August 9, 2022
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Unreleased Underground: Boondox

This is the official discography of Boondox. All of the rare songs listed in this section are not found on any of these available releases, unless noted.

Studio Albums

  • Dama Blanca
  • The Harvest
  • Krimson Creek
  • South of Hell
  • Abaddon

Studio EPs

  • PunkinHed



[table delimiter=”|”]
Abaddon (Original Version)|n/a|The original version of Abaddon, which appeared in its final form years later on the studio album.|CLICK HERE[/table]


[table delimiter=”|”]
Monster (Original Version)|n/a|This original version of Monster was released on Boondox’s Twitter. The final version appeared on his 2014 album, Abaddon.|CLICK HERE
She Hates Me|n/a|Another track released by Boondox via his Twitter. Not intended for any album, and was simply a free song released online.|CLICK HERE
Hell or Jail|n/a|A track that was intended to be on the Turncoat Dirty album Jawja State of Mind. It was leaked online, and later noted by Boondox himself as an upcoming song. The album never surfaced.|CLICK HERE[/table]


[table delimiter=”|”]
Devil’s Night|n/a|Released only during Hallowicked of 2013, it was Boondox’s first song since returning to Psychopathic Records.|CLICK HERE[/table]


[table delimiter=”|”]
Infectshun|The Wormwood Tour EP|The first track off of the exclusive tour EP, it features Michelle Bruce and Violent J. Other artists to appear on the EP are Aqualeo, Bukshot, Syn, Crucifix, and Claas.|CLICK HERE
Psycho Symphony (Remix)|The Wormwood Tour EP|Another song off of the tour EP. The original version, which also features Syn, appears on the 2014 Boondox album Abaddon. Bukshot is also added to this version.|CLICK HERE[/table]


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