September 29, 2023
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Juggalocoros, and juggalocarettes. It’s you biz-oye BeZerk, and I’m back this October 1st, to bring you another segment to the Underground Spotlight. I was going to drop this one out much sooner, but I noticed that this October marks my three year anniversary on the Underground Spotlight, and what better to do then get off my stale ass and bring you guys some fresh shit.

Coming from the corn fields beneath my state, Militious hit the scene independently about 4 years ago. Since then he has been able to work or able to share the stage with Maniac the Supernatural, [Infl1kt3d], Night Shield, Bizzy Bone, Kung Fu Vampire, (hed)PE, Boondox, F. Dux, Cousin Cleetus, The DRP, and more. Ever since dropping his first track “How It Ends,” it seems like the more people listen to him, the more they want out of him. If you want to check Militious live, check further in the interview to see his next couple shows.

Well juggalos, I’m off to go save the world again. I just wanted to let you know though to stay tuned this month as I try to knock as many UGS’s out of the park as I reasonably can. There was once a time I used to push these out like nobodies business. Plus lo’s and lettes’, I’m not even going to lie. I got some more inspiration. I pulled one of the sexiest girls I could have ever imagines that is as beautiful as she is awesome. I also hope you guys enjoyed my first album review of Kamikazi’s Angels & Demons, in which I tried to pull out every bit of freshness that I could.

Now my ninjas, let’s have a good month and enjoy it. It ends with the best day of the whole year. That’s right. It’s all about the ever Hallowicked Halloween (in which I hope to have some kind of ultra dope interview for you guys. Once again you guys, thanks for all the support over the years. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years, and I’m still able to keep shit coming out for you guys. I don’t know how Scottie D does it lol.

Well juggalos… enjoy.

Militious and his Axe

Militious and his Axe

Artist: Militious
Real Name: Shane Shoultz
From: Sioux City, IA

BeZerk: Why did you choose the name Militious?

Militious: It fits perfect. It’s a single word that says so much. A word synonymous with evil intentions of all kind. It explains my name, my persona, my lyrics, and my music in general. It gives you an idea of what’s to come, but with such a broad range behind the word, it still leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next…. ch ch ch ch……ah ah ah ah.




BeZerk: Who do you consider as an inspiration?

Militious: Musically- Twiztid!  I mean of course ICP was a huge influence on me as well….but Twiztid is my shit! What they do, and what they have done is truly an inspiration to me.
Personally- My wife, who has been nothing but supportive of my musical endeavors. My kids, who are by far my biggest fans, and drive me to keep going no matter what stands in my way, and last but by no means least…my fans, friends, and  family that have been there to  support what I am trying to do. I mean, to hear someone bumping my album, or reciting my lyrics to their favorite song, or coming off stage after performing and having people tell me how much they loved it or how well I did. There’s no other feeling like it. It’s an amazing feeling to hear these things, and I’m truly humbled by all of it. It’s a huge inspiration to me.



BeZerk: What is your favorite Faygo flavor?

Militious: I got 2 words for ya…………..MOON MIST!



BeZerk: How long have you been doing music for?

Militious: Shit. I’ve been involved with music one way or another my whole life it seems, but in terms of my music career, i’ts been about 4 years. That’s when I first performed as well.



BeZerk: You started writing raps almost as a joke and to have fun. What made you take your music career more seriously?

Militious: Well as a freshman in high school I started freestylin’ and writing, but just for fun… I would write parody type stuff, and rap it a’capella. Music has always been huge part of my life, so this was my way to stay out of trouble. Then after high school, things got busy (working, having kids, and supporting a family, etc). I still continued to write as a hobby, and then about 4 years ago, I had the chance to do some professional recording. So I wrote my first “Militious,” song called “How It Ends,” and it was a big hit. Especially when I performed it on stage, and then people just kept asking for more and more music. Promoters were hitting me up to get on shows, and I realized that my dreams were not as far out of sight as I thought they were. I started to focus more on my music career, and have made some decent strides thus far.

Militious CD Cover

Militious CD Cover: Letters of a Homicidal: Masterminds of Murder



BeZerk: What do you think makes you unique from other artists?

Militious: You know, this is a question I’ve thought about to myself, but truthfully, I don’t know exactly what it is that makes me unique, BUT! There is something there. I don’t think it’s one thing in general, though I think it’s everything about me that’s just a little different. The way I project myself, people just don’t see it coming. They don’t expect me to rap first off, then when I spit the wicked shit, they are really blown away. I’d say my stage presence…a lot of rappers sound decent on a CD, but suck ball sacks on stage. I on the other hand can rock a fucking crowd. Not to toot my own horn, but beep mufuckin’ beep beep.

BeZerk: You’ve been able to work with the homie Maniac the Siouxpernatural. Who else have you been able to work with?

Militious: In terms of “big” names, that’s it so far. Don’t get me wrong, in the future I would love to work with a lot of different artists, but at this point I’ve really only worked with local talent, which is something I really wanted to do for my debut album. A lot of upcoming artists go out and spend a bunch of money to get some big names on their album, and in the end, it’s still junk. I wanted to show that I could make my debut album a kick ass album with only local talent on there with me, because we got some great talent here locally. On my album I have collabs with [Infl1kt3d], KtK, Gunner B,  HeKillz of Infl1kt3d, Maniac, and also have my wife CeeCee singing on a couple of the hooks. As for Maniac the Siouxpernatural….he’s been one of my favorite  artists for a while now. I’ve wanted to work with him for a long time, so that was pretty fuckin awesome!


Militious goes everywhere with his axe. Even on stage.

Militious goes everywhere with his axe. Even on stage.

BeZerk: Who have you been able to share the stage with?

Militious: Hed PE, Potluck, Boondox, Kung fu Vampire, Bizzy Bone, Mo Thugs, Saint Dog, Stevie Stone, DGAF, Maniac the Siouxpernatural, F. Dux, Irv da Phenom, Skatterman, Snug Brim, Cousin Cleetus, Mars, Big Hoss, Ruka Puff, Ellmatiq P-Tro, The Beatnicks, The DRP, Primer 55, Protige, [Infl1kt3d], Jimmy Hooligan, Big Mista, Nightshield, Tucker Booth, Incrypted…& many, many more.

BeZerk: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Militious: So many…my top 3 are….Twiztid, Vinne Paz, and Prof …..also… Celph Titled, Apathy, Block McCloud, R.A. the Rugged Man, Tech N9ne, Boondox, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Potluck, Hopsin, ICP, etc…..But on a more “near future” note, Daywalkers, Killa Capone, Cloroks, and Ellmatiq P-Tro are a few names I would like to get on my next couple projects…along with some more local talent of course.

BeZerk: You dropped your first album on the 4th of July this year. How did that go, and what can you tell the juggalos about this album if they haven’t copped it yet?

Militious: It went great. I had an interview with the local paper, and a CD release show to help promote it. It got a great response from the interview, and it had an awesome release show. As far as the album is concerned, it’s the first of a three part series called “Letters of a Homicidal,” with the first CD called “Masterminds of Murder.” If I could ask one thing of anyone that listens to it… at least once listen to it straight through. From intro to the ending. I’ve always been into “theme,” albums, and I spent a lot of time mixing, rearranging tracks and interludes, to bring you one of the finest horror flicks you’ve ever listen to… I feel each song stands out on its own, but as a whole…it’s on another level.

On stage rocking the rock

On stage rocking the rock


BeZerk: Any other projects in the works? CDs, mixtapes, merch, music videos, etc about to drop?

Militious: Yeah, I have a couple projects in the beginning stages, starting on the next chapter of “Letters of a Homicidal,”  a side project I’m working on with a good homie of mine KtK. Also I do have some merch in the works. For now I have some shirts, hoodies, etc.. Designed and availabilities are on my Reverb page, but I’m working on finding a different avenue to go through for merch. Hopefully in the near future there will be a lot more available. As for music video, that’s the only step that I’m still waiting to take. I have some great ideas, but I’m trying to hold out until I have the right equipment for a legit video. Who knows? Maybe in the mean time, I’ll keep it scrubbin’, and work something out with what I got.

BeZerk: You pretty much built your own studio by buying all the equipment yourself. Do you enjoy doing your own music production?

Militious: Yes. I love it actually. My hype man NuTone has a nice studio set up, but he’s a busy guy. So I decided to go out and get my own equipment, then I got a nice set up, took the basics I had learned from him, and started teaching myself the rest. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a shit ton to learn, but I think it comes natural to me, and for my first production on my first album…I couldn’t be more happy with the way it turned out. Better than some veteran producers out there.

BeZerk: Any shows coming up?

Militious: Yes..

10-25-13…Ellmatiq Records “HELLAWICKED 5”
-The Hideout
-Omaha, Ne
-Doors at 7
-$5 cover
10-26-13…Black Mask Armada’s  “Monsters Ball” & CD Release
-Boonies Bar
-Sioux Falls, SD
-Doors at 8
$10 advance tix…$12 at the door
FREE copy of the new Black Mask Armada album
“Ashes of an Empire”  with admission


All eyes on Militious

All eyes on Militious



Shout outs:

My mom, for creating an awesome mofo….my wife whos been my biggest supporter….my homie and hype man NuTone for rockin the fuck out wit me on stage…being on point..& makin it look seemless…..also….Ellmatiq P-Tro, [Infl1kt3d], KtK, Backwordz, Incrypted, Maniac the Siouxpernatural, The Reckless Outsiders, J’Smalls, Eyeconn, Black Mask Armada, Brandon Dunlap, Lance Dunlap, Painless Pinworks, Protige, Eboli, Flowsay, Devour Once Dead, Gateway Drug, Night Shield, Danny Boy, Jimmy Hooligan, Big Mista,….All my fans, friends & family that have been there for me, supporting my music….anyone who has ever come out to a show to support local music…anyone thats ever bought or downloaded my music…without my fans & supporters none of this would be possible…to the Juggalos, Whoop Whoop!! & of course to Faygoluvers & to you BeZerk for this UGS feature which i am greatful for, I appreciate everything!  To anyone i might have forgot….sorry & shit!



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