September 29, 2023
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Rhythm & Rhyme

Welcome back, Fam! It’s time once again for a brand new edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight. If you don’t know, and you should, this is where we take a closer look at some of the best up and coming artists on the scene. This time we sit down with the Idaho based duo known as Rhythm & Rhyme. We get a chance to hear how they came together to form the group, their new video and much more.

So, let’s just jump right into it…


Johnny O: Can you first start off by giving us a brief introduction to the duo known as Rhythm & Rhyme?

Derrty Shirt: What’s going on lovers of faygo. My name is Derrty Shirt 1 half of Rhythm&Rhyme. I wanna say quick thank you to Johnny O for conducting this and showing us love. Quick intro to Rhythm & Rhyme we started in 2014 and have really kicked up our music grind in 2015 from shows to songs. Just been on the hustle to get our music out and get people to hear the sounds.

D-Ceased: What up, I’m D-Ceased and I’m the other half of rhythm&rhyme!! Like Derrty said, we started the concept of Rhythm&Rhyme in late 2014, and since then we have been working hard to bring people great music to aspire from.

JO: While many of us hate to be shoehorned into a genre, every perspective fan would want to know how you would describe your sound?

DS: Well I think our music has that old school 90s sound. We like to take it back. Genre wise I would think we belong in the hip hop category. Some friends even said we kinda have a somewhat old swollen members sounds.

D-C: I agree with Derrty, I would have to say we have that early 90’s hip-hop rhythm to our music. I love old school hip-hop, and who can go wrong with some west/east coast old school instrumentals?? You can’t if you ask me!!

JO: You’ve only recently come together as Rhythm & Rhyme in 2014, have you either of you had previous experience in the music industry?

DS: Yes we both do. For me I recorded my first couple songs way back on a video camera and put it out on MySpace. And when I listen to it know it just makes me laugh how wack it sounded but I still listen from time to time to see how far I’ve come haha. Just get on MySpace and look up Derrty Shirt if you want a good laugh haha. But with like rocking shows it first started with the old homies on a local label around here called Psilocybin Productionz. Shout out to them for sure.

D-C: I didn’t start writing music for hip-hop till just 2011, prior to that, I was in a rock band named Cryptic Reality out in Adolphus Kentucky as lead vocals in 2008. Shout out to all of those guys, I had a great time with them. If you ever have a chance to hear them, for sure check them out. I came back to Boise Idaho where I’m originally from, and really started getting into the horrorcore scene and met up with a local artist named Murdaface from Psilocybin Productionz who had mad love for the underground music and was the reason why I started in the first place. My first song was of course the crappiest verse I’ve ever written, but he told me to be persistent and that if I really wanted it, to just go after it. So here I am now, and I give a lot of credit to him, because if it weren’t for him, I’d be living the life of a drone instead of following my dreams.


JO: What made both of you decide to team up, so to speak, and how has the relationship worked out?

DS: I remember we were at my cousins house smoking in the bathroom, and Brad(D-ceased) was like hey wanna check out some of these beats I found on YouTube. So we started jamming them out and we made this one track that’s lost somewhere. But anyways we were rappin and was just like dude why don’t we do this more the sound we make is like nothing we done before and it was catchy. So we talked and we figured out the name and since its just been growing from that into what you see today.

D-C: We both have the same opinions about what we should do with our music and I think that definitely is what set it off. Not only that, but we don’t argue with each other whatsoever about anything. We always find a compromise with any decision. Me and Derrty have known each other for many years, and I’m sure that is also what makes us such a strong team.

JO: How would you describe the state of your local scene out there in Idaho?

DS: The local scene is for sure growing and coming together. We have tons of great local artist doing the thing out here. I feel blessed that we get to be apart of the movement. But with all the good you still get the bad. Just some artist are very stubborn or think they are better then the other artist. They just havent seen that we all trying to eat and hustle and make it out. So we just doing our thing and just happy the local scene gets down to our sound.

D-C: I’d say it’s building progressively. We have a lot of local hip-hop showcases at a bunch of different venues here in ldaho, and over the past few years it’s just been getting better and better. All these artists and promoters out here that put in all of their hard work are making a great impact. Its all about coming together and creating this movement together, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

JO: I know you’ve done charities and both of you enjoy making music because it makes you happy. Honestly, I think that you attitude and love for what you do carries over into the final product, would you guys say the same is true for your music? Does your ability to have fun and be happy doing what you love produce a better finished product?

DS: Oh most definitely. If you don’t love what you’re doing people will hear that in your music. Like in any point of life really. You cook food and hate doing it. Your food is gonna taste sour and foul. We love making music and I think people can hear that when we live on stage or on a record. Its just such an awesome feeling being able to do something you love.

D-C: I definitely think that it carries over. Passion and pride shows in any type of profession that you decide to do. If your not happy with your career, then its now turned into an obligation and you’ll never be happy. To me, your passion is your dream; your career isn’t just an everyday ordinary job that you dread going to, it’s what you feel you were made for and you do it without hesitation.

JO: Speaking of finished projects, I believe you just recently dropped a video for the track, “Into The Deep.” Did everything work out as planned for the shoot and if so what was the experience like for you?

DS: Man the video turned out amazing and worked out perfect. This is our first time ever doing it so I didn’t really know all what to do and you can kinda see it in some clips. The experience was so fun and every time I watch the video I just get goosebumps. All in all it was an incredible experience and big shout out to Captain Nerk for recording it and doing all the dope editing.

D-C: Defintely one of my favorite tracks!!! Into The Deep happened to be our first music video and that’s how we wanted to kick-start our first E.P., “The Recipe.” I was happy with the product and how Captain Nerk produced our video. I have mad respect for someone that has as much passion about their profession as he does and that’s why we decided to have him put it together. All in all, aside from my obvious nervousness, I had a great time with it. It shows a part of our childhood and I think that that is what adds to the flavor.

JO: So, the track itself is actually from your upcoming release, “The Recipe.” Would you say this song is a good representation of what fans can expect from the album?

DS: For sure. We got a good collection of music on this one and into the deep is just the tip. I have a feeling this is gonna be instant classic, just dope rhymes great beats. When it’s released we just hope that people like listening to it as much as we like creating it.

D-C: Yeah I definitely agree that it’s a perfect representation of our album. We have a lot of different flavors of tracks that will be featured on it. All real and unique. Just like all of the tracks so far, I will be personally mixing/mastering and recording all the tracks, and every track is a great learning experience. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it as much as we already do.

JO:Is there any insight you can give us on when and how fans can get their hands on a copy of the album when it drops?

DS: Well if you keep up with us on Facebook we always keep our people up to date. We can say for sure that we working to release it in summer July/August months. If you outta state and you trying to get we can for sure mail it out to ya. Be ready.

D-C:  Like Derrty said, just keep a lookout on our Facebook and we will let you all know what’s on the up n’ up!!

JO: For those who want to hear more from you, where can they go?

R&R: You can connect with us at:





JO: So, who would say have been your influences? The ones that really made you want to pursue this dream?

DS: For me ever since I first heard Mac Dre and seen his DVD treal t.v. it was on. I knew right then and there that this is what I wanna do for the rest of my life. My family too had always backed up my dream and always support and that also has been a driving force to be better and give them what they deserve.

D-C: My father was the one who introduced me to the music world. He was a little garage band, and later on in my life he passed away. So I wanted to take his music side of his legacy and run with it. Like I said earlier, Murdaface introduced me to the rap community so he was another great influence in my career. And most of all but not last, the friends, family and fans are the biggest influence on me.


JO: On the other side of this, who or what would you say have been your strongest inspirations? Your biggest supporters and motivators? Those that make you never what to give up?

DS:  My mom and sister for certain. They try and make it to every show and they let us know how we can improve. They have always been there to hear the new music or to see the exclusive stuff. To me they are the biggest supporters. As for inspirations for me, like I said Mac Dre just how he was and his lyrics

Just off the charts.

D-C: Once again, I would have to say friends, family, and the supporters of our music community. They are the best part of it all. It doesn’t matter how many ears are listening, just as long as they are there. We make our music to our true and fullest opinions and experiences, and I think that’s what makes all of this worth it. We have something to tell, and people want to hear it.

JO: And who or what would we currently find you both listening to at the moment?

DS: For me I been bumping that Mac Dre and Cutthoat Committee. That old school yay area music.

D-C: I listen to a bit of everything from rock, rap, dubstep, reggae and alternative and I’m constantly changing it up. I love music and it’s messages.

JO: Looking forward, where do you see Rhythm & Rhyme at in, let’s just say five years?

DS: I see us still making music hopefully be on our 3rd or 4th album. On the road doing shows. Making great music

D-C: I see us around about the same. At least 2 or 3 albums, and doing as many shows and taking as many opportunity that’s presented!

JO: Are there any little kid bits you can let slip that you may currently have in the works?

R&R:  We can say for sure July/August you will be seeing our 1st release. We actually just got added to the Wake n Bake tour pt.2 so if you in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or California be sure and see us more date will be up on our Facebook soon. We also trying to get works for a thing in September as well. For merch we are working on getting shirts, stickers and wristbands. We going hard on our merch game this year.

JO: If you had the chance to reach out to any other artist for a collaboration, who would it be?

DS:  I would love to work with J-Diggs, madchild, snak, young kazh, young wicked, bonez dubb, redman, Katy perry, and the list goes on there so many artist I wanna reach out to and work with.

D-C: Honestly, any opportunity would be nice, there’s many great artists out there. I don’t really have anyone in mind, but I’m down for whatever Derrty wants.

JO: I always hate this part, but it’s time to end another Underground Spotlight interview. I always like to go out on a high not, so how about a few shout outs before we go?

DS: First off shout out to Johnny O and the whole faygoluvers camp they always show us love. Second to my mom, dad, brother, and sister. To my family who support me. My other family kason my brother for life. Jason, Julie, My cuzzys T-loc, Ell Stack. Chris and Sean what’s up guys. The local artist in Idaho what’s up. God, Chuthulu, and every higher power that’s watching over us. Thank you for all the fans and supporters I love you all.

D-C: I’d like to say thank you to everyone in the music community for giving is the opportunity to spread our music around. I also want to thank my friends, supporters and my family. Thank you.


Unfortunately, that will put another Underground Spotlight in the books for us it would seem. I want to thank Derrty Shirt, D-Ceased and the whole Rhyme & Rhyme crew holding it down out in Idaho. If you liked what you heard, saw or read be sure to hit them up at the links below.

Now before I officially sign off, as always if you would like to be featured right here on the Underground Spotlight, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you would like to/should be featured, a track or two and a couple of pics. Of course, don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O.


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