June 14, 2024
17 Guests and Online

Adlib – “Teenagers from Marz”

The track list for “Teenagers from Marz” is as follows:

1 – The Beginning (We Are)

2 – Plastic Reality feat.Burke the Jurke

3 – Destro feat. DJ TMB

4 – Mars Attacks feat.J.O the Last Man, Skrewtape, Ghetto MC, Ali Armz, DJ TMB

5. New Breed feat. Jessica Lamb

6 – The Beginning (We Are)

7 – Plastic Reality (Instrumental)

8 – Destro (Instrumental)

9 – Mars Attacks (Instrumental)

10 – New Breed (Instrumental)

11 – Out of Step feat. UG

12 – Beastmode feat. Madchild




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