music and for us to be hitting the road again.

What would be SDF’s dream collaboration (Alive or Dead) and Why?

Jungles-I think we each have different people we would love to collab with. Mine would be Dr. Dre. He’s an incredible artist and producer. I could only imagine what a Dr Dre and SDF track would sound like.

What would you like to tell any new fans just discovering Scare Don’t Fear that we haven’t covered?

Jungles- Welcome to Flight SDF! We got all kinds of assortments we hope you guys enjoy Hahah. But really feel free to hit us up or come talk to us at a show! We love to meet and connect with new people.

In closing, since my column is about showcasing bands to a new and different audience…name a band you think people should check out?

Jungles- I’d say Download 2012 from Texas. They’re a great talented bunch of guys who kill it live. I love their energy.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about Scare Don’t Fear, hit up their website and social media accounts, which I have linked below.

Scare Don’t Fear @ Facebook

Scare Don’t Dear @ Twitter (


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