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Shane Martin

What’s up yall? I know by now you have all heard the name Johnny O, and your aware that he has been chosen to take over as an interviewer here at The Underground Spotlight,right? Well, now I’m here to Nform you that my name is Paul Nform and I will be the second interviewer here at The Underground Spotlight. Today I have a interview with a man some of you may have heard of if you live in or around the North Carolina area, he goes by the name Shane Martin and is a Indy Wrestler with tons of talent, so I hope that if your reading this then your truly ready to be Nformed.

Shane Martin gets the 3 count at PCW.

Shane Martin gets the 3 count at PCW.

Paul NForm: First off Shane, becoming a professional wrestler must have been a dream for much of your life, how old were you when you really knew that this is what you wanted to do?

Shane Martin: Growing up your parents always say you can be whatever you want. I think I was about 6 or 7, and Jake Roberts and Rick Rude were feuding in the wwf. Wwe lived in Hawaii at the time, and from that moment I knew I wanted to be a professional wrestler.

Paul NForm: Is there any music that you like to listen to before a match? Any song in particular that gets you motivated before a show?

Shane Martin: Before a match I’m usually just going over everything and relaxing. Once the crowds walk in I start to look around to see who I can mess with.

Paul NForm: For those that don’t know, you originally had met up with Steve Corino to discuss going to his wrestling training school nwa2000, what type of person did Corino seem to be? What was the experience like to actually be able to sit down with Steve and get a chance to talk to him?

Shane Martin: When I originally met Steve I was like 15 or 16, I had seen an article in the newspaper about his wrestling school and his first student Eddie brown. At the time Steve lived in Raeford as did my brother and my best friend Sam, who helped us “run” our backyard wrestling company. This was the late 90′s Steve Corino was another indy wrestler trying to make it at the time. I need to add around this time the indy wrestling scene was booming. I was young and didn’t see that, but I always seemed to be in the right place or around the right people. This is also when I started meeting the hardy boyz, Christian York, Joey Matthews, Caprice Coleman, Shane helms, Shannon Moore. I was watching, talking ,and hanging around all these guys before they blew up.

Paul NForm: You said you met Matt and Jeff Hardy, Shane Helms, Christian York, Joey Matthews, Caprice Coleman, and a personal favorite of mine Shannon Moore, before they all got famous, is there any type of friendship that has lived on from that?

Shane Martin: I have stayed in touch with Caprice Coleman probably the most out of any of them, but Shannon and Jeff are always cool to talk with.

Paul NForm: I’m a personal believer that the U.S. Army can really change you as far as worth ethic is concerned, and to my understanding you wrestled for three years, from 2000-2003 and then opted to join the Army. What was that like? Do you feel like the training and dedication that the military lifestyle brought to your life helped you as far as becoming more dedicated and training harder in the ring?

Shane Martin: Yes (sort of) after meeting Steve my dad took me to his house a few times and we did the basics. Steve ended up leaving for the uswa, so I just went back to being a kid and backyarder. But being in the right place right time a guy saw me, he just finished training with Eddie brown and he began taking me to shows with him. I started working shows and getting my ass beat, but I was living my dream. After I graduated in 01 my friends the Dawson’s , who are pretty big on the NC indy scene, met some guys in Clinton NC who just happened to know a guy who promoted shows and from there every month we did a show. As far as army I’m from a military family and that kind of just happened. Lol I did work out a lot more and get bigger. So from February of 2003 to march of 2006 I was in Missouri and Louisiana.

Paul NForm: So eventually, what had happened was you got stationed at Fort Bragg NC, and then opted to give the Civilian life a go sometime during 2006, and while you were doing that you ended up becoming a bouncer in Fayetteville NC, And one night you actually bumped into CW Anderson, am I correct? What was that like? Did you notice that a lot of stars actually hung around the Fayetteville area, or was it a once in a million like experience?

Shane Martin: Again right place right time. I came back to Fayetteville and started working every club around. My first night at south beach someone who had heard me talking about the death match tournament I was in told me I need to talk to this other bouncer. That was Scotty Mathews, big buff dude tatted up, was an army ranger and had few matches in wwe and tna. He was working with cw at the time and was teaming with Lodi. Scott liked me and took me under his wing. Again I’m always in the right place, lighting struck again and I’m in my early 20′s wrestling and bouncing, drinking and I’m training hanging out and working shows with CW Anderson and Chilly Willy from ecw.

Paul NForm: Now also, you got back into the Army in 2007,is that something that your still doing or are you more fully committed to the wrestling world now? After all, I have heard rumors that you may be trying out for TNA Wrestling, is there any truth to that, and if so, when might these tryouts occur?

Shane Martin: Correct, September 2007 I went back in the Army. Was in Kansas until December of 2009 and got stationed at Fort Bragg for the first time. I recently ets from army on September 11 2013, I’ve spent 10 years on active duty, I’ve done attended or tried out for every cool secret special unit in the Army. Right now I’m in the reserve I may just retire that way. But for now that chapter of my life is over. I’m committed to wrestling but I’m 30 now and I’m a realist, I was on a ippv and there was word that people from the aiwf, nwa, tna, and roh saw the show and were interested in me. Tna started budget cuts so who knows whats going to happen.

Paul NForm: Now just for those of you who aren’t aware of Military terminology ETS Stands for end of term of service. So Shane, Considering your lifelong tie to the U.S. Army, what do you think about people claiming that the government has actually lied to us, as well as the fact that there is fellow ex U.S. Army soldiers who have taken to social media to voice their disgust and to talk about many conspiracies? Or, is that something that you just don’t pay much attention to?

Shane Martin: I have my views and opinions but those stories are best for chilling around a barn fire with a beer and few friends so nobody gets too upset. Lol

Paul NForm: Was there any certain wrestler you can remember watching as a kid and wanting to be like? If so, Who?

Shane Martin: I was never a hogan guy, lol the British Bulldog was a favorite for a long time. Then when Shawn Michaels split from Marty, Shawn became my new favorite. Also once I started to watch the real ecw back in the mid 90′s I loved how Shane Douglas did promos. My name came from a mix of Shawn Michaels and Shane Douglas. My style now is a mix of strong kicks and forearms with some flips thrown in there. Earlier though I was a high flyer and tried anything hardcore.

Paul NForm: Wow, somebody from that era who actually didn’t like Hulk Hogan, personally I understand where your coming from, I’m just glad I’m not the only one out there who doesn’t care for him. While of course he deserves all the respect anybody could give him, let me ask you this, and this possibly even has something to do with the TNA budget cuts that you mentioned, do you think that Hulk Hogan was really a bad sign for the company? It just seems to me that TNA lost it’s “IT” factor after the arrival of Hulk, and I’m just wondering if Hogan being there possibly harmed the company more than it helped, what is your opinion on that?

Shane Martin: As a wrestler or even just a wrestling fan you have to respect what Hogan has done for the business, but watching his matches even as a child was just brutal, And I do believe Hogan and Bischoff changed TNA into WWE light which sucks.

Paul NForm: I think it’s fair to say that you’ve worked with a few guys that are extremely talented at what they do, such as Raven, Shane Douglas, The Barbarian, and Gunner, as well as a few others, how have your experiences been for the most part? Are these really down to earth guys that are fun to be around, or is it one of those things where if your not as popular as they are then you don’t need to talk to them?

Shane Martin: In wrestling locker rooms there’s a pecking order, you can go online and see that, and yes its like that even on the indy level. Whats funny to me is stars or names will be on a show and most of the time they are real cool and the guys who aren’t names are the ones walking around with egos. But don’t get me wrong there are some guys who just make the locker room a miserable place. I have to say this just because I see a lot of things online people say about gunner, and its crazy because he’s one of the nicest people in the world. I can text him in the middle of the day if its about wrestling a tattoo or for prayer he’s a guy who’s always there.

Paul NForm: Is there any wrestler in particular that you can remember acting out of control in the back to the point that it was almost a complete shock to the rest of the guys in the locker room? If so, Who?

Shane Martin: As far as names I wont name names lol, but there was this indy guy arrived late which happens you know we all have jobs. But he was 2nd match got there five minutes before the show and looked like trash lol. His boots were held together by tape, his gear stank, was dirty and had holes in it, and his body was all scrappy and dry looking. Guy just looked like a bum, anyway I guess he watched to many wwe dvd’s because he threw on headphones and ignored everybody. I got a call from a friend and before I could tell my story he told me that the kid had done the same thing at another show a week before. Lol

Paul NForm: How long have you known Gunner and why do you think some of these things surface the way that they do on the web? Is it Probably safe to say a good deal of it is just haters being haters?

Shane Martin: I first met gunner about 2009 but just recently became good friends with him, maybe a little over a year and I do think it’s haters being haters. You know people have to jump on the bandwagon, you read this or that so it’s true or people have to add their two cents. It’s funny because he laughs it off and he’s living out his childhood dream, just trying to support his family, so why hate??

Paul NForm: So lets switch the topic back to you and the ring, I’ve noticed that you’ve won a decent amount of title’s during your time in the Indy’s, including the NSW Heavyweight Championship, and you also won a tournament to be crowned Halo Wrestling’s King Of The Death Match. What would you say your greatest achievement thus far has been?

Shane Martin: I was in the king of death match I didn’t win (I’m kinda glad lol that was a rough day) my biggest achievement is doing stuff like this, being booked almost every weekend, people calling me asking me to do their shows. All I wanted to do was have a match I never thought I would wrestle again after 2003. Now I have over 20 sets of gear, 3 sets of boots, and my office has hundreds of posters with me on them advertising shows. Right now I’m living a childhood dream because my parents supported me and now my wife’s supporting me.

Paul NForm: Your character, he’s from Panama, is there any family blood from Panama or how did you come up with that?Also, can you tell us a little about your character and what inspired you to create him the way that you did?

Shane Martin: I do have Panamanian in me, as far as my character I am a cocky heel who talks trash, thinks he looks better than everybody and tells everybody how they should work out. It’s pretty funny. I use to act as if I was going to hand a pair of sunglasses to a kid but I would break them and throw them at the kid, but a lot of kids starting crying lol.

Paul NForm: That would be pretty crazy and I can imagine that the kid’s would cry and that would cause a bit of an issue with the parents. Is there a website where people might be able to find a few of your matches?

Shane Martin taunting kid at NWA Warzone

Shane Martin taunting kid at NWA Warzone

Shane Martin: Right now I’m building a website, and I’m anti Facebook but you can find me on YouTube. Shane martin cws will get you to my new page, typing my name will also bring up a lot of things.

Paul NForm: Is there any side ventures that we could expect from you in the future? Maybe a indy film if given the chance or a music album? Any other industries that you might wish to explore?

Shane Martin:I have done theater I have acted before and I have over 15 degrees and certifications in fitness, so I’m open to anything.

Paul NForm: That’s what’s up, So how should somebody interested in booking you get in contact with you?

Shane Martin: To reach me for bookings, pics, guest speaking, personal training or anything, email me at [email protected]

Paul NForm: Alright well I believe that’s about it and I have to say It’s been a pleasure having you sit down and do this interview here with us at The Underground Spotlight. Just to wrap things up is there any shout out’s that you would like to get out there?

Shane Martin: First off thank you for your interest in me and allowing me the opportunity to tell my story. I also have to thank my boy Dane for setting us up together.

Well that does appear to be it folks, I just want to thank everybody for taking the time to read this article and much love and respect goes out to you all as well as the entire Faygoluvers.net family for giving me the opportunity to do this. If your a underground artist, indy actor, indy wrestler or anything in between feel free to contact me at [email protected] for an interview, make sure to send a bio as well and I’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.


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