October 2, 2023
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KARDIAC – “In The Peripheral”

KARDIAC’s newest album, “In The Peripheral” was released as digital download on May 11th on FANGORIA Musick. He has since released a single and a FANGORIA exclusive music video for “The Cleanser,” which was filmed at 2 Texas Chainsaw Massacre film locations. Now, hard copies of the album are available for purchase ONLY at the KARDIAC Store! www.KARDIACStore.com

This album is very different than any KARDIAC album you may have heard before as his style continues to grow and change. The ideas and meanings behind the title is described in one of the tracks on the album. “In The Peripheral” has its variety of lyrical content: blood and gore, unearthly beings, as well as some real, brutally honest perceptions, all on one album!

“In The Peripheral” also has a combo deal option for purchase. This includes the official In The Peripheral DVD! The DVD has KARDIAC’s FIRST short film, “I Wish I Could Forget,” which is inspired by a track off of the album. It also has the official “The Cleanser” music video, as well as a short film/music video for the track “When Everything Changed.” The DVD includes bonus material, pictures, and the running time totals about 1 hour 20 minutes long! Every order also comes with a FREE KARDIAC poster!

We are proud to debut this album with FANGORIA Musick and we appreciate the continued support!

  1. The Cleanser
  2. GOREographer
  3. I Wish I Could Forget
  4. After The Take [Interlude]
  5. When Everything Changed
  6. Anatomy Alterations
  7. Snake Charmer
  8. From a Throne of Vertebrae
  9. The Three Meanings [Prod] by April Bedan
  10. Semiconscious
  11. My Romantic Side
  12. Workhorse
  13. Death Bed
  14. In-Depth Script






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