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Welcome back, Fam! It’s Johnny O. back again after a fresh bout with the flu, but that’s not something anyone cares to hear about. Let me just say that when one of your kids brings home something, everyone catches it. After that it’s just an endless game of pass the cold, until we reach a critical mass breakdown and the zombie apocalypse starts. It’s fun. If you don’t have kids, I highly recommend them, they actually can be fun and not just germ machines. Seriously, I love my little monsters, but a house of sick people and I’m supposed to be responsible…

Whoa, I think I got a little too into my own stuff there, didn’t I?

So, let’s talk about what you came here for… the latest edition of the Faygoluver’s Underground Spotlight. This time we welcome a charismatic artist who really takes this in a direction we’ve yet to see… at least here on the spotlight. Krayzeman is not just a musician and producer, he’s also a member of the cosplay community. While we certainly have artists who understand or even enjoy this culture, it is rare to see someone in our community so involved. Of course, this is just one unique aspect of this enigmatic artist.

We could continue, but as usual I shouldn’t ramble. Just read along, listen to some tracks, take in the visuals and enjoy…


Johnny O: So, let’s start out with a quick introduction of the wildly unique one they call Krayzeman.

Krayzeman:  What’s up! I am a music producer/artist/cosplayer.

JO: While your look is something we will get to, tell us about your sound musically and how it separates you from most/all other artists out there today.

KM: My aim is to make music about life in all aspects. What I try to bring out in the artists that I produce is something in them they may have not considered writing about and actually putting down something of substance if you call yourself an artist. I won’t work with anyone who I can’t openly guide like a director would in his/her movie. That may be limiting to a degree, but I feel that there is a lot of music out here that can stand to say a lot more and a lot of artists are not using their full potential. And it doesn’t even have to be political or super deep. It can be anything about life as mundane as hearing that alarm clock in the morning and how you keep hitting the snooze button to get more sleep. To me there is a song in that where a lot of folks can relate to. I am a true producer, not just a beat maker.


JO: You’ve also been referred to as the “Daft Punk of Hip Hop.”  How did this come about and how would you say it fits with your overall look, sound, and style?

KM: Well I am a big admirer of Daft Punk, their style, and their overall look. I want to bring that element over to hip hop and be sort of an outlier in a sea of sameness. I tend to wear brightly colored suits with the mask and now glasses which the look developed over time. I am super into the comic book/geek culture that is on the rise right now and my “look” fits right in with my fellow cosplayers. My aim is to be different in all aspects and plus I love the attention it gets…lol

JO: Getting back to the imagery, your look itself has actually garnered some attention in the cosplay community. This is something we’ve yet to see here on the Underground Spotlight, so can you tell us what that experience is like and how it began in the first place?

KM: Well again it’s about attention. After the first album I produced with Tha KDC a number of years ago, I felt I needed a way to differentiate myself from other artists/producers out there. Since I’m not a rapper and generally don’t go out and perform, I needed to do something to stand out. Getting into the cosplay community was a godsend. It was already an up and coming community of people that went out to different conventions dressed up as their favorite super heroes, anime and video game characters and since I love the same things that they loved in the geek culture I came up with the look to be out there too. Now even though what I do is considered cosplay (costume playing) in the community there are not too many people doing what I’m doing which is selling themselves as a musician in the cosplay community. I love cosplayers. My aim is to represent the hard work and time they give to go out and express themselves when a lot of folks outside of the community would call them weirdos. Those are my peoples. It takes a lot of courage to dress up on a day that’s not Halloween as a grownup and have people critique your look. These people put time and effort in to entertaining and don’t get paid for it. They do it for the recognition and most do it to build their courage. I love it.

JO: Has your cosplay exposure helped or hindered your music career in any way?

KM: Absolutely it helps. Now as I said earlier it takes a minute for people to realize that Krayzeman is an original and not like a lot of what’s out there but I have so many that come an tell me how cool I look and how different what I’m trying to do is. Like I said before I’m trying to be an outlier in the sea of sameness.

JO: Obviously you tend to think way outside the box.  Has it been hard having such a unique presence?

KM: In the beginning when no one knows you, yes. Fortunately as time goes on, my team has been doing a phenomenal job getting my name and presence out there. It’s growing every day.

JO: You latest release, “The Krayzeman Returns,” is said to be one of a four part series.  Can you tell us what prompted this decision and perhaps what the over arching theme will be?

KM: Well I am a big fan of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” series from the late 80’s, so the work I’m doing on these albums is sort of an homage to that. This first album in the series I wanted to talk about a range of subjects from the thinking that goes into suicide with the song “Coward” to going to work and anticipating that first break on “Breaks & Lunches.” I aim to make each album different from the last and I hope to have that last one be an all classical orchestral album, something truly different, featuring my man Eddie Kane Jr. who is the featured artist on this album.

JO: Speaking of future projects, is there anything you can let us in on that you have in the works?

KM: I just finished doing the Wizard World Comic Con in Cleveland which was a blast promoting my stuff and we plan on doing 3 or 4 more cons later this year. I am about to start working on my next album “The Krayzeman Triumphant” and hopefully I can put it out by late this year/early next year.

JO: If fans or perspective fans wanted to find out more from Krazyeman?

KM: I am everywhere online. All the social media outlets.  Please don’t be afraid to follow your boy. Make sure you visit my blog at krayzeman.com so we can talk about the latest in pop/geek culture and of course check out my music.

JO: Though you have a distinct style, I’m sure you have artists that influenced you over the years. Can you tell us who you would say were your biggest influences?

KM: Dr. Dre has been my number one influence. Love him as a producer. Daft Punk of course, Timbaland, Terace Martin, Kanye, Eddie Kane Jr., the artist I’m featuring on this album. I love Kid Cudi too. He’s that dude!. Basically anyone out there who is not afraid to be different with their style.

JO: Who would we find you currently listening to?

KM: Glad you asked because I am currently digging that soundtrack to Hamilton, the broadway musical in New York right now. That soundtrack is krayze! Melds so many different styles of hip hop and its just a real good listen.

JO: If you had the chance to reach out to any artist for a collaboration, who would you love to work with?

KM: Bone Thugs N Harmony. If they would let me I think I could re-energize their careers…lol. I like would love to would with Kid Cudi or Childish Gambino.

JO: Influences aside, who were would you say were your actual inspirations to keep this dream going?

KM: Cosplayers. Aside from those that go out and put their lives on the line and protect our country and streets and are the real heroes, cosplayers are my peoples. They are the ones who were always told they were weirdos and made fun of when all they wanted was to be themselves and fit in and not be made fun of. Basically anyone who wants to say something that doesn’t have a voice to say it. I’m trying my best as a producer to interpret those voices because we all need that inspiration.

JO: As much as I hate to do it, I think that will just about do it. I always like to end things in a positive light, so how a bout a few shout outs to send this one off right?

KM: I want to shout out my team Guin, Naim, George, Scott of the Nerdcyclopedia Podcast, Duche, the TF, Ren Mckenzie for doing such great artwork for me, my family and everyone out there supporting me and this journey. To Eddie Kane Jr. who was just masterful in putting his stamp on this album with his rhyming and lyrical skills! Bruh, are going to win the day! And I especially want to thank you, Johnny O, and the team at Faygoluvers for doing this interview. Very much appreciated!

Krayzeman AD

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, another chapter closed on a great new addition to the Underground Spotlight’s catalog. I want to send a big Thank You out to Krayzeman for taking time out of his busy schedule for this interview. I also want to thank CEO & Owner Sam for making this all come together so nicely. All of that aside, if you enjoyed what you, heard saw or read, make sure to be on the look out for the latest from Krayzeman. The way this man makes moves, you never know where or when he’ll show up.

Now before I officially sign off, as always if you would like to be featured right here on the Underground Spotlight, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you would like to/should be featured, a track or two and a couple of pics. Of course, don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O.



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