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Whitney Peyton

Whitney Peyton - "Bittersweet"

What’s up y’all? It’s your boy Paul NForm and I just want to kick things off by saying that I hope you had a very Merry fuckin Christmas. For this interview I have the honor of sitting down with one of my personal favorite female emcee’s in the game, none other than Whitney Peyton. As I’m sure your all aware she’s been a very busy woman just getting off tour with Potluck and R.A. The Rugged Man so I want to personally thank her right fucking now for sitting down and allowing us to have this fresh ass interview. With that being said it’s been about two and a half weeks so I hope each and every one of you is truly ready…to be…NFORMED!



Paul NForm: What were your main influences to first start rapping?

Whitney Peyton: When I first got into it I wasn’t aware of all the underground and independent talent. Like most kids I just saw what was put in front of me on TV. There were some good acts back then…. I was inspired by other females in the game like TLC, Eve, and Missy Elliott. I also loved the quirky, in your face, attitude of Eminem. Being from the burbs I didn’t know if I had a shot, but I knew I was going to give it hell anyway!


Paul NForm: The song “Bittersweet” certainly seems to have a lot of personal emotions, Is it fair to say this is one of your more personal tracks in general?

Whitney Peyton:All of my tracks, especially ones dealing with relationships, represent something I’ve been through. “Bittersweet” definitely is personal, but I know fans can relate to similar situations… so when I’m telling my story I’m telling theirs too. You could say that I’ve taken the fact that I’ve had bad experiences in relationships and used it to my advantage!


Paul NForm: What has it been like to be out on tour with Potluck and R.A. The Rugged Man? Have you learned anything from this experience? If so, what?

Whitney Peyton:It was amazing!! I’m not gonna lie.. being on the road with a bunch of dudes I had to hold my own and show them that I can hang with the guys! hahaha.. but they were all chill as hell and I feel I really bonded with them. I know my live show has only gotten better with experience. When you’re doing that many shows in a row you can really pin point what works and what doesn’t. I’ve also learned that I now hate gas station food with a passion (unless it’s WaWa).  


Paul NForm: What was it like to win a grammy as supporting artist of an album? Did they get ahold of you right before it happened to kind of give you a heads up that it could happen or what was the experience like?

Whitney Peyton: It’s not my normal sound.. it was an album for charity. I know my music is generally aggressive, explosive, and sometimes dark.. but I really wanted to prove that rap music can stand for something “good”. I had no idea when I was helping write for it that it would go on to achieve all that. We were told when the album received the nomination, but we weren’t told ahead of time if it was the winner or not. We heard at the same time as everyone else and it was mind-blowing. I’m beyond overwhelmed about it.  I catch a lot of grief in the underground for being part of a “Children’s Charity Album” but I really believe anyone that can say something negative about it is really narrow-minded and they aren’t seeing the big picture……the big picture being that the album benefited many people and shows other indie artists that they can take over without major backing.


Paul NForm: How long have you been rapping, and how old were you when you first decided that this is what you really wanted to do?

Whitney Peyton: as long as I can remember. I started out doing spoken-word. It took me some time to get used to rapping over-top of instrumentals because I was always spitting accapellas. Probably around age 13 or so I knew I wanted to be an entertainer, but I didn’t start to heavily persue my rap career until I was about 17-18 because I wasn’t allowed in the club to perform! I had to be about 17 or younger when I wrote “Crazy”.


Paul NForm: What was it like to go on the mall tour with hott topic? Did it help you appreciate things any more than you already did or was it one of those things where you kind of knew what to expect?

Whitney Peyton: It was fresh because they were selling my merchandise in-store at all the spots I played…even though I think I only had 1 T-shirt design back then! haha! It gave me more exposure than I had at the time. Now I may need bigger venues than just in-store performances to accommodate fans , but I am very grateful for the experience! Hopefully one day soon my gear will be available at every mall!


Paul NForm: What artist would you love to work with that you haven’t gotten the chance to work with yet?

 Whitney Peyton: There’s so many! Tech N9ne, MGK, Chris Webby, Royce da 5’9, Rittz…. most of these cats I’ve met I just have never put down a track with them. I know things happen when they’re supposed to. I’m just going to work on perfecting my craft and it will all fall in to place in time!


Paul NForm: I know your not exactly the typical “juggalo” artist, but what is your opinion on the Juggalo family?

Whitney Peyton: I’ve always been an odd ball! I know I teeter on what many would consider both independent and mainstream, but really what does either one even mean anymore? Just like what you like and support who you support..who cares what “category” or “genre” they are in. Juggalos have always shown me love. They are fun as hell to perform in front of cause they go ape shit and don’t give a damn!! I will continue rapping and doing shows with “Juggalo” artists I’m feeling! I performed at the Gathering this year and it was one of my favorite shows ever. No one can take that memory away.


Paul NForm: Since it’s faygoluvers i have to ask you this, what is your personal favorite Faygo?

Whitney Peyton: I don’t drink soda… ok I guess I’m lying.. I use it as a mixer. I’m gonna have to be old school and say Creme Soda Faygo. Creme soda Faygo and bubble gum vodka by Three Olives! Don’t knock it til you try it!


Paul NForm:What was it like being on tour with Twiztid? Did you get to spend a lot of time with them or was it strictly business and on stage?

Whitney Peyton: I deff spent time with them! They are the homies I was so honored to be asked to be on the Canadian leg of their tour! Really nice down to earth guys.. that’s so hard to find in this industry. The  crew they take out on tour that work all the behind the scenes jobs are great as well! I wish them nothing, but the best!


Paul NForm:If somebody was interested in getting Whitney Peyton merch where should they go?

Whitney Peyton: WhitneyPeyton.com and click on “merch” I have so many new designs about to drop for my store…. mwahahahahaha!


Paul NForm: That’s what’s up. I’d just like to say thank you for coming through and having this interview here with us on The Underground Spotlight VIA Faygoluvers.net and I personally can’t wait to hear the new tracks you’ve been working on.

Whitney Peyton: Thank you for having me.







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