December 11, 2023
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PBlaze (True North Enterntainment)

PBlaze - "3 Minute Demo"

Juggalos! Juggalettes! Emcees and wannabes. I’m back once again for another edition of the Underground Spotlight. I’m your wonderfully handsome host, the one and only BeZerk. This week I bring to you something that some of you underground cats may need.

Coming out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Land of the Cold Air, PBlaze has been working with his label True North Entertainment to help other underground artists with the more technical sides of the music industry. PBlaze is a producer of beats and has a license in audio engineering. So if you aren’t very good at mixing and mastering your own tracks, or are relatively too lazy to do it yourself; look no further than PBlaze.

Paul was cool enough to hook you all up with a 3 minute demo so you guys can check that out. I’m booked up to the ears in these Underground Spotlight things again, and hopefully I can get something new and fresh up for the new webpage.

As for me juggalos, I got to go figure something out for an abscess tooth, and these pain killers are going to wear off soon. Due to the fact that this nation is bullied and pushed around by privatized health care, I have to do even more shit to get the much needed services that I need. I.E. Fuck the system. So until next time… enjoy!

Interview: PBlaze
Real Name: Paul Blase
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rolls With: True North Entertainment

BeZerk: Why did you choose to go with the name PBlaze?

PBlaze: My real name is Paul Blase, and it just kinda stuck… “PBlaze”

BeZerk: Who are your inspirations?

PBlaze: As a producer, my main influences are Ant (Atmosphere/Rhymesayers), Classified, Just Blaze, and DJ Premier. My style is often compared to 9th Wonder, Alchemist, Kno(CunninLynguists), and Ant. It’s always humbling to be compared to those guys because they are essentially legends.

BeZerk: What is your favorite flavor of Faygo?

PBlaze: Grape or GTFO

BeZerk: How long have you been doing music for?

PBlaze: I started producing for 10 years, engineering has been a learning process but I was certified in 2011, and I even ran a venue on the east coast for a few years before relocating. I try not to be one-dimensional.

BeZerk: What got you into audio engineering and production

PBlaze: My older brother was a rapper in Germany and when he came to the USA to visit me, he downloaded Fruity Loops 4 on my computer and taught me some basic stuff. A decade later, here I am and I am proud to say that FL Studio, with a few extra plugins, is my DAW of choice for production and engineering. I’m actually getting the FL Studio logo tattooed on me soon haha.

DJPaulBeZerk: How does one get a hold of you for any audio engineering or for beats?

PBlaze: Through my company, True North Entertainment, LLC. The website is which is a play on Minnesota’s nickname “Land of 10,000 Lakes” The website has a contact section as well as tabs for artists and producers we have signed. We currently have bases in Olympia, WA and Minneapolis, MN. All of my beats include full professional mix and master of the artist (and his feature if any). I don’t make too many beats spontaneously, so I don’t have a whole lot laying around. About 95% of them are made upon request and tailored to the artist’s style and vision for the song. I think it overall makes for a more complete relationship between lyrics, style, and beat. Can’t go wrong with that.

BeZerk: You’ve been able to work with a few artists in the past. Who have you been able to work with and who was your favorite artist to work with?

PBlaze: I’ve done production for a lot of cats over the years, but some of the most notable are KnowMads, St. Paul Slim, Poetic Intelligence, and Karizma. My two favorite artists to work with are Poetic Intelligence and Divine Mental Thought because of the relationship we have, the history we have, and the overall chemistry. I could send over any beat I make, and they’d be able to use it. As a producer, its hard to find relationships like that with artists.

BeZerk: Who would you like to work with in the future?

PBlaze: Pretty much any of the Rhymesayers guys, or anyone who’s done work with 9th Wonder. In fact, I was in Vegas three weeks ago for a few different business related events, but amidst that I met with DJ Paul of 3-6 Mafia about contributing to his next mixtape, as well as doing some booking agent work for him. Currently working on some music that will have a featured verse from Tom Wilson of the KnowMads, a beat that will be on Playboy The Beast’s new album, a beat for Chi-town artist Nicky May’s album. I’ll announce publicly here on FaygoLuvers that I am working directly with multi-platinum Universal Music Group artist Classified’s management to add 10 cities to his unannounced US tour coming later in 2013! There are really so many plans in the works with True North Entertainment, we’d have to set up an entirely new interview to go over them!


True North Entertainment Logo

True North Entertainment Logo

BeZerk: Do you have any merch that the juggalos could peep?

PBlaze: We are currently in the process of designing merch that is specifically for True North, but currently the only merch available is artist specific and listed on



BeZerk: What do you think makes you unique from other producers?

PBlaze: I think the main thing is my ability to do more than produce. Offering professional engineering, having experience as a venue manager, as well as having a business background adds to the level of professionalism that is often overlooked in hip hop. I like to believe that I’ve found the proper balance between hustling and conducting business. Only the future will tell.

Shout outs:

PBlaze: Gotta give a shoutout to BeZerk for having me on here, all the Juggalos and Juggalettes who keep it real and have shown much love for the artists that I have done work with. Shout out to my right hand man DivineMentalThought, Drumatic in Olympia WA, Grotesque in Chi-Town reppin One Way Music, Mike Dreams, DJ Knowledge, Karizma, Poetic Intelligence, the Poetic Fam, and all the Poetic Heads, Makalo in Boston MA, and everyone that’s helped make True North Entertainment what it is and what it will become. Much love to everyone!



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