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D*Money Blockboy

Hello Juggalos and Juggalettes, welcome back to the Faygoluvers Underground Spotlight. I’m Johnny O and I’m here once again to deliver an interview with another rising underground artist. First, before we get into all of that I want to wish all of the family out there a giant HAPPY EASTER or HAPPY 4/20 or both. I know that my weekend was crazy, but I hope everyone out there had a great time.

Okay, so let’s get back on track. In this edition of the Underground Spotlight we get a chance to take a more in depth look at D*Money Blockboy. Creator and member of the A.N. Blockboyz, he’s recently been catching some attention for his latest single “George Bush,” which features both Bonecrusher and Boondox. You can check out the track above and the video below, but let’s just jump right into this interview.

dmoney blockboy

Johnny O: So, before we get started can you introduce yourself to everyone here on Faygoluvers?

DMoney: For those who dont know who I am, Im D*Money Blockboy (Dark Money Blockboy) The Last Messiah of the group A.N Blockboyz. Born and raised in Battle Creek Michigan. Two hours from Chicago, hour and half from Detroit. Smack dab in between both cities. I’ve seen the best and been through the worst, but I can’t complain because I’m blessed to still be here. Representing my family, city and state. I’m barging in full speed call it a freight train, choo choo!

JO: For everyone out there who may have not heard of DMoney before, how would you describe your style?

DM: My style is like non other you have heard, or ever will hear thus far. You can feel the pain in my voice. That’s what sets me aside of any other rapper of today. I can relate to people’s pain. With most rappers you just hear them nowadays, you can’t feel them anymore. Like you would a 2pac, ICP, Esham, NWA or somebody like that. My style is all me though, when I get into that booth or on that stage, I let loose. I feel spirits take over my body like a holy ghost, or holy gangsta, as we would call it. Sprits Jumping in and out of my soul along with my own pains deep down, gives my sound/style that edge missing in the game.

JO: Besides your solo efforts, you’re also a part of the A.N. Blockboyz, can you tell us a little bit about the group?

DM: I started the group All Natro Blockboyz in the early 90’s (All Natro) which consisted of me and my two brother’s “Swav C” aka Swigg and Poke G. We worked like magic even then. My mom started out as our manager and we traveled to little cities around Michigan doing talent shows. She pushed us as kids cause she believed we were born with the gift. She always pushed us as kids to be the best at what we did and not to settle for less. Eventually that mentality landed us a small commercial with Kellogg’s for Rice Krispies. My mom’s father had also been a singer that toured with some of the Motown greats, she also wanted us to continue out his legacy. As we grew to young men, I reformed the group and added our cousin “Cheef” bna “Michael Lee Warren”. After awhile “Swigg” fell back out of the group and here we are today. We eventually gained access to studios the older we got and began recording. We have done amazing threw out the years opening up for majors like E-40, Do or Die, Fat Joe, Juvenile, BG, Trina, Bone Crusher, Black Rob/ G-Dep to name some. Sometimes we as a whole have our disputes, debates and fights but we always manage to remain focused on our goals and dreams. That’s what keep us on track. S/O Poke G, Swigg and Michael Lee Warren, A.N Blockboyz for life Whoop Whoop!


JO: I know you originally started out in Battle Creek, Michigan, but how have things changed since your transition to the Columbus, Ohio area?

DM: I’ve been able to transition really well I think. Columbus is surely my second home. I embraced her and she embraced me. Moving to Columbus Ohio (Cap City) from the (Cereal City) Battle Creek is two totally different environments. It took my mind a minute to get use to the transition, but overall its been a great experience.

JO: Through out your life you’ve had to deal with more hardships than most could bare.  Can you tell us a little about them and what keeps you going everyday?

DM: I started out ass-backwards, (quoted by my mother) started off on the wrong page. I was put on intense probation in the second grade for killing a neighbor’s dog. I was at the time going through mental issues. My parents and others watched me carefully under a radar to keep me on track. Although they did their best to keep me on track, I still managed to get thrown off sometimes. I began to kinda disconnect with myself by the ages 15/16. Looking death in the eyes on a couple of occasions. Eventually getting back in trouble with the law in my late teens. I caught 5 felonies and was lookin at prison time. Instead of sending me away for five to ten years, I did 6 months in jail and got paroled for 5 years. Happy to say, I completed my sentence successfully. I then turned back to my first and true love music. I was born to do this shit, my calling. It keeps the negative spirit out of me like a bible would a cold-hearted killer. Music allows me to remain strong. Later on in life I had to burry three of my sons. This is the hardest to cope with. People ask me all the time “how do you remain sane after all that”… I tell them God, he allows me to keep it pushing. That situation though is the hardest thing anyone can ever experience. I mean the parent is supposed to die first not the child. But nothing is guaranteed. There is not a day that goes by, I don’t think about my seeds that didn’t make it. When they departed this world, pieces of me did as well. I know they’re with me and that what helps me remain unbreakable.  I stay strong, look past the haters, demons and keep my head up. I’m blessed to still be here, a god shining like the sun.


JO: Let’s get back to some positive things; you just dropped a new video for the track “George Bush” featuring Bonecrusher and Boondox, how did that collaboration come about?

DM: The collaboration came together I believe like magic. I had a show down in Atlanta Georgia at the Scorpion Room. When I got down there, I called Bone Crusher up. To make a long story short, I went over to his crib let him hear the record and he thought it was hot. At the same time my agent sent the track out to several people in my realm of music. The record was sent to Tech 9ne, Rick Reign, Mars, Stievie Stone, Scoop Nitty, Boondox and several other hard hitters. I got a call from my folks saying not only did Boondox like the track, but he dropped a verse on it.

JO: Not only are both Bonecrusher and Boondox featured on the track, but both also appear in the video, can you tell us what it was like shooting a video with these two?

DM: Shooting a video with Bone Crusher and Boondox was pretty awesome. Everybody was happy to be there. Boondox told me it was a pleasure to finally meet me, I had mutual feelings. He was wicked on set; some scenes didn’t go in the video, same with Crusher. That dude is hilarious always crackin jokes. It felt like a family reunion.


JO: You’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing artists already, but if you could reach out to anyone, who would DMoney love to collaborate with?

DM: I would love to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar, Esham, ICP, Scarface, Brotha Lynch Hung, Snow Da Product, and Twisted Insane for the most part.

JO: So, how have the Horrorcore fans been responding to DMoney?

DM: I mean everybody has lovers and haters; it just comes with the territory. You need a positive and a negative battery to make the controller work anyway. It won’t work off just a negative or a positive. Overall I’m getting a lot of love from the fans and supporters. You have those that hate you though because they don’t understand you. After this interview people can have a clearer understanding of who I am and why I am. I Hope all fans and haters read this interview.

JO: I know you and the whole A.N. Blockboyz have a lot planned for this year, anything you can let us in on?

DM: Yes we do have a pretty booked up summer. We have two tours in affect right now. The Hell On Earth Tour, which features me headlining and friends. Also I have the Fire N Ice Tour, which features me, Bone Crusher and Michael Lee Warren headlining. We are doing spot dates at all times for inquiring minds. If anyone wants to book either one of these tours, or a spot date in your city email us for more information [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also follow me on Facebook @dmoney thelastmessiah, twitter @anblockboyz1, instagram @anblockboyz

JO: If fans want to hear more from DMoney, where can they go? (Websites, Social Media, Etc.)

DM: To hear more music, or see more footage of me, you can go to www.blockboyentertainment.com. You can also Google or YouTube it. Also be watchin out for my EP “Sixth Circle Of Hell” dropping this year. Stay tuned in!

JO: Personally, who are you currently listening to?

DM: I am currently listening to a little bit of everything and everybody lol! Hip Hop, Horror Core, R and B, Jazz, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Oprah, Heavy Metal etc…..

JO: Who would you say have been your inspirations through out the years?

DM: Some of my biggest inspirations in music growing up were The Fat Boys, Run Dmc, NWA, Esham, 2Pac, ICP, Master Mind, Scarface, Master P, DMX, R Kelly, Luther Vandross, Nirvana, Limp Bizkit, Corn, Metallica, Surface, Guy, Troop and Silk to name a few.

JO: I always say that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of those around us, so how about a few shout outs to end this thing?

DM: I like to give all thanks to God/Gods above for most, because without him/them I am nothing. To my family who has backed me from day one. Also to my fans and supporters. I wouldn’t be much without them either. Rest In Peace to my homies who didn’t make it this far Tremain Watson, Myron Swift, Darren Adams, Kiontae Ward, Kenyata Wilkins, Antwon Harmon, Allen Nichols and Quincy Web. Always loved and never forgotten. Shout out to my fam in prison doing hard time. Laron Marshall, Dashawn Witcher, Robert Lee and Meche Loc. Also I wanta shout out my big cous K-Roc and Kevin Dean Oneita Street baby!

DMoney – “Fiddle Faddle” (ft. Boondox, Bone Crusher)

And that will do it for this edition of the Underground Spotlight Fam. I want to thank D*Money, Cheef, the A.N. Blockboyz and the entire Blockboy Entertainment family. Remember to be on the look out for D*Money’s forthcoming EP “Sixth Circle of Hell” and since the man’s got two tours in the works, I’m sure he’ll be coming to a town near you. Make sure to go out and support the homie. HUGE NEWS actually just came in and BONE CRUSHER has confirmed he is in GOTJ-2014 on Twitter and will be  performing live with Dmoney Blockboy & Michael Lee Warren.

Well, I want to THANK everyone for once again joining us here on the Underground Spotlight. As always, remember if you’re an artist and would like to be featured right here on the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight just hit me up at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you want to/should be featured, a pic or two and a couple tracks. Of course don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O.




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