November 29, 2023
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Playboy the Beast (Update)

Playboy the Beast - "Automatic featuring Cryptic Wisdom" Playboy the Beast - "Beast Mode Kill Shit" Playboy the Beast - "Devilz Nite" Playboy the Beast - "The Jokerr Diss" Playboy the Beast - "The Virus featuring Basick Musick" Playboy the Beast - "Life Story" Playboy the Beast - "Nasty Minds featuring Phat Boi of Open Minded Productions"

Juggalos! Juggalettes! I’m not dead yet. I been slacking on putting shit out… It’s been damn near a month, so why not update with something fresh? Something we’ve had before, but fresh nonetheless.

Climbing out of the pits of Hell, Playboy the Beast is still dominating the underground with his wicked rap. Gaining quite a large fan base before signing to the SicFux, then releasing some killer track while under the SicFux, Playboy the Beast has now gone to SikCyde Entertainment, which is owned my Mr. Liqz. Playboy may have a wicked style, but he definitely isn’t what you’d expect in a genre that’s full of a lot of crappy artists.

Playboy has very versatile flow often times with deep and meaningful lyrics. Playboy is really a Beast on the mic, and his music literally speaks for itself. Playboy often times finds some of the best beats to go with his tracks, which help set the mood and style of the track. Playboy’s hardened past as a Vice Lord definitely shapes his flows, and in ways better than a large portion of rappers.

Playboy the Beast is probably one of the most underrated rappers out there. His flow is unique, hard hitting, linguistic, real, and better than what you’d expect to hear. I’d hope Playboy is able to expand his career and get his music out there more. There are already thousands of Playboy the Beast fans, and trust me, he does NOT disappoint. With bullshit bogus fake actor rappers like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Chief Keefe, and the slew of faceless other celebrity rappers; it’s almost a disappointment that someone like Playboy the Beast would be almost unheard of by rap and hip hop fans. He is a truly high caliber artist.

Well juggalos, I’m off to party with some old school ninjas and some savs. I’m partying with a homie who apparently was the most drunk juggalo at an ICP concert, and good friend of mine,. So I’m sure it’ll be a good time. Hopefully I’ll be able to update this a little sooner then a month from now. Be sure to check this interview out for sure, and the next few to follow. I will try to work out a better schedule because my inbox is getting lit up again. Until next time. Enjoy…




Interview: Playboy the Beast
Real Name: Billy Knutson (SikCyde Beast)
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rolls With: Sikcyde Wrekordz

BeZerk: The first few questions are going to be the same for those who missed the last UGS on Playboy. So first question: Why did you decide to go with the name Playboy the Beast?

Playboy: Well, let me explain a little more in depth this time. Basically, the name Playboy has been a name that my friends/associates have called me for years. As an adolescent, I became associated/affiliated with a gang called the Maniac 4ch, which is a branch of the Vice Lord Nation, and one of our symbols is the Playboy Bunny. VL adopted the logo, because we originated in Chicago, IL around the same time as Playboy Magazine did, (Playboy also originated in Chicago) and the bunny to us, is used as a symbolism meant to represent swiftness. As we all know, the Playboy Bunny of course represents the “player/playboy” lifestyle. Back in the day, I used to fuck a lot of bitches/hood rats, so…, they just started calling me playboy. The Beast, that came later…, as I started to get a rep for fighting, and made my way in and out of prison. I was lifting weights, training etc, and I started to get swoll. So they was calling me Beast. Around this same time, I also started embracing Laveyan Satanism; so, the Beast just really fit what I wanted to represent/portray as an artist.

BeZerk: Who are some of your inspirations?
Playboy: As an up and coming artist, what inspired my music style etc. Def Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid. Been a Juggalo since age 12-13, and I am now 27. Also, I have a big love for rock and metal, from (hed)PE, Danzig, Marilyn Manson, Pantera too. The Doors, Tom Petty, AC/DC, Slayer etc. Hip hop wise, early on.., it was Onyx, Grave Diggaz, Snoop, Dr. Dre, Kris Kross, and eventually worked my way to Bone Thugs, Twista, all the old No Limit Records, Lil John, SMP, etc. I like a very wide variety, but am mostly inspired by the hardcore type stuff.

Playboy the Beast concept art

Playboy the Beast concept art


BeZerk: I know you’re a down ass ninja, so what’s your favorite Faygo flavor?
Playboy: Well, I haven’t drank pop in years lol …, but when I did…, I loved me some red pop, and the root beer is good too.
BeZerk: How long have you been doing music for?
Playboy: Ive been messing with music as a hobby since about age 13-14, have only been pursuing it as a career for about 2 and a half years now though.
BeZerk: Many juggalos would like to act like they’re hard, but you’ve lived, “a life full of downward spirals that made me spiteful,” if I may quote you. Do you think some of your experiences growing up help make you such a good artist?
Playboy: Yes, no doubt about it. I really perfected my craft while behind bars. Being in a cold cell with, no windows, no mattress, and nothing to do all day, full of anger and just mad at the world, music was my release. It helped me get through all them times, and…, over the years I just continued to get better and better at it. I would make a beat on the cement walls with my hands, and freestyle for hours, and hours. Battle rapping on the yard with other inmates, was like an everyday thing in prison as well. That whole experience really helped mold me as an artist and helped me get to the level where I am now. As bad as that shit sucked.., I wouldn’t change the past, because that is what made me who I am today.
BeZerk: You recently left SicFux Entertainment and joined up with Sikcyde. What do you have coming up for yourself? Do you have any projects with the other 12 artists?
Playboy: Well, this summer…, my debut album will finally be released. “The Mark Of The Beast.” There will be several new music videos, new merch designs, promo materials for the P.T.B. and SikCyde street team members, etc. Will def be working with several other Sikcyde artists on the album, as well as some of their projects, and we have several shows in the works as well.

Promotional flyer for Playboy the Beast's up and coming album The Mark of the Beast set to be released this summer.

Promotional flyer for Playboy the Beast’s up and coming album The Mark of the Beast set to be released this summer.

BeZerk: Sikcyde is Mr. Liqz’s label, but who is all on Sikcyde?
Playboy: There’s like 13 of us, my dude Basick Musick, Troublez, Nige and Monster Loco  from Liqz circle up in Canada, Chucc Dizzle, Sawchosiz, and Giftid Minds, Big Shot and Verbal Trikz, KD the Stranger, etc here is the link, for the SikCyde Wrekordz page, that should have all the artists listed on there somewhere., and there will be a Sikcyde Wrekordz official website coming zoo as well.
BeZerk: Any word on any more Playboy the Beast merch?
Playboy: PTB logo charms coming soon, they will be selling for only $15-$20 at the most, as well as new T shirts available with the album pre order when that is available, and all kinds of other good shit in the works.
BeZerk: How do you feel about what rap and hip hop has become in this day and age?
Playboy: It is def way over saturated with bullshit. Due to all the new technology today, everybody with a USB mic and the internet can be a “rapper” lol. The artists who are good today, in my opinion.., lyrically and delivery wise have evolved and are better now than ever. Just so happens, the BS  seems to get all the love. A lot of people say hip hop/rap is dead, I disagree. The dudes in the underground, who are really holding it down have evolved so much lyrically/delivery wise. I am very optimistic for the future of the underground. there are some really talented dudes out there.
BeZerk: Do you have any more music videos in the works?
Playboy: Yes, I plan on releasing several new videos from tracks off of the new album. I know that’s what I need to do to really get out there more, and take shit to the next level.  So, that will be one of my main priorities, and main things I plan to focus on. Even though I am no longer on SicFux Ent., we are all still cool. Jimmy Donn and North Star Design Studios will be helping with some of the upcoming videos.
BeZerk: Where would you like your music career to be in ten years?
Playboy: I just hope to be respected, established, and known as one of the top artists in the underground. Not aiming to get rich, but would like to be able to at least live off of music comfortably, and be making some money instead of investing all of my money and barely making anything back lol.
BeZerk: You’ve been able to collab with quite a few different people, and you’ve been doing some for your mixtape. Who have you been able to work with?
Playboy: On the album, I will be working with Kung Fu Vampire, Gmo Skee, GrewSum, Dubbs, Oz, Kamikazi, Liqz, Snug Brim, etc. just to name a few.
BeZerk: Who would you like to work with in the future?Playboy: Rittz, Twiztid, (hed)PE, Tech N9ne, Mad Child, Snak the ripper, Stevie Stone, Slipknot, Vinnie Paz, Twisted Insane, etc.


BeZerk: What do you think makes you unique from other artists?
Playboy: Still my versatility, for sure. I don’t know too many artists who are as well rounded as I am. I always try to be as in touch and interactive with my fans/supporters as possible. I am confident in my skills as an artist, but am very down to earth and respectful, and appreciative of all my fans.

Any shows in the works?
Playboy: I don’t have exact date and details yet, but Tech N9ne and Twiztid this summer in Canada…, and a few more in the works as well.

Playboy the Beast

Playboy the Beast


Shout outs:
S/o to all the Sikcyders, all the SicFux and SicChix, all the juggalos and lettes, all the Technicians and just underground music fans and supporters as a whole all over the world. From the U.S., to Canada, Australia, etc. S/o to the homie Liqz and Mr. G Money, Basick Musick, and all the artists on sikcyde. S/o to my manager Jason and his girl Jessica, S/o to Jimmy Donn and all the SicFux homies.., Strate Jakit, OMP, Oz, Killa, etc. S/o to all the real artists out there, who aren’t a bunch of stuck up big headed cunts who think there shit don’t stink. S/o to whoever books artists at the Gathering, the sikcyde is ready and willing to perform!! lol Uhm…., s/o to all the groupies, s/o to…., all the sexy gothic/satanic chicks, shout out to all the independent labels and artists in the underground, and a big shout out to anybody I may have forgotten to give a shout out to., \m/ HAIL SATAN!! \m/



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