October 3, 2023
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What’s up yall? As you should know by now, It’s your boy Paul NForm and I’m back in here with another epic interview! This time around I have my personal favorite alien homie, and if you’ve heard of him I’m sure he’s yours as wells…and if not, well…what are you waiting for? This man has literally created his own sub genre, that’s right lo’s and lette’s…I am talking about the one and only, Bloodstepp! And as always, I can only hope that if you’re reading this… then you’re truly ready, to be…NFORMED!


Paul NForm: First, I just want to say that it’s great to have you here on The Underground Spotlight bro.

Bloodstepp: G’day mate, the honor is all mine, I got mad respect for what FLH does for the underground. I would normally just say some funny alien shit in an interview but I am going to attempt to be as serious and honest as possible for this!

Paul NForm: So, Bloodstepp,  you’ve put together a new version of Dubstep for the Juggalos, that I have to say is pretty fresh, what were your main influences for putting this new sound together?

Bloodstepp: It all started back in the day when I was listening to rap/hip hop acts such as Cypress hill, then after hearing ICP back in 97′ in the Milenko era I was hooked, a juggalo was born (which was pretty early for an Australian). Originally I was shit on by some mates for liking “rap shit” as they were all metal heads at the time but most of them eventually saw the light and turned to the clown side. They really didn’t have a choice in the end because I would just pound ICP at parties constantly while loving the fact peeps hated it. I wasn’t a big fan of electronic music until I came across Aphex Twin.  He was like the ICP of electronica so to speak with no set rules or boundaries holding him back, so I started going to raves and noticed that the shit I liked wasn’t even played at raves it was all that house shit. I was then handed an album by my brother in law called “Boy In Da Corner” it was by the UK grime artist Dizzee Rascal (this was before he sold out and went all ‘vagina music’) If you know what I mean. That album is still probably the best UK grime album ever made. Dizzee was bumping this shit that was almost a clear cut mash up of rap and electronica at the good ol’ tempo of 140bmp.  He was a clever mofo too.  He started making his own beats on a Sony Playstation at first. So once the door opened to grime I found a whole lot of killer artists such as Kano, Wiley, Skepta, JME, Ghetto and the one and only Sway. Sway is like the Tech N9ne of the UK, so under-rated and very talented.  I swear if he had an American accent he would be multi-plat. As I was getting deeper into grime and social networking with UK homies they put me onto this genre starting to make a noise called dubstep and was like nothing I had ever heard before. As far as dubstep producers; Skream, Benga and Rusko were my choices at first but then it reached the US and Canada with a new aggressive sound with producers such as Datsik, Excision and Downlink. To this day, the UK are the originators of dubstep but Canada now have in my opinion the best dubstep producers on the planet. I craved the best of both worlds (rap/hip hop and electronica) and being a juggalo I always loved horrorcore so I attempted rapping but I can’t rap for shit so I decided I would try and get some production going.  I decided to cross-over my electro beats with featured horrorcore artists , so now here we are. I hate the fact though that I kinda labeled myself dubstep in the beginning because I am branching out so much into different electronic genre’s such as Trap music and Bass music as well now.

Paul NForm: How old were you when you first decided that this is what you wanted to do? And how old are you now?

Bloodstepp: I always had an interest in music but didn’t really attempt anything until I was about 25 years old, yeah I was mega fucking late with that shit I know, haha . First I tried rapping and I sounded like a pig being raped , it was fucking terrible so I decided to keep it to just beats, so that was 7 years ago, wow, I’m an old ass man now at 32 (that’s 124.7 in alien years). But I am inspiration for anyone that wants to get into the music game.  I have absolutely no musical talent.  I think I’m tone deaf and I don’t even know musical notes but I just kept chipping away until I got a sound I liked. This is just a hobby for me. I have a beautiful partner and daughter and a full time job, instead of partying and shit I just make music, I partied enough when I was younger to last a life-time. I know I was meant to make music because as soon as I start all of life’s problems disappear.

Paul NForm: Obviously you’ve done a lot of work with a lot of top notch underground artist’s including AMB, Kidcrusher, Razakel, Spice 1, King Gordy and many others. My question is this, Is there any artist’s that you haven’t worked with yet, that you would like to work with in the future? If so, who?

Bloodstepp: The obvious answer is ICP, that would complete my musical career. To have J and Shaggs on a track with me would be beyond my wildest dreams, man I would make that track hella theatrical and story based too. I’d have the two clowns zipping around on a UFO abducting people for experiments and shit! Another dream collab would be Esham.  He is also a god to me. I mean he started this wicked shit. I’m pretty open to the idea of working with artists in other genres such as J Mann from Mushroomhead, best voice in metal if you ask me and of course would love to get one of my tracks remixed by Aphex Twin, his remixes aren’t even remotely close to the sound of the original track but that’s what I love about him. Another group I would love to have featured on one of my tracks is Portishead. Imagine Beth Gibbons vocals over a Bloodstepp beat with Geoff Barrow’s experimental trip-hop mind influencing the beat. It gives me chills thinking about it.

Paul NForm: Personally, I would love to hear a Bloodstepp and ICP collab, That would be fresh as hell. What can we expect from Bloodstepp in the future?

Bloodstepp: I have a new album in the making, it’s called “Grand Theft UFO” (The Remixes). It’s pretty obvious I’m a GTA fanboy hahaha. It is a mix of existing tracks from Bass And Bubblegum chopped and screwed by my brother from another mother from the US “DJ Mad Hatter” plus remixes and some new bombs. Just wait ’til you hear the new track “Grand Theft Auto”, it’s beyond epic. I had a competition for any fan to enter a verse for a cypher and picked 15 verses to be released on a mega cypher track on the album as well.  Man there is some mad untapped talent out there!. I have a couple of side projects coming up as well. One with another one of my good homies from the US “Androponix”. We are doing an EP together under the name “KonduktrZ”. It’s Some straight electro shit!

Paul NForm: That’s what’s up, I certainly think everybody should keep an ear to the street for that because it sounds like it should be yet another solid Bloodstepp release. So, considering you mentioned GTA and I know how much Juggalos around the world love this game…I have to ask, what is your console of choice and do you have a gamer tag where fans can add you if they want to get online and play some GTA with Bloodstepp?

Bloodstepp: Yeah, I’m actually banned in my workplace from mentioning GTA5 now! lol PLAYSTATION FANBOY ALERT!!! PS3…oh wait PS4 all the way now mate! To be honest, I really don’t hit up online much. I’m an old school gamer that loves campaigns and story lines in games. PS: has anyone played the Shadow Warrior re-boot? I went as far as playing it on PC just to play it.  Fuck me it’s beyond epic! I love the fact games I grew up with are getting re-booted.  I even donated money for the production of the new Carmageddon game droppin’ next year haha.

Paul NForm: Now, One thing I would really like to bring up is that as I’m sure most know, your catch phrase has been “Fuck A Grammy, Gimme Family”.  How old were you when you first kind of realized that you were a Juggalo, and what was it about the family that first really drew you in?

Bloodstepp: As I said It was back in the Milenko era, I was like 16 at the time, I just really connected with the music and content. ICP is a rare type of music that isn’t for the majority; it isn’t made to be played on prostituted radio stations. Even here in Oz we have quality not quantity when it comes to fam, but when you see another ‘lo or ‘lette on the street it’s as if you have known them your whole life..instant friendship. So that is kinda where my catch phrase came from, I don’t want awards, money and fame, I just want family to feel me! This music isn’t for anyone else, not even pure dubstep fans because it isn’t pure dubstep….it’s Bloodstepp or what I like to call EWS (Electronic Wicked Shit). The funny thing is I didn’t realize at the time but by calling myself Bloodstepp and making in a sense “Juggalo dubstep” I have started a sub genre that is now known as bloodstep, I didn’t mean to do that but I am very proud of it :)

Paul NForm: Hell yeah, and I know a lot of us are thankful that you created it as well. Honestly it’s plain to see for anybody that is willing to give you a listen, as I’ve seen a few people asking about remixes from you for one of their tracks. Is that a service that you openly offer to whoever is looking for a remix? If so, how much would it cost for somebody to have you remix one of their tracks?

Bloodstepp: I have been asked a heap of times to remix other artists tracks and to be honest I don’t feel like I’m good enough to take someone else’s art and make something from it.  I have done the occasional ICP remix but that was just for fun. I have heard that some producers can knock out a beat in 30 minutes complete.  Man, I have spent months on a beat before and still not released it because I didn’t like the end result.  So to be honest, with that in mind I probably don’t really have the time to remix other artists shit anyway.

Paul NForm: Lol, At least you’re honest about it!  Shit, that’s the best thing to be at times. For your album Bass and Bubblegum, there was a special edition version that was a scratch and sniff that smelled like Bubblegum, which is a pretty cool idea in my opinion.  Any way that this could be something that you do again in the future with a different scent?

Bloodstepp: Haha, yeah I loved the idea.  Here is a little secret: I actually didn’t decide on the name of the album until I found out what scents I could get custom stickers made of. It could very well of been called Bass And Bullshit if there was a scent available haha. The scratch n’ sniff version is actually the standard version but the special edition version also has a 3D cover. The cover art was designed by Todd Pearl.  He designed the cover art for Esham’s Suspended Animation, I Aintcha Homey and Venus Flytrap. I loved his work so I had to hunt him down.  I had a vote on Facebook on whether the fam would mind having an ad for him in my booklet that showed a pic of the “I Aintcha Homey” cover he designed as there is speculation there is some ICP disses on that album, but the fam were totally cool with it. To be honest I might be only releasing digital from now on, so we will have to wait and see if the scratch n’ sniff thing happens again in the future. If I can get the scent of an aliens ball sac made it might make a pretty good album concept as that would be the last thing you smelled as I abducted that ass (no homo) lol. Sorry the evil alien is coming out in me hehehehe (evil laugh), ok back to reality.

Paul NForm: I noticed that you made a dubstep Remix for Bazooka Joey.  Is that something that you just did for fun in your own spare time or what made you decide to put that together? Also, do you take any requests from people that might want to hear a say, dubstep Remix for a different track, maybe Dead Body Man or Tilt A Whirl?

Bloodstepp: Pretty much the first dubstep track I attempted was a remix of “Haunted Bumps”.  Looking back I fucking hate it! There is basically no drop and the sub bass is squashed and stereo separated so I wanted to try a new remix since I had progressed in quality and confidence over time.  I picked Bazooka Joey. I wouldn’t say that remix is exactly dubstep, but it is definitely “Bloodstepp”. If I was to do another ICP remix it will be from one of the DJ kits they have released as they are really the only good source for high quality ICP accapella’s.

Paul NForm: I think this next question is something that a lot of fans have thought about and maybe there’s another way to look this up I’m really not sure, but if somebody lived in the USA and ordered your CD right now, how long should they expect to wait to get it in the mail? Obviously it would probably take some time considering how far it has to travel.

Bloodstepp: The majority of my fans are from the US, so this is a good question.  Firstly you can only get hard copies direct from me personally from my facebook page. As stated they are Australian imports and Australia Post pretty much sucks balls, but I try to get the weeks orders sent every Friday as I have a full time job and really only have the time to duck out from work 1 day a week, after that they can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, just depends on how lame Australia Post decide to be that week. But trust me it’s worth the wait.

Paul NForm: So, what’s the stock of faygo like over in Australia? I know it can be hard to come by over here in North Carolina, so I would imagine it’s probably just as hard to find there as well?

Bloodstepp: Actually a homie of mine found a little store in Sydney that stocks cans of Faygo, so I went there and stocked up on that shit then handed them out to my mates. I am one of the lucky few Aussies to of gone to the Gathering and loved the Spazmatic Hangout and all the Faygo flavors you can pick from. I think I counted about 20 flavors there. Rock N Rye is definitely my favorite flavor.  It tastes like an angel pissed it.

Paul NForm: I’ve seen questions asking about Bloodstepp charms.  Is there any place that people can go to order a Bloodstepp chain at the moment, or is there any plans on having Bloodstepp charms come out in the future?

Bloodstepp: Yeah for sure, I got a sick one of a kind charm made from the earnings of my first album “The Chainsaw Underworld” but I am definitely still interested in getting a more simple and cost effective version of my label’s “Alien Abduction Music” logo made. Instead of a skull and cross-bones, it’s an alien and cross-chainsaw’s.

Paul NForm: So, I just want to say thank you for coming through and doing this interview for us here at UGS and FLH in general. Before you go, are there any shout outs that you would like to put out there?

Bloodstepp: Mate, THANK YOU! UGS is an amazing concept!  As I said I got hella respect for anyone that takes the time to grow the underground.  Instead of shitty radio stations all we have is media like FLH to spread the word and I’m honored you would pick me!  Shout out to all my fans and fam in general, I fuckin’ love you guys like you wouldn’t believe. Let’s keep fucking grammy’s and gettin’ family fam! REP THAT STEPP! Shout out to my mates, you know who you are! Shout out to my actual “blood” family, love you guys! And of course shout out to my lovely girls Dee and Halo, I would die and kill for you.

So there it is ladies and gentlemen, the official Underground Spotlight interview with none other than Bloodstepp brought to you by Paul NForm. I just want to say that if you haven’t already given this ninja a chance then you really need to stop sleeping on him, he has one of the most unique sounds I have ever heard in music in general and this guy is nothing to sleep on. If you haven’t already then I hope you check out the videos posted in this interview or at least the mp3 at the top and then go over to youtube for more Bloodstepp freshness and make sure to pick up a copy of his newest release Bass and Bubblegum which is available in digital format for all you ninja’s who are up to times AND hard copy for all of you ninja’s who are like myself and refuse to switch over until we have no other choice lol. Until next time I hope you all enjoyed this interview and when it comes to my homie Bloodstepp…you have all officially been…NFORMED!

Fan Art

Fan Art


Also, this wasn’t part of the interview but for those of you who may be interested Bloodstepp has asked me to add this to the segment. If you go out and get a Bloodstepp tattoo and then post it to the official Bloodstepp facebook page you will personally receive a free autographed version of any and all releases that Bloodstepp comes out with for the rest of his career. So if you’re a mega fan and your not afraid of getting a tattoo to show your support then this may be something that you want to look into.


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