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Jason Porter

Jason Porter - "Put It Down (Remix) ft. Q-Strange" Jason Porter - "Appetite 4 Blood ft. Killa C" Jason Porter - "Nervous"

From the first time I heard Jason Porter, I was a fan. The song was probably “I’ll Tell You“, but it was over ten years ago, so I can’t be certain. This wasn’t the unpolished, talent buried in ineptitude shit I generally heard, Jason Porter was better than a lot of well established acts in the scene, even if he was just venturing into it.

Jason Porter wasn’t like most artists that populated the horrorcore/wicked shit sub-genre. He wasn’t a kid rapping in his mother’s basement, he wasn’t putting on masks, or wearing face-paint. He was a rapper from Detroit, who was entering the digital age. No more slinging Mad Trauma tapes on the street. He’d killed that part of his past, and became Jason Porter’s Dead.

The first pressing of Vengeance is Mine refers to him as JPD, having already abbreviated Jason Porter’s Dead, and soon after he simply became Jason Porter. In a world of elaborate gimmicks, and people going to extremes in terms of how they portrayed themselves, Jason Porter went the simpler route. He blended fiction with reality so well that it’s hard to tell which is which. He fucks strippers, he’s lived in his car, he’s not the sort of person you’d bring home to meet your mother. Bloodshot once related a story in which someone asked him to point out Jason Porter. Bloodshot told him to “look for the scummiest guy in here“, and the fan had no trouble finding Jason Porter. This isn’t the sort of guy you share your feelings with, this is the sort of guy you do drugs with in the alley.

Jason Porter is a mask of sorts though, it just looks a lot like the face underneath it. The man underneath this proverbial mask is an artist. He’s annoyingly focused and intractable. He’d rather miss out on an opportunity than to compromise his ideals. He’s not the typical look at me, narcissistic rapper. Look no further than his focus on production. One could assume he spends more time working on Porterville Beats than he does on material as Jason Porter.

Don’t mistake that for an apathetic approach towards his music. That’s not at all the case. Jason puts focus into the smallest details, but he won’t change course. He has a unique sound, a unique style, and he’s stuck with it. He’s even refused to embrace the horrorcore term, choosing to refer to his music as (dark) Hip Hop rather than mislabel it. He hasn’t released a CD with him singing on it, he hasn’t chased trends, he didn’t release a slew of mediocre material to capitalize on increased popularity.

Vengeance is Mine, originally released in 2004 is still one of my favorite underground CDs. Welcome to Porterville is a fitting follow-up. But, we’re seeing something extra from Jason that we haven’t really seen before. This is the next step in the evolution of Jason Porter. The upcoming album Appetite for Self Destruction also marks the release of Jason Porter’s first music video.

Well into the age of high quality cell phone video, and webcams, why does Jason Porter finally decide to shoot a video on 8MM and VHS? Why this long to release his first video? Why not just shoot it on a cell phone and use an app or something to get the effect he wanted? Why bother to do a tribute to 80’s shot on video horror movies, when a lot of his fans weren’t even alive in the 80’s? To know the answer to these questions is to understand Jason Porter. Like I said, he’s an artist…

And now, here’s the question and answer portion:
Q: What got you into hip-hop in the first place?
A: I was an 80’s kid into Metal and Hip Hop. Hip Hop became big in my neighborhood, all my friends were listening to Run DMC, Whodini, UTFO, etc.

Q: Jason Porter’s Dead? How did you come up with that name?
A: Many years ago right after splitting up with Mad Trauma, I was told by a former fan that I wouldn’t do shit without em, that Jason Porter was dead.

Q: Which do you prefer, producing or rapping?
A: Depends what day it is.

Q: You release an studio album every 4+ years it seems, is that by design?
A: Only by the design of instability.

Q: Why did you wait until now to release a music video?
A: After watching schlock like Splatter Farm since my childhood, I figured it was time to pay homage.

Q: Is this album your best work?
A: By far the best album I’ve done. I think being sober for a majority of it gave me a chance to take my head out of the clouds for a sexond. No, I didn’t misspell that.

Q: Anything else?
A: Hit up and my production site … Order the new album at … Thanks for having me… RIP T-Model Ford

Chad also has an interview with Jason Porter coming up on TKSRadio.Net. It will be Sunday, August 11th, 9PM EST, so be sure to check that out!

If you have somehow managed to miss out on it, and you want to hear more Jason Porter, he has a free mixtape available for download: I Got These Cheeseburgers.

Finally, you can pre-order an autographed copy of Appetite for Self Destruction (featuring Hopsin, Mastamind, Lord Infamous, Bukshot, fellow Tunnel Runner Psycho Jesus and more) here, and it should ship on 9/28/13.



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