June 14, 2024
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Infl1k3d - "Taking Over the World" Infl1k3d - "Worldwide" Infl1k3d - "Survival of the Sickness" Infl1k3d - "Greatest in the Game"

Juggalos… Juggalettes… What is up? It’s your boy BeZerk and I’m back with a bit of freshness today. I’m not dead yet, but have been busy for the past few weeks. Even while writing up this interview, I had to do a run that took most of the day, but nevertheless I bring you another fresh UGS.

Originally from New Hampshire, but now residing in Sioux City, Iowa; Infl1k3d has been doing music independently for 13 years now. Their style is very unique and versatile in which both members are able to bring their own style to help shape their flow. They’ve been able to open for a bunch of good Underground cats that you know and love including Boondox, Potluck, Kung Fu Vampire, Stevie Stone, and quite a few more.

Well juggalos, I’m off to do another taxi run at sometime in the morning or something like that. Sorry for the hiatus for those who like to have some UGS freshness a little more persistently. This gig does have me running all over so if you’re a Minnesota ‘lo, I could be coming to a city near you to be doing absofuckinglutely nothing. So don’t be afraid to give me a shout. Well juggalos, until next time…. enjoy….



Infl1k3d Logo

Infl1k3d Logo


Group: [infl1kt3d]

Members: HeKillz tha Jezta and PeraSyte
Real Names: Rich Leavitt (PeraSyte) Mike Carlton (HeKillz)
From: Sioux City, Iowa
BeZerk: How did you guys come up with the name [infl1kt3d] and why did you guys chose your stage names?
HeKillz: The original idea for [infl1kt3d] was Rich changing his stage name to PeraSyte. I’ll let him explain why he chose that name… As for me… Heckles and Macabre… straight from the “Ringmaster” CD insert. Heckles: To pester and annoy, to badger. Heckles and Macabre was me and my buddy Jeff. Heckles stuck with me, and Rich suggested the “He Killz” spelling. I used it and added “Tha Jezta”. All in all, it stems from the skit on the original version of “Carnival of Carnage”, when J flips out from life’s pressure and goes from depressed to psycho. Between the two factors, HeKillz tha Jezta was born.
PeraSyte: Well… when I first started writing, I wrote as Krossed Out Killa (K.o.K.) It was a play on the Kriss Kross album Totally Krossed Out and my favorite Psychopathic artist Anybody Killa. I was even gunna rock the “Everything to the back” look on stage but we were no where near that point yet. After a little while (and numerous times being called cock on XBL) I decided I wanted something more  original and fitting for me. I am very good at getting under peoples skin and there was a point where just the sound of my name made people cringe. It was like I was a parasite. And no one in the rap game spells there name proper so I just tweaked it a lil bit.
BeZerk: Who do you guys consider as an inspiration?
HeKillz: I would say my biggest influences are DZK, Bugout, Mike Shinoda, and Monoxide.
PeraSyte: I ain’t even gunna lie. I C P is the reason why I started writing. They showed me it was easier and more effective to take out my rage on paper then in real life. Then the shit Jamie Madrox, Tech N9ne and The Jokerr do lyricaly just has me astonished and always reminds me how fun words can be. Oh yeah. And DZK for me as well. DMX, Eminem. Shit, I could go on for days. I love Hip Hop.
BeZerk: What is your guys’ favorite Faygo flavor?

HeKillz: My favorite Faygo flavor, I’ve got to say is Diet Key Lime Pie. I’m not even sure if they make that shit in non-diet. But at the Gathering in ’03, I was so insanely thirsty… I went to get a can of Faygo, and they told me they were out. I stuck my arm all the way into their little ice filled beverage garbage can, and found one can inside. It was a Diet Key Lime Pie. I detest diet soda. I literally would rather eat rotten fish chunks out of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s ex-wife’s asshole than drink diet soda, but being so thirsty, and it being so Key Limey, and Faygoey, I fell in instant love. Other than that, Candy Apple.
PeraSyte: Rock N Rye. No contest
BeZerk: How long have you guys been doing music as a group and individually?
HeKillz: Rich and I have both been writing since around 2000. I professionally recorded my first few songs in 2003ish, and didn’t stop. I have about 90+ songs that I can say I have at least a verse on. Most of which got lost in the archives of time… (Rich’s computer crashing…) I’ve been doing solo shows since around 2005, and [infl1kt3d] as a group has been doing shows and making tracks since around 2007.
PeraSyte: Uhh yeah. Whut he said. Not very good with dates. Earliest thing I remember is I was writing something in math class in 10th grade while some dumbass was sitting behind me, trying to make fun of me for being a Juggalo by singing “Insane in the Membrane”. Fuckin idiot. 
BeZerk: You’ve been able to share the stage with Boondox, Potluck, Kung Fu Vampire, Stevie Stone, and a bunch of others. Who else have you guys been able to work with?
HeKillz: We’ve done a bunch of shows for local acts in our home state of New Hampshire, as well as quite a few out here in the mid west. We’ve opened with Ruka Puff of Interscope records, and we’ve had Molly Gruesome and DZK on songs with us.
PeraSyte: Yup. All them. Plus when Boondox came to Sioux City he had Cousin Cleatus and Mars with him. Next month we got DJ Clay coming and Mars will be with him too.
BeZerk: Who would you guys like to work with in the future?
HeKillz: I really want to work with DZK again. I would love to get on a track with Prof, Wax, RA the Rugged Man, Vinne Paz, Jarren Benton, and of course, my dream to be on a track with Monoxide.
PeraSyte: I’m down to work with pretty much anybody. Artist wise definitely DZK, Ill E. Gal, Justin Timberlake would be sweet to. More than anything though, I just wanna perform at the Gathering.
BeZerk: What do you think makes you guys different from other artists?
HeKillz: Well, a few things set us apart from other artists… For one, I probably masturbate a lot more… and I mean… a LOT more. I even have a girlfriend, and I STILL jerk it. It’s a hobby I guess. I’ve gotta say that our ability to not give fucks is insurmountable. I think our diversity is one of our best qualities. We of course love our wicked shit. But we have songs talking about life, partying, I did a song about my son, a song for the troops… So I think our diversity is pretty commendable.
PeraSyte: I think its the Wow factor. Not that were the greatest in the world (yet) but like, when people see us there like “you ain’t no rapper” and all that. Then they hear us and there like “holy shit”. Other than that were pretty much like any other DIY up and come-ers. 
BeZerk: What do you guys have coming up? Any CDs, music videos, merch, etc in the works?
HeKillz: We have some merch up on our Reverbnation page. We are planning on releasing a CD sometime late this year/early next year. We would like to have a music video done soon as well, and that will probably happen, when we decide on what song. Also I’m the most featured artist on my buddy Militious’ album, dropping soon. So I’m pretty excited about that.
PeraSyte: Yeah, we got all that shit in the works, but funds are tight and quality aint cheap. Not trying to do videos on a cellphone camera and shit.
BeZerk: When and where are your next few shows?
HeKillZ: I’m going to let Rich handle this one, as he keeps track of that shit. He just tells me where to be and when.
PeraSyte: As of right now, our next show is July 5th at The Chesterfield in Sioux City, IA. That is a CD release party for Militious. $5 at the door OR you can get in if you get his CD before the show for only $3. Then July 12th were at Tom Foolerys in Sioux City. We got our new homies the North Stars coming down from MN for that one. And then the big one is July 15th also at The Chesterfield with DJ Clay and Mars. Not sure on pricing for those other two but once I get more info Ill have it posted on our FB wall and Twitter.
Shout outs:
HeKillz: Quick shouts to my Dad for not using a condom, and my Mom for being crazy as fuck. My Parents made a monster, and I love it. They are awesome people and have greatly influenced who I am today. Of course my Sister, Lee also! She fuckin’ rocks. Shout outs to NuTone, Militious, Painless Pinworks, Ellmatiq Records, DJ Eboli, and anyone else that has helped us with our music here in the midwest. Murder Mass records for releasing our debut albums and putting up some merch for us. Shouts to Slick Ricko from Team Hapinez, Frank Buddas from Superior Sound Recording, Form & Funktion, Fatback Supreme, and all the people that supported us back in the East. Of course shouts to all the muthafuckin’ Juggalos out there, and the entire staff of Faygoluvers, for giving us props with Song of the Week numerous times, posting about our shows, and now to you, BeZerk, for the UGS feature! (Anyone I missed, is now Rich’s responsibility to remember!)
PeraSyte: Wanna say whuts up to my parents and my step parents and the rest of my family and friends back home in NH. Wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasnt for all of them. Slick Ricko and TH for being the first to put us on stage. Fatback Supreme, Form N Funktion, Frank Buddas, Militious, NuTone, DJ Eboli, Painless Pinworks, Ellmatiq Records, North Stars and the rest of Aurora Borealis Records, Anyone whose shown love at any shows for making me want to keep doing this and Anyone that’s shown hate throughout my life for making me want to start doing this. Faygoluvers for all there support throughout the years. I don’t know how many times Scottie D has hooked me up with post and shit, Thanks Homie. And to everyone reading this right now. Go check our shit out. The best is yet to come.



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