October 3, 2023
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What’s up Ninjas and Ninjettes? It’s Johnny O back up in this bitch and ready to bring you another fresh edition of the Underground Spotlight. This time around I’m here to bring you an interview with Chicago based rapper HaZe. At this point she has already opened for numerous big name underground acts such as; Tech N9ne, Twiztid, Lil Wyte, Potluck, Boondox, AMB and Hopsin just to name a few.

As a huge fan of Wyte Music I was pleasantly surprised to see her latest video, “Wish Upon Stars,” which features rapper Miscellaneous. As it turns out this may only be the beginning of their collaborations together and we may even see her on a track with Wyte himself. Regardless, her style is unique and the girl can literally do everything from the hook to the verse.

I want to make sure and give a big THANK YOU to HaZe for taking the time for this interview. So, before everyone gets tired of my ramblings let’s get right into this thing.

Johnny O: For those who may not have heard of HaZe before can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

HaZe: I am a female emcee & singer from the Chicagoland area. I’m currently on UG, which is one of Chicago’s best promotion companies. Aside from myself, there are 5 other people in UG…Pazzo (The Boss) Bobe Blaze (The DJ) P-Dawg (Artist) Beast of Mission:16 (Artist) & 708 (Manager). We’re basically like a big family & couldn’t see myself working with anyone else. I call myself HaZe due to the fact my last name is Hays & i’m a huge pot head lol. I’ve been doing music for a little over 10 years & have no plans on stopping anytime soon!

Johnny O: Could you describe your style for us?

HaZe: I’d like to think i’m a versatile artist. I’m hip hop, but also do a lot of singing on my tracks. I feel this helps keep my music interesting and sets me apart from a lot of other artists.


Johnny O: How did you become involved in this rap game in the first place?

HaZe: As funny as it may sound, I actually started singing in my local church around the age of 9. I would participate in all the talent show cases in church as well as in school. My first actual recording experience was in High School when 2 local rappers asked me to sing on a track…I was hooked from then on! The rapping actually started when I met a group by the name of O.D.D. & joined in with their label BDP. Though i’m no longer on the label, I still consider them great friends & credit them for giving me the courage to start rapping.

Johnny O: I have to tell you not only can you spit, but you sing like a motherfucker too. Which of these talents did you discover first?

HaZe: Singing just runs in my family. My Grandfather was a gospel singer and my Mother & Sister both have amazing voices as well. I remember my Dad buying me an old handheld tape recorder when I was little and I would sit in my room for hours recording songs. My family has been a huge support system with my music & have pushed me to excel with singing. I would have to say I prefer singing because it comes naturally, but love rapping because to me it’s a challenge.

Johnny O: What’s the underground scene like up there in Chicago?

HaZe: The amount of talent in this area is ridiculous. Not only in Chicago, but also in the surrounding areas. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some artists from the Aurora area as well & it’s honestly amazing to see how many people follow the same dream as myself.

Johnny O: I know you were supposed to have a little Birthday party bash going down on November 30th, can you tell us a little bit about that?

HaZe: As we were suppose to do a show for my birthday, I found it best to cancel that. I’m kind of a fish when it comes to drinking & we have the Rittz, Snow Tha Product, & Jarren Benton show the next day…so i’m going to be responsible and try to take it easy! It seems the older I get, then more wasted I get on my birthday & want to be in tip-top shape for the show!


Johnny O: Recently, you’ve released a video for “Wish Upon Stars,” which features Miscellaneous. I know you’ve shared the stage with both Partee and Lil Wyte, but how did this collaboration come together?

HaZe: I was actually in the studio with Lil Wyte recording a collaboration & he had Miscellaneous in town with him. Being as I didn’t know that Misc was a recording artist, I really didn’t pay much attention. After a few hours I heard him free styling in the corner & finally went over to spark up conversation. After I finished the track with Wyte, I set up to get Misc in the studio and the rest is history. Not only is he an amazing artist, but he is a good friend of mine. You can definitely more music from the 2 of us VERY SOON :)

Johnny O: At this point you’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with some big underground names, is there anyone in particular you would love to collaborate with if you could?

HaZe: There are so many people I would love to work with that this interview would last for days if I listed them all. I’d have to say that my top 3 artists right now are Rittz, Stevie Stone, & Snow Tha Product. Rittz and Stevie Stone are just beasts in general. I definitely get a lot of inspiration from them and feel they are killing the game right now. As for Snow, I have to confess I have a bit of a girl crush on her. Not only is amazingly talented, but her love for her fans is unconditional!

Johnny O: Due to our common love of the herb, I have to ask what your favorite strain is?

HaZe: Of course it’s gotta be purple HaZe:)


Johnny O: Since it is Faygoluvers I have to ask, what’s your take on our Juggalo family?

HaZe: Whoop Whoop all day! What a lot of people don’t know is that I started out my music career doing Horrorcore music. My past label (BDP) was all underground horrorcore artists and we made some pretty awesome music together. After a few years though, I felt I wanted to go in a different direction with my music. The amount of love I get from the Juggalo family is something I see nowhere else. I always felt if I made the type of music I do, I’d get no love & I was completely wrong. I feel they respect my choice to make the kind of music I love & don’t judge for that. It’s nothing, but love over here!

Johnny O: We all have inspirations around us that push us to achieve our dreams, whether it’s a family member or an artist you look up to. Tell us who have been your inspirations throughout the years?

HaZe: My family. I know many artists who have to go through life without the support of family when it comes to music. Both my parents as well as my sister have always been 100% supportive of my music & have always told me to pursue my dream. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.

Johnny O: If people want to check out some HaZe music, concerts or even merch where should they go?

HaZe: I am on a few different music hosting sights, so I will list the links below!

FB: www.facebook.com/XxMissHazexX

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/MissHaze-1

UG Website: www.ugofficial.com

Johnny O: Can you give us a little insight into any current or upcoming projects you’re working on?

HaZe: As of right now, I am working on my solo album which I have decided to put up completely free for my fans. I’m also working with artists from the Aurora area by the name of O.D Kush, Rachel Babydoll, Quese, & Afresh91. The mixtape we will be dropping is called Harmonies & Hangovers and should be released by the end of next month. We have put hella work into this project & I cannot wait for everyone to hear it!

Johnny O: And of course before we go how about a few shout outs to all the people who keep you going.

HaZe: Huge S/O to you Johnny O and everyone else over at FaygoLuvers for taking the time to interview lil ol’ me! All my family at UG Promotions,  Fox River Boys & Rachel Babydoll, Savage Pen, Krime Life, Afresh91, Krazy Threatz, Thirsty Mob, Quinn De Leon & Neme, A.T Lucioni, T.O.N.E.-z, SlumHouse, Alwayz Grindin Ent,  My entire family, My amazing boyfriend Mike, Whyte Noize, my homies Trilogy Mafia, Windy City Music &  of course ALL THE ARTISTS that i’m forgetting! Much Love!

Another great interview down and I’m nowhere near finished Juggalos. I know that we will continue to bring you the best of the underground and hope you enjoyed my interview with HaZe. Once again I’d like to thank HaZe for taking the time out to sit down for this Faygoluvers interview.

Remember, if you’d like to be see yourself featured here in the Underground Spotlight then shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. Be sure to have UGS as the subject and to include a little bit about why you should be given this chance to shine. Until next time Fam, I’m out.


Johnny O


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