July 13, 2024
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MC cha0z

MC chaoz - "Retaliation featuring Zero (Mission:Infect)" MC chaoz - "Here to Stay (Playboy the Beast Contest Entry)" MC chaoz - "Music Revolution featuring Lo Key"
Juggalos, juggalettes. I am back once again after a few weeks to bring you something new again. What is this now, like 150 UGS? So you know I always got something fresh for you. (Believe it or not juggalos, in the almost three years that I’ve done this, I’ve done about 100 UGS a year, though many of them remain unpublished).Coming out of New York, MC chaoz first started hitting the music scene in a hardcore band. He would later find himself in the rap game, and now here he is. Chaoz has been able to work with quite a few underground cats such as GrewSum, Trips MC, Lo Key, Playboy the Beast, Potluck, and many more. He is currently working on a new album with someone who I personally do not get along with, F.E.T.U.S., so be sure to check that when it drops. There are no shows in the works, but if you are a promoter, maybe you should get at Chaoz and hook him up with a gig, because I know what it’s like to try to get gigs in a small town.Well juggalos, looks like it’s that time for me to dip out and try to find something to do. Last night ‘lo’s, I did get my BeZerk tattoo refilled in with the official Faygoluvers Heaven colors, so I can rep this shit ’til I die. Thanks to all of you motherfuckers who regularly tune into this edition of FLH, because your support means everything, and that would be why I would tattoo my own publishing name down my forearm. I would like to give mad props to my homie Jerry on the awesome piece of work, and if you are in the Minnesota area (more specifically the Cass Lake/Leech Lake area) and you need some really good ink, let me know and I’ll get you the hook up. Well juggalos, until next time…. enjoy…
New MC chaoz album featuring former Prone Records member F.E.T.U.S.

New MC chaoz album featuring former Prone Records member F.E.T.U.S.

Artist: MC cha0z

From: Potsdam, New York (Originally from New Hartford, New York)
Rolls With: Strength To Prevail, 8 Point Entertainment 

BeZerk: Why did you choose to go with the name MC cha0z?

MC cha0z: My nickname has been cha0z for a long time now, i started it when i was young and into alot of computer stuff, and it kind of grew from there.


BeZerk: Who do you consider as an inspiration?

MC cha0z: All the artist’s I listen to, All the fans that I keep getting and everyone that supports me, And All The People That Have screwed me over or did me wrong, motivates me.


BeZerk: What is your favorite Faygo flavor?

MC cha0z: Moon Mist

chaoz rocking the mic

chaoz rocking the mic

BeZerk: How long have you been doing music for?

MC cha0z: Around 17 years, started with a hardcore band. I did kind of a rapcore type style.

BeZerk: You’ve been able to work with GrewSum and a few others. Tell the juggalos about who else you’ve been able to work with?

MC cha0z:
So far I have worked with, Trips MC, GrewSum, BadLuck, Lo Key, Saint Sinna, Playboy The Beast, Zero, F.E.T.U.S, MC Toast(Fly-Tribe), Potluck, and a couple others yet to be announced.


BeZerk: Who would you like to work with in the future?

MC cha0z: Lyrikal, Mr Liqz, Swizzz, Liggett The Demon.

Dope MC chaoz logo

Dope MC chaoz logo

BeZerk: Who have you been able to share the stage with?

MC cha0z:
A few artists from up around this area. Likewize came up and did a show that I put on.


BeZerk: What do you have in the works that the juggalos check?

MC cha0z: contests going on, the new music coming out.

What do you think makes you unique from other artists?

MC cha0z: I’m just here to do me, music that satisfy’s me if you don’t like me, i could care less, but if you support me, i 100% appreciate that, and there will be some surprise’s coming up for the people who do, im always watching.

Mic check 1, 2. Mic check 1,2.

Mic check 1, 2. Mic check 1,2.

BeZerk: When and where are your next few shows?

MC cha0z:
No shows as of yet, living in a small town limits where you can play.

Shout outs:

BeZerk, FLH, MRD, AJ Fly-Tribe, Moose, Mission Infect, Sikcyde, And All Of My Fans!

MC chaoz collabs EP album work

MC chaoz collabs EP album work



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