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Unreleased Underground: Myzery

This is the official discography of Myzery. All of the rare songs listed in this section are not found on any of these available releases, unless noted.

Studio Albums

  • The Red Eye
  • Bad Influence
  • Rydas 4 Life
  • Love/Hate
  • Hate Me More

Studio EPs

  • Para La Isla


  • Myzery Classics
  • His.Story


  • Heaven or Hell



[table delimiter=”|”]
Role Tight aka Stay Strong|The 4 Faces & Four Faces of Myzery|The 4 Faces is a project initially created to be Myzery’s first full length debut album. It was also known as The Four Faces of Nay Nay. Known personas were to be Myzery, Dr. Giggles, Diabloa, and Spanish Thug. A demo EP called 4 Faces came out in 1999, followed by a somewhat-unrelated demo called DP Inc. in 2001. These tracks were later re-released in 2004 as Four Faces of Myzery compilation. These three releases have been out of print for over a decade. This track was produced by Mike E. Clark, and although it was not the first track of any releases, the beginning makes it seem like an intro track, which is taken from the movie Scarface.|CLICK HERE
Dr. Giggles aka Piece by Piece|The 4 Faces & Four Faces of Myzery|This track is the only Dr. Giggles appearance on said releases. It shares the same beat as Hound Dogs, which featured ICP, Twiztid, and Blaze. An interesting note is that during an ICP Hotline segment in 1999, Violent J and Myzery (as Dr. Giggles) appeared together. It was confirmed during the conversation (and other sources) that Dark Lotus would consist of Violent J, Myzery, Madrox, Monoxide, and Shaggy. On the same segment, they played the beat for Hound Dogs, which was claimed to be a brand new Dark Lotus track. It turned into this song, and the track mentioned above on Twiztid’s reissue of Mostasteless. Produced by Mike E. Clark.|CLICK HERE
Chillin’ Blunted|DP Inc. & Four Faces of Myzery|Another track from the 4 Faces sessions.|CLICK HERE
Somebody Save Me|Four Faces of Myzery|Although it was recorded in 1999, it was not released whatsoever until 2004 on the Four Faces of Myzery compliation.|CLICK HERE
How Many Shots|DP Inc. & Four Faces of Myzery|It shares the same bass line as a song by The Beatles named Come Together.|CLICK HERE


[table delimiter=”|”]
Say My Name|n/a|Beat produced by Adam West, this track was only released on his MySpace in 2009. It has resurfaced into Myzery’s setlists from 2011 onwards.|CLICK HERE[/table]


[table delimiter=”|”]
Psychopathic Orphan|n/a|Appeared exclusively on YouTube, this is the first officially released Myzery track since his reemergence on the music scene after a friend started a bad rumor. He gives a quick summary of his days with Psychopathic Records and the family.|CLICK HERE[/table]


[table delimiter=”|”]
Just Me|n/a|This song was released on Myzery’s Soundcloud as a preview to the Heaven or Hell mixtape, but never made the actual release.|CLICK HERE
Watch Me Now|Heaven or Hell|Initially released on Myzery’s Soundcloud as a preview to the Heaven or Hell mixtape. Although it did not appear on the free download of the mixtape, it did appear as a bonus track to the physical release.|CLICK HERE
Stuck Half Way|Heaven or Hell|A bonus track on the physical release of the Heaven or Hell mixtape.|CLICK HERE[/table]


[table delimiter=”|”]
Pop That|n/a|Released on Myzery’s SoundCloud. He makes numerous references to the Juggalos and Psychopathic Records. An interesting note is that on this song, he revisits his Rydas persona, Twin Gats.|CLICK HERE
Welcome to My Hell|n/a|An online exclusive, this song is produced by Kuma of Psychopathic Records. Said to be an outtake of the long awaited Demon/Angel album.|CLICK HERE
Don’t Make Me Angry (Demo Version)|n/a|The original version of Don’t Make Me Angry, which only features Myzery doing a verse. The beat is also slightly changed. The final version appears on the 2016 album Demon/Angel and features Slaine, Mastamind, Opio, Scarub, and Edo G.|CLICK HERE[/table]


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