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Happy New Year, Fam! I hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah or whatever you may celebrate. Either way, it makes no difference as long as you and yours had a great time. Personally, I can my three little monsters got a nice visit from the fat man and his giant sack. All in all it was a crazy year, but here’s looking to an even better New Year and a new edition of the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight.

Kicking of the new year we’ve got a look at a different side of the music industry then we’re usually accustomed to seeing. In fact you may have already noticed that we don’t have any tracks featured in this edition and there is a good reason for this. Instead of an artist’s view, this time around we get a look at the promotion side of the underground. Recently I was fortunate enough to speak with Nineiron, a promoter and diehard Battle Axe Warrior. So, let’s get the new year started right, take a look into the world of a BAXWAR promoter.


Johnny O: First off, can you start out by introducing yourself to everyone?

NINEIRON:  What’s up fam I go by the name NINEIRON. Lieutenant of The BattleAxe Warriors. I’m also a Juggalo. I’m known as an Original Juggalo. I’ve been down for 17 years. I became a Lo when the Great Milenko album dropped back in 1997. I don’t know if anyone has already came up with this term or not but I consider myself a Hybrid. Im a BAXWAR JUGGALO. I know after I used that term in a Tweet to MADCHILD he actually used that term in one of his posts. So maybe I started a new terminology?? I also used to go by the name EBAH NINEIRON when I was the President of the Juggalo Family Street Crew 717. After I converted over to BAXWAR I wanted a more original name so I started calling myself NINEIRON because I walk around with a nine iron golf club. I use it as a cane.

JO:  So, before we get into your role, will you elaborate a little more on who the Battle Axe Warriors are and what they do exactly?

NI: The Battleaxe Warriors is a movement, a community; a worldwide family of creative and like-minded people. It is a brotherhood derived in North Vancouver, B.C. by Madchild of Swollen Members. While on tour, Madchild met with many individuals that shared the same passion and fight as he did. He wanted to bring together what he deemed the “Warriors”. Swollen Members (Madchild, Prevail, and Rob the Viking) stand as the originators of the crew. However the Movement has taken it’s toll Worldwide. Battleaxe Warriors are NOT A GANG. We do not support any illegal or criminal activities. Any one that uses the Name, Logos or Likeness to Victimized, Bully or Intimidate anyone will have membership canceled immediately. Many will apply to become apart of the family, but not all are selected. We are a strong Movement based on positivity and fam tactics where loyalty and respect rises above all. Amongst our brotherhood we have: Emcees, Djs, Producers, Tattoo Artists, MMAFighters, Graphic Designers, Graff Artists,  Extreme Sports athletes, and Fans and Supporters of Underground Hip-Hop and the Whole Culture of Hip-Hop. We currently have 5,000 registered members from all over the world! The following is our CODE OF CONDUCT:
~I will treat ALL BAX members as equals and show RESPECT  to ALL members.
~ I will keep a positive attitude and do what I can to build the Family.
~ I will have pride in myself and in my Family and conduct myself as such.
~  I will not act in a manner that can embarrass myself or my Family.
~ I will not wear BAX clothing or represent BAXWAR while engaging in any illegal activities.
~ I will not judge members by how “cool” or popular they are, I will judge them on their heart and character.


JO: Okay, now can you tell us little bit about your role?

NI: I’m a promoter. I promote underground rap/hip hop/horrorcore music. Primarily for BAXWAR and the music artists that are official members of our movement. As my role as Lieutenant I have responsibilities. LIEUTENANTS have recruited 5 new members, are responsible for bringing those members out to Warrior events, shows and just incorporating them into the brotherhood. They are also participating in promo work to share Battleaxe music with the world and participate in video shoots.

JO: Obviously, things are different on the promotion side, so what’s it really like being a promoter?

NI: Well as my role as promoter, I primarily network and assist bookers, music artists, promoters, and venues link up with one another. This aspect of the Underground Music scene takes a passion and a love for the music and the Underground community because there is really not much money to be made. As for me as for now I charge nothing for my services and assistance. It’s like I scratch your back you scratch mine. Like getting in free or getting tickets cheaper for shows and events. Free or cheap merchandise. Connections with other promoters and artists. Plenty of percs you just have to put in the work and have a true love for it. I love my role as promoter. I love helping others and seeing others succeed and ask for nothing in return.


JO: I’m sure you have some crazy stories to go along with all of this, is there any one in particular you could tell us about?

NI: Oh hell. Haha. Well I’ve seen plenty of craziness at shows. But when I was the founder and president of the Juggalo Family Street Crew 717 (JFSC717) We were a very small group of Juggalos from Lancaster City Pennsylvania that did plenty of promotional work and we helped give back to the community with community service work. I got a tattoo on the back of my head of our logo. I also have a tattoo on my face that says BAXWAR.

JO: Most people associate Madchild and Swollen Members with BAXWAR, can you give us some more insight into their connection here?

NI: All the members of Swollen Members ie MADCHILD, PREVAIL, and ROB THE VIKING are the founding members and MADCHILD is our General.


JO: How did you first get involved with BAXWAR and the whole promoting side of the business?

NI: One of my Juggalo fam messaged me on Facebook one night and asked me if I have ever heard of BAXWAR. Which he is a member of. I said no, I never even heard of them. At which that time I didn’t really even listen to MADCHILD or SWOLLEN MEMBERS. So he directed me to the site which is and he told me to read the movement and code of conduct and if i was interested to get back to him before I started my application. So after I read up on the movement and looked over the whole site I got back to him and told him that I was very interested in becoming a member.  So he told me what i had to do and the information that I needed from him and did my application. After about three weeks I received my confirmation email and then purchased my members package. Once I purchased my package I became an official member. As the promotional aspect I was a promoter when I joined. I mostly help the BAXWAR family out more than other artists.

JO: I know you recently recruited Aequitas, A.Dot Wake and a few other artists as well, how did this come about? What does it mean for you and the artists?

NI: I recruited these artists based upon their talent and the impact they have upon the Underground Music Community. My brothers are very positive and extremely hard working and highly motivated artists. They are also willing to give back to the community and help our movement grow. By being a member of BAXWAR gives you a bigger fan base and bigger outreach to more people than just being a part of just one category in this HUGE underground scene. Now each member has their own primary reason why they joined but I stated a major one. I actually started a sub division called BAXWAR 717 PENNSYLVANIA. Which is a part of our larger Division which is BAXWAR EAST COAST.  We also have our own booking called BAXWAR 717 BOOKING which you can find both on Facebook. Actually Mal Havoc previously of 7th Layer who runs Crush Pro Recordings and is a member of Wolf Pac started up BAXWAR 717 BOOKINGS and is running it great. I recruited him into BAXWAR also. He is actually the very first music artists I recruited into the movement.


JO: Anything coming up that you could let us in on?

NI: There is going to be a BDAY BASH thrown for me on January 17, 2015 in Scranton Pennsylvania. Its going to be a dope show to start the year off and to celebrate my birthday. I’m not giving away who’s going to be on stage or the venue as of right now but everyone can keep an eye out on my Facebook page Nineiron Baxwar. Also it will be posted on the following Facebook pages, BAXWAR 717 PENNSYLVANIA. BAXWAR EAST COAST. BAXWAR 717 BOOKING.

JO: How can perspective warriors find BAXWAR and get involved?

NI: Our main site is we are currently not accepting any new members on account of the books being closed until further notice by the order of our General MADCHILD. He did not say a date when the books will be open again and he asks for everyone not to ask because he doesn’t even know yet. But everyone is able to go to the site and start up a free profile and keep up to date with our movement and to read up on what we are all about. I ask everyone to read the movement and code of conduct and then go from there.


JO: Personally, what or who are you currently listening to?

NI: CRAZY by MADCHILD. I also like to listen to alot of underground artists like my recruits, Mal, A. Dot, Aequitas, Mc Chaoz. Also Killator of Corpse Circus, Durte Deciblz, Playboy the Beast and many others. I know all of them personally. I also like Vinnie Paz, Swollen Members, ICP (the original jokers cards), Twiztid. Shit I could go on and on. Lol. I love all kinds of music except for country. Hahaa.

JO: Who would you say have been your inspirations?

NI: The first person on my inspiration list is my mother. After my father passed away when I was 6 years old she struggled and did everything she could to make sure that I had a roof over my head. Food on the table. And clothes on my back. She worked so hard for hardly nothing just for me! She is one of the strongest women I know and also my biggest fan and supporter. She made me the man I am today and I love her whole heartedly. Also my children are inspirations in my life. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here. I changed my whole life to be a better person and a more positive role model for them. Everything I do in my life from here on out is for them. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I love them with everything I have in my heart. Also last but not least of people that inspire me is my General, MADCHILD. Like him I’m also a recovering drug addict and like him was on top of the world and crashed so hard I should have been dead plenty of times and lost everything in my life. Not just possessions but my family. Blood relations that is. The respect from them and friends that thought I would never change. Im 33 now, and it took me 29 years to actually grow up and mature and to put others before myself. Im happy to say that im drug free and living my life to the fullest because of these people that im proud to call my FAMILY!


JO:  I always like to end on some Thank Yous, so how about a few shout outs before we end this thing?

NI: I would like to start of by thanking you for giving me this opportunity to tell a little bit about myself and about the BAXWAR movement and what we are about. This is a great honor for me and I’ve worked hard to get here. Also to Wes LoSo for recruiting me. Thank you to Val Igals for taking time out of her life to teach me more about BAXWAR when I first became a member. She is a female BAXWAR which we call DIMES. Thank you to my Division Leaders Adlib and Clockwork for assisting me in getting promoted to Lieutenant. Shout out to all of my recruits A Dot Wake, Aequitas, Mal Havoc, Crazy John, and DJ CHAOZ who continue to make me proud with everything they do. SALUTE to my brothers Simo and Paul Mchale for putting together my upcoming BDAY BASH and for just being the people they are!!! I’m proud to call them my brothers. Also shout out to my sister Skittlez of EAST COAST JUGGALOS & JUGGALETTES for being there for me and helping me when I am in a jam. SALUTE to all my BAXWAR brothers and sisters. Last but not least……shout out to all of my haters because they are my greatest motivators!!!! I apologize if I have forgotten to say anyone but I have love for all of my friends and family because I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for all of you. Thank you!! MMFWCL4L!!! AXES UP!!!


So, that will wrap up this year’s first brand new edition of the Underground Spotlight. A big THANK YOU to Nineiron  and all the Battle Axe Warriors out there. If you liked what you read, be sure to check out Madchild, Swollen Members and all of the goings on in the BAXWAR world. Of course, I have to wish everyone out there a Happy & Healthy New Year. Here’s to even better one then the last and even more amazing year here at Faygoluvers.

As always if you would like to be featured right here on the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight just hit me up at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you want to/should be featured, a pic or two and a couple tracks. Of course don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O.


Official BAXWAR Site

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