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Smacktown - "Chelsea Grin (Remix) feat. AntiMatter, Matuse, Jarren Benton, Jeff Turner & M. Sith" Smacktown - "Fight II"

What’s up Fam? That’s right it’s Johnny O, and after a brief hiatus (give me a break, it was my birthday!) I’m back with another new edition of the Underground Spotlight. This time around we get an in depth look at one of Australia’s rising groups, Smacktown. Fresh off a monster show with Kid Crusher, we sit down with N3 and Chico to discuss the essence of Smacktown, their evolution, their latest release and more.

So, instead of going on and on….Let’s just get into this thing, shall we?


Johnny O: First, could you introduce us to the members of Smacktown?

N3: What is up my Faygo Loving Friends, I’m N3 one half of Smacktown born and raised in the western Sydney with a Hispanic background, Producer/Mc with 16 years of hustle under my belt.

Chico: Well the names Chico Cas (Tha Chix) born in Sao Paulo Brazil grew up in Chile but now I’m blessed to call Australia home. Been rapping now over 10 years just evolving with the times putting my life into words for the world to hear and see.

JO: Being on a label named Fight Music, I have to ask how exactly would you describe the Smacktown style?

Chico: To be honest, it’s hard to really explain our style. I don’t believe that there is one word that could describe us or describe the movement that we have started. Every time I have the pleasure to meet a new fan they all have their own description on our style. It’s something different to everyone, just like asking what genre our music would be. It just doesn’t sit on one particular genre.

N3: Mann that’s a hard one, like Chico said we are currently sitting quite genre less… If I had to put some kind of distribution together, I’d leave it to what the fans have described us as; dark, energized, electric, destructive, powerful, chaotic & monstrous and some of the artist that we are often related to are System Of A Down, DMX, Tech N9ne, Huoratron, Prodigy… So I guess if you were to throw all those artists and words in a blender you get some kind of special Smacktown Fagyobomb!


JO: I know that the label also houses a stable of other artists including your own solo efforts, can you tell us a little bit more about the label and artists?

N3: Fight Music is a force that’s fueled purely from true artistry, Fight Music represents the battle that we as independent artist and hard working people do to survive in this illusive system and fake industry.

Outside of Smacktown our roster involves a next level poetic lyricist from the U.K. Jinz Moss, who will be releasing his debut EP with us at the start of July. Chico Cas, and Myself have solo projects in their early stages to help our individual styles prosper and to branch out to further our audience outside of Smacktown.

JO: The Australian underground scene has a number of notable artists, such as Kid Crusher, but how would you describe the music scene?

N3: Australia’s underground scene has a decent handful of great talent but with artist like ourselves and Kid Crusher having such a niche market its one big uphill battle but we still manage to rock some killer shows out here.

JO: Obviously, a major difference for Smacktown is the attention you receive in the electronic dance music scene; can you tell us more about this?

N3: Yeah we have been rocking the heavy Electronic scene from 2007 playing along side artist like, Justice, A-Trak, Bloody Beetroots& many more. This scene kick started our fan base but as your know scenes change and the electronic scene was good for the energy but we needed to blend that force fuse and evolve it with the Hip Hop culture, which is how we got to where we are now.

JO: Personally, I loved the “Powerless/Chelsea Grin EP,” but how has the fan reception been so far?

N3: Man its been amazing, all our old school fans been right behind the whole thing and every new fan is taken away by the content – Its been hard to spread coming from Australia with such a unique sound, but we slowly spreading to every corner of the globe.

Chico: I’ve personally received nothing but positive feedback about the “Powerless/Chelsea Grin EP” which has been beautiful because we wanted to something different with this EP. We wanted to hit this EP from different angles. We wanted each track to have a completely feel to all the other tracks on the EP and I believe we achieved that because every time I speak to someone, they all have their own personal favourites. There isn’t one particular track that you could say is our main single because each track has its own story to tell so each track is a single in its own way.


JO: Before we get ahead of ourselves, where can fans get a copy (Physical or Digital) of the EP?

N3: Yeah fans can grab the EP from all Digital distributors iTunes, Beatport, Google Play Store etc.

ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/powerless-chelsea-grin/id783768889

Collectors Hard copies coming soon for all our hardcore fans.

JO: Speaking of the EP, the track “Chelsea Grin” features some notable appearances by Jarren Benton, Jeff Turner and several others. Are there any artists out there that you would love to reach out and do a track with?

Chico: Well on top of the wish list for collabos (and my brother N3, would agree with me) would have to be Tech N9ne. As a massive Tech fan for years, it would not only be a pleasure but a dream come true to be on the same track as the best rapper alive but in saying that there a few other artists that I have grown up listening to and have inspired me through out the years, names like Mexicano 777, Mr. Shadow (Snr. Sombra), DMX, Mr. Criminal etc.. I could be here forever lol. I would also love to do a collabo with The Weeknd that would definitely make panties get wet hahahaha.

N3: So many artist I would love to hit up as Chico mentioned for sure Tech N9ne on top of that list…we coming for ya Tech!! Also some immediate few would be Immortal Technique, Wrekonize, Ill Bill & Locksmith.

JO: Is there anything else currently in the works for the Smacktown crew?

N3: Yeah we have a Chelsea grin remix video dropping early August pushing a lot of boundaries with that video looking to shake up the underground with it! Apart from being in hibernation to record our new shit we got a show with La Coka Nostra in August should be real dope to share the stage with such high caliber MC’s

JO: Who are you currently listening to?

N3: At this moment I’m spinning, Jinz Moss – Lost & Deported, Jeff Turner – A Beautiful Mess, Locksmith – A Thousand Cuts.

Chico: I’m one of those dudes that listens to everything and anything. Even though Hip Hop is my bread and butter and what I grew up with I like listen to everything. You can get my iPod and find anything from Tech N9ne, Big Pun to Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars to King Gordy, Slipknot, SOAD to Ray Charles, Little Richard, The Temptations to Huoratron, The Proxy and Skrillex. It really all depends on the day and what’s been going on in my life.


JO: Who would you say have been your inspirations?

N3: Coming from generation of musicians my fam and my father has definitely been the first inspiration who led me along this path, taught me more in music and life than any other person, musically I listen to so many things in Hip Hop Tech, Wreck & Immortal have shown me so much and I’m always learning even Jinz Moss being so new to the game has taught me a thing or too, musically I listen to Metallica, Huoratron and i love listening to orchestral symphonic renditions of Mozart, Beethoven I’m just a lover of  anything epic that shifts my soul.

Chico: As inspiration, musically I would have to say Tech N9ne above all other artist. Not only to I think he is the best rapper alive but every time I hear one of his songs or when he drops his newest tracks, it always inspires me to step up my game. On a personal level, my inspiration would have to my family, being my mother, grandmother and auntie. Knowing all they have gone through to and able to bring us here to Australia so I could have the opportunity to live my dream which I probably wouldn’t have the chance back home, it inspires me to do all I can to able to one of these days support them.

JO: If fans want to check out more from Smacktown and the whole Fight Music crew, where can they go?

N3: They can jump on to www.fightmusic.co / www.facebook.com/smacktown / www.facebook.com/JinzOfficial

JO: Now before we go, how about a few shout outs?

Chico: Just a big shout to Faygoluvers for the support and allowing us to show the fans a more of a in-depth side to us. Also a massive shout out to all the amazing and talented artist I have been lucky enough to work with on this past Smacktown project. From the homies overseas, big ups to Jarren Benton and Jeff Turner who are killing it right now in the states on tour to all the talented local artist featured on the EP who added their magical touch to the EP and last but not least, all Smacktillians around the world who to this day are supporting our music and following our movement. We do this for you guys, so without the support from each and everyone one of you we wouldn’t be where we are now so much love for that. JEA!

N3: Yeee Chico pretty much covered the whole fam…Thanks Faygolovers, Much Love!

Smacktown Cover

Okay, that just about wraps it up for the latest edition of the Faygoluvers Underground Spotlight. Damn it feels good to be back! Before we sign off I have to give a big shout out to Chico, N3 and the whole Fight Music crew all the way out there in Australia. If you liked what you heard, make sure to support the homies and pick up a copy of the the “Powerless/Chelsea Grin EP.” Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed.

As always, a big THANK YOU to everyone out here in Faygoluvers land for taking the time out to read another Underground Spotlight. There are plenty more to come, in fact they’re piling up.

So to all of you artists out there, if you would like to be featured right here on the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight just hit me up at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you want to/should be featured, a pic or two and a couple tracks. Of course don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O.


Official Fight Music Website
Smacktown on FaceBook
Smacktown on YouTube
Purchase the “Powerless/Chelsea Grin EP” on iTunes



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