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Michael Lee Warren aka Blockboy Cheef

Michael Lee Warren aka Blockboy Cheef - "In My City (Feat. TC)" Blockboy Cheef - "Dat White"


What’s up Juggalettes and Juggalos? Did you notice I switched it up there? Yeah, I realized it should always be ladies first. Anyway, welcome to another brand new addition of the Underground Spotlight here on Faygoluvers. Today we have an interview Michigan rapper Michael Lee Warren aka Blockboy Cheef. His latest video for “In My City,” was just recently released here on Faygluvers and we thought it was the perfect time to sit down with the man himself for a little interview. Though he faced a hard life growing up in Battle Creek, Michigan and a near death experience, his love for the music has kept him grinding throughout the years.


Okay, I think I’m doing that thing where I ramble again. So, let’s get into this damn thing, shall we?

Johnny O: First off, for those out there who may not have heard of Blockboy Cheef before, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Blockboy Cheef: What’s good Johnny O. I appreciate you and Scottie D for giving me the chance to do this interview. Well, first off for those who don’t know me I am originally from the group A.N. BLOCKBOYZ, which A.N. stands for ALL NATURAL which we spell it ALL NATRO. We are from Battle Creek, Michigan located in between Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan. We started our musical careers as a group @ the tender ages of 8, 7 & 5. The group consist of DMONEY BLOCKBOY, BLOCKBOY POKE and of course me BLOCKBOY CHEEF. We have been on the music scene since the late 90’s recording multiple songs, studio albums and unreleased material that we want to eventually give to the fans and potential fans that are out there. We’ve done shows and concerts with legends BONE CRUSHER, BONE THUGS -N- HARMONY, BIZZY BONE, JUVENILE, FAT JOE, MIDNIGHT STAR, E40, DO OR DIE, LIL FLIP, TWISTA, GHETTO BOYS, SCARFACE, MJG 8BALL just to name a few.


JO: I know everyone hates to be asked this question, but if you had to, how would you describe your style?

BC: Lol, it’s kool man.  Everyone has there influences. Look at Kobe Bryant, his game was influenced by Michael Jordan. I wouldn’t say I have anyone’s particular style but I would say I have a few influential artists young and old that inspire me and my music. Ummm, let’s see 2Pac, Krazy Bone, R. Kelly, Sade and definitely Drake. These artists in my opinion are all unique in their respective positions in the music industry.

JO: So, you go by both Michael Lee Warren and Blockboy Cheef?

BC: Well my first name is Michael. Lee Warren is my father’s middle and last name. S/O to him if he would’ve had it his way my last name would’ve been Warren. But to me, the name has power to it. It’s like an alter ego, I like being standout-ish coming from a group with a name such as Blockboy Cheef. MICHAEL LEE WARREN just gives me more of my own identity as an solo artist.


JO: You grew up in a rough environment and I’m sure music helped you get through everything. Can you tell us a little about this?

BC: I grew up around drunks, crack heads, and murderers as an adolescent. That’s all I knew even though I had preachers as uncles spreading the gospel and being a positive influence in my life. I still felt as though my life was on a roller coaster up and down.  Living in a single parent home with my mother and my father being in and out of my brother and my lives was difficult with no structure. So I grew up with a lot of anxiety and depression issues. Both of my parents who did their best.  It still left me to wonder if they actually loved me unconditionally. Both of my parents were violent in someway and I happened to be their victim. I was involved with two incidents where I was stabbed or cut by both parents. My mother cut me on my arm and my father stabbed me in the shoulder…But God says you’re supposed to forgive.  It’s hard but I think I’ve been successful in that area. But not in others..but hey who’s perfect?

JO: At 13 you had an incident that you’re very fortunate to live through, I imagine that changes your perspective a lot. Can you tell us about the incident and how it affected you?

BC: Like I said before I come from a religious background in a way, with uncles as preachers dealing with all type crazy spirits, angels and demons shit that could’ve ended my life. At the age of 13 I was involved in a shooting. I was shot in my face with a 22-hand gun. The bullet entered my face right below my right eye lodging on the left side of my face by my jaw bone temple area. Long story short, the doctors said I was a miracle, so thank God I’m here. They thought I wasn’t going to be able to speak again.”But the devil’s a lie”


JO: Back to the positive shit though, tell us about your latest video for “In My City”(Available now on Faygoluvers)?

BC: “In My City” has a good concept, a feel-good vibe. Not everyone would agree with me but I will leave that up to the fans and critics…so make sure y’all like, share, and comment on the video. But believe it or not Johnny O, it wasn’t suppose to be my first single.  The director Hollywood, who is a good friend of mine, loved the record so we shot the video here in Atlanta, GA.

JO: What’s your take on our Juggalo family?

BC: The Juggalos are an amazing group of individuals with many talents and are die hard fans of those who show love and have respect for their culture. It’s a way of life for many and I respect them to the fullest. Even though I’m not a Horrorcore artist, I feel like I can still relate to a lot of where the Lo’s and Lette’s came from.  It’s called life, and sometimes life’s a bitch and you get back up. You know I’m not this egotistical hip hop artist, and neither are my group members.  Who thinks they are better than the next muthafucka? Man fuck DAT life. I’m just glad I’m living, making music and doing what I love to do; trying to take care of my family.   think that’s what Juggalos represent: Family, not a gang. They represent unity and unconditional love and that spreads out far and wide.  So with that being said, S/O to the Lo’s and Lette’s

JO: Is there anything you’re working on that you can let us in on?

BC: I will be shooting a video for my next single called “Dat White” here in da ATL, which I leaked on FAYGOLUVERS. Boondox may feature on this record. I’m working on gettin my daughter’s foundation THE YANNA LANE ALOPECIA FOUNDATION off the ground. A video and film company, some acting improv stuff with comedian Rodney Perry just to name a few…


JO: Who would you say have been your inspirations?

BC: My uncles, my Grandmother (R.I.P.), my lovely wife and kids, Pastor Hugh D Smith, Reverend Young, Bone Crusher, Rick Robinson and lastly I would say my best friend and Brother Tremain D Watson (R.I.P)

JO: If you could reach out to anyone for a collab who would you love to work with?

BC: Kung Fu Vampire, Rittz, Mars, Twisted Insane, Boondox, Stevie Stone, Aqualeo, Necro and of course Whitney Peyton.  But these features could very well take place in some way, shape, or form. As a matter of fact I’m on the phone quite a bit with Mars, Boondox and Stevie. I don’t like to make predictions on any future collabs.  It’s one day at a time for me, feel me?

JO: Who are you currently listening to?

BC: Jazz musician Kem, Drake, Stevie Stone, Bone Thugs, 2 Chainz, Rittz, Hopsin, Wrekonize, R. Kelly, Futuristic, Dizzy Wright, feel me?  Not too many mainstream cats. No disrespect to those artist out there doing their thang, I just admire certain artists and their music.


JO: If fans wanted to check out more from Blockboy Cheef where could they go?


Follow me on Twitter: @anblockboyz1

Instagram: anblockboyz

Facebook pages:

Blockboy Entertainment Group


Web site: www.blockboyentertainment.com

Booking or inquiries:
 [email protected]

JO: Okay, to finish this thing off how about a few shout outs?

BC: S/O to Johnny O for this opportunity, S/O to my lovely manager and my wife Sherece Lanae, S/O to Scottie D a real good dude, Mars, Anblockboyz, Dmoney Blockboy, Blockboy Poke, Boondox, Stevie Stone, Ski Streetz, my city Battle Creek, all my wonderful children, and My late Grandmother Ella thanks…God Bless!!!!!

Blockboy Cheef5

Okay Fam, it looks like that’s all I’ve got for you this time around, but don’t worry I’ll be back before you know it. I want to thank BlockBoy Cheef for taking time out for this interview. Of course, I also want to thank all of you out there in Faygoluvers Land for everything.

As always, remember if you’re an artist and would like to be featured right here on the Faygoluvers’ Underground Spotlight just hit me up at [email protected]. Make sure to include a short bio, why you want to/should be featured, a pic or two and a couple tracks. Of course don’t forget to include UGS or something similar in the subject line. So, until next time…


Johnny O



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  1. King Lucem Ferre

    Lucem Ferre

    Comment posted on Thursday, February 6th, 2014 12:00 am GMT -6 at 12:00 am

    DMoney was a pretty cool dude, though it seemed that the forum hated him for no reason.

  2. Scottie D


    Comment posted on Thursday, February 6th, 2014 10:00 am GMT -6 at 10:00 am

    Agreed. I don’t know why there was a ton of hate. I don’t frequent the forums as often as you do, but Cheef and DMoney both seem like good dudes.

  3. King Lucem Ferre

    Lucem Ferre

    Comment posted on Sunday, February 9th, 2014 12:49 am GMT -6 at 12:49 am

    They seemed like good dudes to me.

    A lot of people claimed that they are just some rappers trying to use juggalos for album sales or something. Because I guess their style of rap isn’t aloud in juggalo culture or something.

    And that is why I don’t really care if I am considered a juggalo or not.

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