September 22, 2023
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The Bizzar Asylum of PRJ: It Lies Within [Interview]

Let me introduce you to Flint, Michigan’s IT LIES WITHIN.

I first heard about It Lies Within when they were touring with Kissing Candice earlier this year. A couple months later while searching for something new to listen to, I decide to check out their latest album, “Paramount.”  This was one of the best decisions I’ve made, music wise. Before to long I picked up their other LP, “Chrysalis” both albums have been in heavy rotation in my car and on my MP3 player.

It’s hard to say what actually stood out to me, but I know I’m definitely a fan. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they have in store in the future. 

I decided to reach out to ILW to see if they would be willing to do an interview. Surprisingly, at least to me, they agreed! So, I was able to interview vocalist Zachary Scott.

In this interview Zachary discusses who they are, how did they come up with their name, the lack of cussing in their lyrics, having a positive vibe in their music, always being on tour, and much more.

Checkout the interview below.

Who is It Lies Within?

– The band has had a few line up changes over the past but we’ve had our most solid team for about 2 years now. It Lies Within is Zachary Scott (myself) on vocals/screams, Matt Groshart and Kyle Dameron on guitars, Erik Mckay on bass guitar and clean vocals, and Kamron Mean on drums.

Where did the name It Lies Within come from?

– When starting the band the name was not really important to us at the time. We had been practicing for months without a name. One day Matt just blurted out “It Lies Within” for no apparent reason and we just stopped and said that was “it.”
What made you decide to form the band?

– Matt and I has played in bands growing up together in middle school, high school, and more. After school, we decided to do the college / coparate job thingy but music kept calling us. We then decided to make this a full time dream.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there seems to be no cursing in your songs…is this something that you aimed to do? You seem to have positive vibe in the songs, is this the reason for the lack of cursing?

– We have nothing against cursing at all. It’s a form of expression. Some of the bands we love curse all the time. That’s just not what pours out of ILW when we write. I feel it’s so easy to write curse word lyrics opposed to not. I enjoy the challenge. Indeed we are a positive message band even when we have to be aggressive about it.

To date you have released two full length albums “Chrysalis” and “Paramount,” can you inform new listeners what they can expect for these albums?

– Paramount is exactly what you think of when you think of what the word means. This album was such a huge step for the band. It took a long time to put out due to the member changes but we all enjoy this album and representation of the band. Just wait for the new stuff. ;)

Chrysalis was our first debut album on Luxor Records. This was such a fun record to write especially working with Josh Wickman at Dreadcore Productions. He really helped us find our sound and mold us into a more focused group. This was just the beginning.
You’ve recently announced on social media that you have begun working on a new album, is their any details you can reveal about it?

– Unfortunately, we can’t really say much about other than the fact that this will be a much more mature and experimental album.

Since I discovered It Lies Within (your tour with Kissing Candice), you seem to constantly be touring or doing shows. Is this something new fans can expect you to continue in the future?

– This is nothing new. Anyone who knows It Lies Within, knows we are a touring machine. We pretty much tour over half the year. We love the road and love hanging with all of our fans and friends.

What would be your best highlight from a show you performed?

– My personal best highlight is either performing at festivals which we just go crazy or when we have guest vocalists from our album come up and sing along with us.

If you could tour with any artists, who would it be and why?

– I would love to do a tour with The Word Alive, Fit For A King, The Browning, and It Lies Within. Mainly because we have guest vocals from those bands and it would be rad to all jump on each others songs etc…. It would be a cool / different idea for a tour.

What would you like to tell any new fans just discovering It Lies Within that we haven’t covered?

– It Lies Within comes straight from the streets of south Flint, MI. With the horrible economy and water crisis it’s important for us to speak a positive message. We believe no matter how that message gets across it’s important we try. It’s through aggressive music that helps us carry this message and continue our passion for the masses.

In closing, since my column is about showcasing bands to a new and different audience…name a band you think people should check out?

– Thank you so much for asking this question. I think more interviews should include this. I wanna give a shout out to my homies in My Heart to Fear, In Dying Arms, and Tear Out the Heart. You dont wanna sleep on those bands!

If you’re interested in finding out more information about It Lies Within, hit up their website and social media accounts, which I have linked below.

It Lies Within @ Facebook

It Lies Within @ Twitter

It Lies Within @ Instagram



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