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Kamikazi - "People Are Strange (Dubstep Mix)" Liquid Assassin - "Jump Off ft. Kamikazi, Dalima, D-Loc, and Stevie Stone" Kamikazi - "Seems 2 Be featuring Theory" Twisted Insane - "Your Turn featuring Kamikazi" Kamikazi - "Flow So Hard" Liquid Assassin - "Rush Em featuring Kamikazi" I.N.K. - "SOULLESS featuring Huricane"

JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES OF FAYGOLUVERS (or where ever you saw this shit)! You need to take some time out and check this next Underground Spotlight.  Juggalos, I’ve been a fan of this cat since I first heard him on a Liquid Assassin track way back in like 2009, so it’s been a few years since I’ve been listening to his music and it’s been a pleasure to bring such a talent artist to the Underground Spotlight.

Now juggalos, I’m not trying to be Minnesota bias, but coming out of the capital of my state, there is a very underrated artist in which there is a good chance you may of even heard of. Kamikazi has been on the music scene since 2006. Early on, he was able to do a track with fellow Minnesota artsits Liquid Assassin. I’ve seen this song performed live. It is off the hook.

What’s great about Kamikazi is that he isn’t one of your run of the mill rappers in anyway. With an extremely developed flow, Kamikazi also brings lyrical wit to the game. He is also one of the fastest choppers I have ever heard, and I have provided several tracks for you to see his chopping ability.

Kamikazi and label mate Infinity are dropping a free mixtape called Red Pill Blue Pill some day. Also on the side, Kazi is working on his own solo album called Angels & Demons, in which reflects upon his life and his own mind. There are already some leaked tracks off that album including the People Are Strange (The Doors Dubstep Remix), which is one of my favorite tracks like ever lol.

Juggalos, I’ve also had the honor to play some Minecraft with this dude, and his world blew my mind. I was able to take a few pics and I’ll show my favorite one.

Kamikazi's Minecraft world has more to offer you than the real world.

Kamikazi’s Minecraft world has more to offer you than the real world.

Yes juggalos, that is a McDonalds built block by block by Kamikazi. You can even go in it. There is also a Super 8 motel close by as well as a hospital, Jurassic Park, Area 51, a massive pyramid, a theme park, a huge almost to scale football field with endzones that read MINECRAFT, and so much more cool shit. Hopefully if you’re cool enough, you’ll have the chance to have a tour if you don’t be a fucking douche hole who tries to blow up his awesome shit.

Well juggalos, I’ve really pulled out all the stops for this UGS. I’ve linked up all sorts of music in this that you guys really really need to fucking check out. I know if you do, you will listen to the tracks more than once. There are several mp3’s provided, as well as all sorts of good music videos hand picked but your favorite asshole… me.

So juggalos, if you’re sick of hearing Macklemore talking about how gay he is, or the same Rihanna garbage blend of horse shit and decaying douche rags, here is something for you. It’s something you can relate to, it’s deep, it’s lyrical, it’s skilled, it’s hip hop. Enjoy…

Artist: Kamikazi
Real Name: Kyle Williams
From: Minneapolis, MN

Rolls With: Street Sound Entertainment

Welcome to the mind of Kamikazi

Welcome to the mind of Kamikazi



BeZerk: Why did you decide to go with the name Kamikazi?

Kamikazi: I became Kamikazi in 1999. I struggled with a name for years before flipping a page during history class and it jumped out at me. Aside from its usual reference of being a suicide pilot I discovered another definition.. Divine Wind. But me being slightly off brandish and daring I ended it with an “i” (sarcastic voice). I think after you hear my music it might make a little more sense.


BeZerk: Who would you consider as an inspiration?
Kamikazi: Tupac, Twista, Bizzy Bone. Tupac taught me it was okay to write about emotions and weaknesses and he opened my eyes to politics and conspiracies. Twista brought that powerful street music I was into at the time. And he really showed me different patterns of riding the beat and his clarity was next to none. Bizzy Bone came with the melodies and deep meanings in his music. like Tupac, Bizzy had a poetical way of digging in the soul and writing things about himself that most wouldn’t otherwise reveal to people. Any video of Bizzy you watch of him in the booth you can tell he feels what he’s saying and he’s a little off brandish which leads people to think he’s crazy. But I feel like I get it.
I should also add Busta rhymes to that list. But later Busta.. (Haha) Around Big Bang theory I became a real fan. His concepts and word play are phenomenal. His music in my opinion is the definition of hiphop. He taught me to step my concepts and lyrics up.
Promo for up and coming solo album.

Promo for up and coming solo album.


BeZerk: What is your favorite Faygo flavor?

Kamikazi: Grape

BeZerk: You’ve been on the scene for a while actually. How long have you been doing music for?

Kamikazi: I came into the underground scene in 2006 when I signed with StreetSound Ent. My first show was at the Red Sea in Minneapolis. I recorded my first song about 15 years ago but i never really took it 100% serious until about 5 years ago.

Kamikazi hard at work in the Street Sound studio.

Kamikazi hard at work in the Street Sound studio.


BeZerk: What do you think makes you unique from other artists?

Kamikazi: I like to create deep songs and really go to that place within me. I feel like a lot of rappers are afraid to speak on real life, so they tend to just follow the typical format. I really like to combine genres and step outside the box. I’ve written about some of my darkest life experiences as well as the good times. I think if you speak on one side of life you must balance it out with the other side. I’ve also been known to chop a beat from time to time.



BeZerk: When we were playing Minecraft, you mentioned when you went on tour with Strange Music a few years back. Please tell the juggalos about that, and your favorite experience on the road with Strange.

Kamikazi: The Sickology 101 tour we did all 3 Minnesota dates. Day 2 we performed at the Myth which to this day is my most memorable show. What was crazy about it is my son was born 10 1/2 weeks early and spent the first 6 weeks of his life in the hospital. The day he came home was the same day I left for the tour. All 3 nights I drove back home to be with my new born son after the shows and went right back in the morning. Day 1 was in Duluth. Day 2 was in Maplewood. Day 3 was Rochester. I’m driving home damn near falling asleep behind the wheel to get about 3 hours of sleep. By the 3rd day my voice was damn near gone. I didn’t have much interaction with Tech~n~Nem, but there was a dude who was with Short Dog the Native’s camp named The Chef; because he looked like Chef from South Park. He was probably one of the coolest dudes on the tour.. he helped us out when security would give us a hard time trying to figure out who the hell we were. We did get a chance to let Krizz Kaliko hear the track we had him on called “Act a Fool”.

Smoke break

Smoke break

BeZerk: You have been working close with fellow Minnesota artist Infinity. What is in the works for that project?

Kamikazi: We have a mixtape coming out called Red Pill Blue Pill coming soon. We just dropped a track called ‘Soulless’ featuring Hurricane of Choppa Clique


BeZerk: What are some of the changes that you have seen over the years in the Twin Cities music scene?

Kamikazi: Everybody wants to be a rapper now so its a little watered down but they’re is still a lot of different circles full of original talent out here in Minnesota. I discovered dope artists I’ve never heard of all the time.


Infinity and Kamikazi who make up I.N.K.

Infinity and Kamikazi who make up I.N.K.


BeZerk: You’ve been able to work with Liquid Assassin, Tanqueray Locc, Stevie Stone, and others. Who have you been able to work with in the past?

Kamikazi: I’ve recorded tracks with King Sandman, Choppa Clique, Twisted Insane, D-Loc, Dilema, Krizz Kalico, Saint Paul Slim, Shawn Skie, Killa Capone, Ryder Lyfe,

BeZerk: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Kamikazi: C Ray, C-Mob, Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Twisted Insane, Playboy the Beast, Mr. Liqz, Chucc Dizzle, Kison, Emce Damage, Rittz, Yelawolf, Snow the Product, …I’m sure I’m forgetting people.

Album artwork for Red Pill Blue Pill, a highly anticipated album from I.N.K.

Album artwork for Red Pill Blue Pill, a highly anticipated album from I.N.K.

BeZerk: You also do beats. Do you do beats for others, and how could others get a hold of you for beats?

Kamikazi: People haven’t seen that side of my craft yet. some day….

BeZerk: I’ve seen you live. Who have you been able to share the stage with?

Kamikazi: I’ve opened for more then a couple few. I’ll see what comes to mind. We opened for Tech N9ne 7 times,  Haystak, D12, Young Buck, Yuk Mouth, Slaughter House, E40, Chamillionaire, Rehab, Afroman, Lil’ Wyte, Obie Trice, Grave Plot, King Sandman, Tanqueray Locc,  ..again I’m probably forgetting some.

Those knots in headphones can be so frustrating.

Those knots in headphones can be so frustrating.

BeZerk: You have a couple solo projects in the work, which the most recent one coming up known as “Angels and Demons.” What can the juggalos expect from this album, and is there any official date for the drop of it?

Kamikazi: It’s pretty much done.. no official date. As soon as its mixed I’m dropping it. I’ve been through hell and high water putting this mixtape together, but I’m proud of what it became. The music really captured the mental battles I face everyday of my life. It will take you on a journey inside the mind of Kyle and Kamikazi. Angels & Demons describes exactly what to expect from this material. It’s more then a mixtape.. it’s really an album, I promise you.

BeZerk:  If I recall correctly, this “Angels and Demons” album is actually going to be a free download. Why did you decide to do a free album after taking a short break from music?

Kamikazi: Building a fan base requires sacrifice ..this is one of them. I really just want people to listen!

Angels and Demon's Cover Concept Art

Angels and Demon’s Cover Concept Art

BeZerk:I know you said you were waiting on doing shows until after you get this project out of the way, but do you have any shows lined up for after it’s released?

Kamikazi: As soon as the project drops I will be hitting the stage again. More videos and even more music. One thing about this business is you gotta have all your cards in order if you don’t want to miss any opportunities. So, I’m making sure my music and merch game is on point this time around.


Shout outs:

Kamikazi: Street Sound Ent, Luxury Digital Studios, Infinity, Ryan, Theory,  Brainsick, Sikcyde, and all the artists and supporters who fuck with me and my music. -Kamikazi

Kami is serious business

Kami is serious business



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