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Wikkid Wyte

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What’s up, Fam? Welcome back once again for another edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. This is the place where we get to sit down and learn a little bit more about some of our favorite underground artists. For example, this time around we have the pleasure of taken an in depth look at the life of Michigan’s own Wikkid Wyte.

So, not only do we get some fresh insight into this artist, but some nice pictures and a few tracks to enjoy as we read along. What’s not to love? What’s not to get excited about? That’s right, absolutely nothing. So sit back, relax and enjoy the life of a hard working artist who goes by the name Wikkid Wyte.


Johnny O: Instead of asking about your personal style of music, how about you tell us a little bit about what people can expect as far as content in your lyrics?

Wikkid Wyte: The content of my music is definitely not for the ears of the weak. I am trying to bring back the wicked shit that I grew up listening to, like ICP, Esham, and NATAS! My music is different from the stereotypical horrorcore that people are used to hearing, I like to combine my horrorcore with a hip hop style.

JO: I know that you Mom recently passed away, and first I’d like to offer my condolences, it is never easy to lose someone that is such a big part of your life… losing your Mother it not something I even want to imagine. Was she a big influence in your life and how has your mentality changed since her passing?

WW: First off thank you for your condolences, and this is a great question. It is always hard to loose someone, but loosing your mother is unimaginable. My mother was my best friend. She was the one always encouraging me to follow my dreams, no matter what they were at the time. She was definitely a big reason as to why I started listening to ICP. She found my Eminem cassette and took it from me and told me I was not allowed to listen to that type of music. A friend of mine gave me an ICP tape to listen to after my mom took mine, and for some reason my mom was cool with, and even started liking ICP. Mentally, loosing my mom has changed me, because my mother was my the only person I could go to, and would always have my back no matter the situation. Loosing my mother was like loosing half of who I am, I am just thankful that I have such a supportive wife, who has managed to fill some of the void.

JO: You’ve said that losing her really made you realize how short life can be, what has this done for your drive musically?

WW: After my mother passed, I poured my whole heart and soul into my music. Something clicked inside my brain, and made me say its no or never. I wanted and still do want to make my mother proud. So instead of taking baby steps, I dove in head first and jumped on outsiders Inc, and released my first mixed tape Friends from the closet, and begin to do shows as often as possible. All of this within just a few months.

JO: Now, growing up in Michigan, I really don’t need to ask what the music seen was like or how it is, but from an artists’ perspective what has been like for you and your career?

WW: I feel like the music scene today is definitely different from the music scene that I grew up with. I feel like more people would rather be at home or on their phone, than out enjoying a live show. I feel like the wicked shit is slowly dying, and the “juggalo scene” is not as strong. But as an artist, it has given me some insight into the industry and how things really work. Luckily I have had some really great people helping to get me where I am today, and for that I am truly blessed.

JO: Recently you had a show on October 14th with King Gordy and Crooked I, how was that experience for you?

WW: It was awesome! Other than King Gordy, I was the only horror in the building, but surprisingly I was shown a lot of love and support. All and all it was an excellent experience.


JO: You actually have a couple other big shows coming up too, one with Scum and Lex plus Terror in Title Town on New Year’s, tell us a little about those shows? What can fans expect and how are you preparing for them?

WW: Yes I do have a few big shows coming up. Up first is the Lex and Scum show.  I am aiming for awesome stage theatrics, an awesome set, and the hypest crowd yet. This show will actually be the first time I perform for my targeted audience, so I am the most pump yet! I was talking to Ruckus before his incarceration, so for me terror in title town is still in the air as of now, but I am having my team from Outsiders Inc hande all the details for that one. Also coming up, my team will be hosting Anybody Killa at The Diesel, and Twisted Insane at Simmons Afterdark, both on Friday, January 13th.

JO: You also recently released and album, “Funeral Musick,” tell us a little bit about that and how it differs from your previous release?

WW: Its my first collaborative CD, with a really good friend, and very talented artist Spudz. During a normal everyday conversation we were having, we came up with the idea and the title of the CD, and within a month it was done. This is a Halloween themed Album that tells a story from track to track, with awesome intros, and adlibs that will keep you entertained from start to finish. This CD is also a a way to show how two different styles of music can come together to create something pretty dope.

JO: You’ve been working on a video for the track, “Run Run Run,” tell us about the track itself and what the whole process of making the video is going?

WW: The track tells a story. I wanted it to reflect on the old ICP that hooked me in. I am sketching scenes as we speak, but had to put it off for a little while to get this album together and released by Halloween! I am planning on having the great Jason Alan film and edit the video. We plan of shooting it in hystorical Pontiac Arena!!!!

JO: Working with Outsiders Inc. and Sinister Sounds Ent. seems like a lot. What has it been like to work with all of them simultaneously and how did all of that come about to begin with?

WW: It is a lot to juggle, but these people are all awesome team members, that have my best interests at heart at all times. I can pick up the phone and call any of these guys for anything and they will be there. We have all grown past the business end, and have all created great friendships in this process. I was introduced to Outsiders Inc first from Nykaten from Stow. SSE was brought into my scene through my friend, co collaborator Spudz and the rest will be history!!!!

JO: For those who would like to pick up a copy of the new mixtape, where exactly can they grab a copy?

WW: To get my new mixtape email me at [email protected] or [email protected] it is $7 with free shipping and every copy is hand signed by me.


JO: Besides the album itself, where can fans find you online if they want to check out more from you?

WW: Check me out on my fanpage through facebook Just search Wikkid Wyte as well as audiomack, twitter, soundcloud, or simply by googling Wikkid Wyte.

JO: If you truly had the chance to work with any other artist, who would it be?

WW: The African Honey badger. I think lyrically he is untouchable in the underground as of now. Plus he is weird and I like weird shit!

JO: Who would you say have been your biggest influences musically over the years?

WW: Definitely started with ICP and Twiztid. But being from the motor city, Eminem, Danny Brown, The white stripes have all played their roll in my making of music. Lately I am finding more a more unexpected influence in Rittz and Joyner Lucas!!

JO: You mentioned you are a big fan of us here at Faygoluvers, so how does it feel to be featured here on the Underground Spotlight?

WW: Honestly I never pictured myself here, ever, in a million years. I remember going on this site when I was a kid, just to see what was going on in the underground, and for me to now actually be the one featured in the underground spotlight, is literally a dream come true. I am still as we speak pinching myself, not totally convinced that this is actually happening. I am also very greatful to be given the opportunity to share my story with all of faygoluvers and to the world.

JO: I say it a lot, but the hardest part for me is always when these things come to end, but let’s end on our usual high note with some shout outs before we officially call it a night.

WW: First shoutout goes to Faygoluvers and to Johnny O for making this whole thing possible. Next Outsiders Inc, Sinister Sounds Ent, and DRCY ARMY. Also shoutouts to Jason Alan,Spudz, Peezy P, Burt Blaze, Karnidge, Young Jesta, No Fucks Given Radio and a huge shoutout to anyone that has ever opened a door for me, given me an opportunity, or even just simply pushed play. most important my wife Amanda, without her I wouldn’t be half of the man I am today she is my rock, my everything.


Like I said above, I hate when these things come to an end, but I suppose they all have to at some point. Anyways, I want to give a big THANK YOU to Wikkid Wyte for this interview and allowing us to get a really in depth and personal look into his life. Thank you to the whole Sinister Sounds and Outsiders crew too. If you liked what you heard, read or saw here be sure to hit up those links below and perhaps even grab yourself a copy of that new album

Now before I officially sign off, as always if you would like to be featured right here on the Underground Spotlight, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you would like to/should be featured, a track or two and a couple of pics. Of course, don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O.



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